And Team 7’s Leader Is..


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Apr 10, 2014
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No they weren’t trying to fight Boro
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Attacking or dealing with Boro was “first things first”.

Boruto hit him with a rasengan, after that kawaki and bourto both charged at him kawaki took the lead(like we seen naruto&sasuke do before one attacks first and the other come in) and bourto was going to hit him from the air. I would say kawaki grabbing him then yelling out bourto now was some type of team work but I guess you don’t see it that way
Well even though it was reckless and not smart they both did blindly charge Boro together with a “blast him until you can’t anymore” strategy, which is a weak strategy. However Kawaki & Boruto’s actions aren’t indicative to that of a leader which is what my thread is about, that half ass teamwork that never had a chance of working is failed teamwork.

touché though.

and it’s hard to tell someone to follow you when then up there sitting on a rock
Sarada didn’t tell boruto to follow her, she told him not to let Boro provoke him. That’s my point though, Sarada didn’t have to say follow me. She was ultimately followed because she was the only one who’s plan worked. To me Boruto asking Sarada if she has a plan is something a teammate would ask their leader not to mention how Sarada took charge without hesit

Let’s just say bourto and kawaki didn’t go to the jar and get in a fight with Boro, do you think he would of just set there an did nothing??
No but not attacking Boro recklessly would’ve given them a better chance and using strategy a strategy wouldn’t have put Boruto, Kawaki & Mitsuki at the mercy of their enemy. Keeping their distance and coming up with a conjoined effort trumps running in blind.

More then likely he would of attacked all of them and then sarada wouldn’t of had any time to sit around and watch
Your wrong, the team keeping their distance and allowing themselves to see him he attack would’ve given Sarada an even better chance at cracking his justu and the team’s chances are overall.

then attacking and learning some of his abilities would of had to be do anyway and it’s no way you can make a plan for some one you know nothing about
lmao they weren’t trying to learn his abilities or had no intentions of doing so, all they tried to do was muscle their way to Boro and mow him down with no strategy.

lmao so your saying that charging in blind and recklessly on an opponent is the only way to figure out their abilities?