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    Teh rushed ending of Naruto Manga..

    Lmaoo I agreed with you then and I still do.
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    Artist of 2014

    I know this is mad old, but nah he did not fall off.
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    Which one is better

    This is a link to D Double E performing an "Old School Jungle" rap that occurred between 1995 and 1997. Here is a link to Earz' "Gunman" rap. Compare the two.
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    When you realize that...

    I recently viewed the credits scene of episode 478 once more, albeit I muted the music on this occasion and played the fourteenth ending song of Naruto Shippuden in its place. It suited it so well. I recommend that you try it, and do inform me if other endings can replace it as well.
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    I felt very sentimental during episode 478

    I feel as if the anime clearly conveyed Naruto and Sasuke's feelings during this episode; did anyone feel as I did?
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    why kishi ...

    No, he fought relatively on par with him until the conclusion of the battle. You must bear in mind that Sasuke fought him well in kenjutsu, suppose that he utilized ninjutsu and Rinnegan techniques? ------Edit------ Forgive my ignorant post.
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    [Predictions] What will possibly occur in the next chapter and the fate of Naruto and Sasuke

    The first chapter that will initiate the new manga series, Naruto: the Next Generation has been released! I am eagerly anticipating the new characters and plot. Kawaki: Based on his appearance; he appears to be a co-dominant hybrid of Naruto and Sasuke, and thus he may have risen from an...
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    Regarding the Boruto manga series and sequel to the motion pictures film

    Has the series been cancelled due to intentions of creating an anime adaption of Itachi *******?
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    Nullification of Ninjutsu

    Should Lord Seventh be capable of nullifying ninjutsu now? The Truth-Seeking Balls are composed of Yin-Yang Release, and if one possesses sufficient mastery of them, he/she can negate ninjutsu via Yin-Yang.
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    Itachi Uchiha versus Kinshiki Ootsutsuki

    Who will prevail? Location: The Forest of Death Kinshiki possesses information concerning Itachi's abilities, disregarding Susano'o. Condition: Itachi is restrained from utilizing the Sword of Totsuka.
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    Would any individual be willing to visit this restaurant?
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    Is Naruto Stronger Than Sasuke?

    If Naruto is purged of Sage Mode and the Tailed Beasts and Sasuke is purged of his Sharingan and Rinnegan, then who is stronger?
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    Naruto could have killed Momoshiki

    Naruto would merely bisect him with his immense speed.
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    Naruto healed Sasuke Naruto imbued Sasuke with "Version One" Jinchuuriki chakra, thus allowing Sasuke to be purged of the injuries.
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    Obito Should Be Forgiven

    When Naruto referred to Obito as the "coolest guy," which sparked a lot of controversy and claims that he possesses "Stockholm Syndrome." Naruto was merely saying that because Obito attempted to rectify his errors and he was a benevolent child in his youth. Obito deserves to be forgiven...