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    Ignia Dragneel

    Nice, O_O
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    Custom Jutsu Submission - III

    Meiton/Fuuinjutsu: Don'yoku no mugen no shokuyoku| Dark Release/Sealing Arts: Gluttony's Infinite Appetite Type: Supplementary Rank: A Range: Short Chakra: 30 Damage: - Description: A Dark release ability which requires the user to first absorb chakra to perform. This technique requires the...
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    [CJ] Something new

    Waits ?
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    The Official CJ Donation Thread!

    Name: Rank: Custom Jutsus you wish to donate to become canon: Links to their approval from the official CJ submission thread: 1 2 3 4 5
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    Custom Jutsu Submission - III

    Fuin Training Last two subs have been basically written out again. Updates to fit better along new health rules, while still not affecting the old ones. Alongside other changes. Shikotsumyaku: Shinda hone no seicho| Dead Bone Pulse: Dead Bone Growth Type: Defensive | Supplementary Rank: A...
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    WSE | Lena of Shinramoto

    Welcome back bro! Nice bio
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    Open Sannin +

    Official Battle LoK’s R&R All Out Mid Range 3 Day Reply Limit Wastelands Terrain Hades in Sig (CW in bio)
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    Unofficial Lok R&R Mid Range Rocky Wasteland Hades in Sig (CW in Bio) Post your Bio & either of us can kick it off.
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    Open [Sannin or Higher]

    Official Battle LoK's R&R All Out Mid Range Open Plain Grassy Field. Hades in Sig (CW in Bio) Fighting by Old Health "system", as I have yet to properly read up on everything.
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    [Approved] [WSE] Hades V3

    1. Quick rework of History, removing NW refs 2. Added Kaguya KG (2nd KG) Basic Information N A M E N I C K N A M E G E N D E R C L A N A G E Hades The Unseen Male None Unknown Looks Picture Theme Song and Background Music: Battles...
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    ✺ Kumi Exchange Center ✺

    Name: Method Ability Purchased: Hiruko 2nd KG (Dead Bone Pulse) Ability Cost: 3000 (Special Tier) Sacrifice - Link Current Kumi Total: 6000 Transactions Log Exchange Approved: you now have 3,000 kumi remaining.
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    [Fuuin] Fun with Fūin

    Permission 1 Permission 2 Thanks for doing this!
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    Open [Sannin or Higher]

    LoK's R&R Mid Range Official Terrain: Forest of Death Hades in Sig 3 Day reply limit Post your Bio & I'll kick things off!!
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    Custom Jutsu Submission - III

    Raiton: Toru no kunshu| Lightning Release: Thor's Dominion Type: Defensive | Offensive Rank: S Range: Short Chakra: 40 Damage: 80 Description: A Lightning technique which requires the user to perform four handseals & channel chakra across their entire body. The Lightning, while stored within...
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    [Open] [S Class]

    Official Rei's R&R All Out Mid Range Wasteland Bakugo Bio 3 Day Reply Limit