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Jun 8, 2012
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1) You can't summon both. Not unless you're a Heroic Spirit.
2) Well, you could give them out to allies but they're as weak as kunai lol.
3) No the rank of the basic arrows it fires off are considered freeform.
4) No, they interact on damage as normal, not using chakra.
5) Yes, Caster only applies to a single element or field.

Ok, go ahead and analyze Surge of Armament: Reign of Demons for me.


Dec 14, 2011
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(Busou: Kunrin no Akuma) – Surge of Armament: Reign of Demons
Type: Offensive/Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: The user will summon a cloak from the Throne onto their body, with this coat manifesting over their current attire. Through the infusion of prana, the cloak has been bestowed with several properties that render it an ideal defence for battle. The cloak can neither be burnt nor made to be wet. It insulates both high heats as well as electrical currents, allowing it to insulate unfocused lightning techniques before they can affect the user. It is also non-reactive and immune to corrosion, rendering the cloak immune to chemical elements which target it. The cloak is bulletproof and will defend against freeform damage of all kinds (excluding freeform boosted beyond 80 damage), from bladed weapons to explosions spawned from paper tags. The weapon itself can’t be destroyed, but it can be forcibly returned to the Throne when struck by a jutsu that exceeds 80 damage. Both the cloak and the Knightmare shave 40 damage off techniques which strike it. Servant rank Surgebinders can sustain the summoned Phantasm indefinitely but they will be prevented from calling forth any further Noble Phantasms until they return this one to the Throne. Heroic Spirits and above can sustain two Noble Phantasms indefinitely but will also be prevented from calling forth any further weapons until at least one is returned.

Demons of Mephistopheles - Seven Princes of Hell
What truly makes this cloak a Noble Phantasm, is that it contains a familiar composed entirely of prana energy. This familiar is also known as a Rashomon and is composed entirely of white Prana. It exists within the cloak, with the Noble Phantasm acting as the vessel of it's containment. The physical form it takes varies from user to user but it is always some kind of animal, creature or hybrid. Upon being summoned onto the body of a Surgebinder, the Rashomon will sap some of their chakra (equal to this jutsu's chakra cost) and essentially adopt the colour of their Prana. This will change it from it's 'dormant' state to it's 'active' state whereby it's capable of acting autonomously and independently of the user. This will neither cost a move nor occupy a slot in the timeframe, it occurs instantaneously upon the phantasm being summoned. The cloak will develop a glowing aura of light in the colour of the user's Prana to signify the Rashomon's activation. This Rashomon can be controlled through mental commands. It can seamlessly emerge from and reintegrate with the cloak at will. It can be released in any shape or form such as tendrils, spikes, limbs, weapons, animals or any other configuration. As it's body is composed of raw Prana energy, it will exhibit the absorption traits of Evocation. This translates to the ability to absorb objects, parts of the terrain and techniques that possess lower chakra than the Rashomon, however upon clashing with a technique of equal chakra, both it and the opposing technique will cancel eachother out. Upon absorbing a technique possessed of lower chakra, the Rashomon will passively leech the amount of chakra it took to neutralize the jutsu from the user's body to restore itself to full strength. Absorbing techniques will count as a move each time it's used (on the turn of summoning, any absorptions count as part of the single move slot used to summon the weapon) but the user is free to perform other techniques while it occurs. Even while released, the Rashomon possess the ability to constantly reshape and reform itself but it's total size can never exceed mid-range in dimensions. All of these manoeuvres, including its initial release and returning to its vessel are passive manoeuvres. However, it should be noted that when the Rashomon is used to attack an opponent, it will cost a move to do so but again, the user will be free to perform other techniques while this occurs.


Knightmares of Hijikata - Shinsengumi's Vengeance
Knightmares of Hijikata is a very similar variant to the Seven Princes but instead of a cloak, it creates an oversized suit of armour which surrounds the user entirely. The summoner or wielder of the NP is nestled at its core, and the Knightmare can be thought of as a suit of armour suited to a three or four-meter tall giant. The user's chakra is capable of diffusing through the suit, to perform techniques which require contact with the ground or a water source. It possesses all of the aforementioned abilities except in this variant of the technique, is that the Rashomon, is infused with one of the user's basic, advanced or custom elements. The prana then, does not absorb but rather burns, crushes, cuts or electrocutes upon contact and follows the S/W of the chosen element exactly. If the chosen element is solid, the Knightmare itself can also be made of that material but this is optional. It possess the same regenerative abilities as the first variant, allowing it to regenerate fully from A-Ranks it is weak to, S-Ranks it is neutral to and Forbidden Ranks it is strong to. A Knightmare's Rashomon can be destroyed quite easily if struck with any jutsu that exceeds those stated ranks in damage (an A-Rank of 70 damage of an element it's weak to will destroy the Rashomon and return the Noble Phantasm to the throne). Since the prana is infused with chakra, it no longer absorbs and therefore the Rashomon can freely interact with the terrain. It can grab a hold of trees and other features of the terrain to travel by rappelling the Knightmare towards that location, it can throw or catch objects and can interact with anything solid as well as energy-based. As with the cloak in Demons of Mephistopheles, any jutsu the user released or created from the user's body or skin, will manifest outside of the Knightmare. Any jutsu which teleport the jutsu or anything similar, will also teleport the Noble Phantasm as it is considered a physical extension of their body. Once a turn, the user can shoot beams, blasts or create geometrical shields that detach from the Rashomon or other projectiles, which are A-Rank in power and count as a move slot but leave the user free to perform other techniques. The Rashomon immediately regenerates its defensive power upon performing this ability, but as with earlier, it will absorb chakra from the wearer to do so. This Noble Phantasm can be worn by summons, as it can take on any humanoid or animal shape, for example a Griffin summon could have dragon-shaped armour.

Summons a cloak NP that insulates heat and electrical currents, prevents corrosion, can tank 80 FF damage, and can shave 40 damage from attacks. While it's on the field no other weapon NP can be used. In Demons, it would have a prana familiar inside it that can be different shape and form between users. The familiar can act independently, with the possibility of sending it as various shapes towards targets. Since it's composed of Prana, it will absorb based on most of the normal mechanics of it, with the difference being that it would leech chakra from the user to restore itself to full strength post absorbing something. Bar the initial turn, it would count as move slot to absorb but the user can still use other stuff. Besides that it can reshape itself passively, with the size being up to mid range.

Knightmares provides a suit of armour, it has all the traits of the above with a few additions. It allows you to use your elements normally such as streaming through the ground, and it is infused with an element of the user's choosing. This makes it so that it doesn't absorb, but deals damage based on the element used. Since it's based on an element, it can interact with the terrain based on the limitations of the element itself. It can additionally shoots beams and geometrical shields of A rank strength independent of the user, allowing other moves to be performed in the same timeframe.

In regards to the summons aspect, I'm guessing it is free game to summon it on ally summons? In said case, the cloak can act and behave based on what the user gave it in terms of elements normally, correct?