[Game] 6 Players Turbo Game

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Mar 10, 2014
Read the Mafia Game Rules before playing: https://animebase.me/threads/animebase-mafia-game-overview-and-rules.764463/#post-21847635.

Contact me Rohan#0235 on Discord to get your role PM.

Game Mechanics:-

1- This is a six players game.

2- Day start- The game will start with Day Phase 1.

3- Day Phases last for 15 minutes.

4- Nightless- There will be no Night Phase in the game.

5- Closed Setup Game.

6- Voting Guidelines:-

-Bold your Votes.
- You can vote anytime you want during the Day Phase Duration.
-When voting, always mention me by typing
-Voting format to follow:-
-Vote: This format is used when you put your first vote in the Day Phase. The general format is:-

Vote @ Player Name

-Change Vote: This format is used when you change your current vote for a player to another player. The general format is:-

Vote @ Player Name

-Abstain Vote: This format is used when you don't want to vote for any player in the Day Phase. It can also be used to negate your previous votes. Most hosts will allow you to vote even after making an abstain vote. The general format is:-

Abstain Vote

7- Lynch system: Plurality Lynch will be used in this game. In other words, the player with the most votes at the end of Day Phase will be lynched. For example, If a player gets one vote and no one else votes, he will be lynched because of having the maximum amount of votes.

8- A vote tie will end in a No Lynch.

9- Closed Communication: Once this game has started, players will not be allowed to discuss outside of the game thread unless the host gives an outside means of communication for players.

10- After the roles have been sent to you will have to confirm by posting in the role PM. If you don't confirm your role, you will be subbed out.

11- Please read your role carefully after you receive it. If you have any questions ask them in the role PM and not in the game thread.

12- To play, you will need to pick a number from the player list. All spots are first come, first served.

Player List:-


1- @Finalbeta- Vanilla Townie- TOWN- Winner.
3- @Sagebee- Vanilla Townie- TOWN- Winner.
5- @Alubama- Vanilla Townie- TOWN- Winner.


4- @MadieV- One-Shot Day Cult Leader- CULT- Lynched Day 1.
2- @Poison chan- Vanilla Townie- TOWN- Lynched Day 2- Winner.
6- @Felix- Cultist- CULT (Former Vanilla Townie- TOWN)- Lynched Day 3.

Game Progression

Day 1 Starts.
Day 1 Day Action.
Day 1 Ends, Day 2 Starts.
Day 2 Ends, Day 3 Starts.
Day 3 Ends, Game Over.

Game would start in 40 minutes maximum.
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