:0 What was the most recent movie you've watched?


Jul 12, 2019
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[1.] Alice Through The Looking Glass - ★★★★★
[2.] A Dogs Way Home - ★★★★★
[3.] X MEN : Dark Phoenix - ★★★★★
[4.] Bottom Feeder - 0

[5.] IT Chapter 2 - ★★★★★
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Vasto Lordé

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Aug 5, 2011
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It was better than X3 though

OT: Batman V. Superman, another pile of.....
Lmao yes, Batman V Superman was weak AF. Love Ben Affleck and I think he's one of the greatest this generation ( the accountant for example ) but I'll be damned if that role is for him.

Dark Phoenix is the most popular xmen classic theme in the history of xmen watch it again
I'm not watching it again, once was enough. My eyes cannot handle all the cringe from all the forced feminist bullshit the movie had, the dumb script and the stupid characters.
“And by the way, the women are always saving the men around here. You might want to consider changing the name to X-Women!”
Bitch what?! what in the holy grail of fornication was this BS of a line...
Not even that, I'll put that aside for a minute/ however I can't put aside the fact she dissin a man put in a wheelchair due to SAVING HER GODDAMN LIFE. They even made the prof apologize at the end "to show his growth into a better man" as they put it.... as if the dude ever needed a redemption arc.
That hoe mystique even actin like a snake going around turning friends over each other. But alright, I'll put that aside due to plot reasons. Fukin' Sansa eh m8? what she doin? why she stupid?
If you're gonna say that's the "plot" or "that's how it was in the comics", then I'll tell you that somethings are better not translated from a comic to a movie cuz sometimes that shit doesn't work so well, ESPECIALLY, when adding forced feminist agenda to the movie. That movie was so offensive to women, not realizing it just makes them look more stupid, irrational, turning bros over hoes, and fitting every stereotype males make about women while literally justifying them as the same time.

Now I know how he got his scars.
That movie was like following a terrorist, can't believe someone actually made that.
Joker was fine, it was a good, different, unusual take take on the Joker regarding his appearances on the big screen and not in comics. It was worth the wait, but in my humble opinion, it's not worthy of all the hype and legendary status people are giving it. Can't blame them tho, as Leto set the bar too low in his bullshit role in the bullshit movie Suicide Squad that people were going to worship any actor playing that role after him. Poor Leto, he was so good in Requiem, this role, like in Afleck's case is also not for him.


Movie that I watched last night; "Dead Man's Shoes 2004"
It was a breath of fresh air, loved the premise and the "twist" along with the sound track during the explanation of the twist. Its score varies here and there but overall worth a watch with a couple of bears.
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