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    [Discussion] Rank these god of destruction level characters

    MUI Goku Beerus Jiren Blue Gogeta Lssj Broly Anime Kefla Vegeta/Hit idk Frieza Android 17 Why I think MUI Goku is stronger than Beerus is really simple. Jiren is stronger than his God, but the key point is Jiren had probably NEVER been pushed as far as Goku pushed him, thus Goku was already...
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    Naruto God Tiers are far stronger than you think

    It's true. If you included Momo and Kin, you should definitely have Sakura because she's stronger than both.
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    Are climate politics only on the left?

    More of an American thing. Climate change isn't only acknowledged by the left, and it's mostly opposed for economical reasons. The right values economical gains more than people on the left, so they're willing to take those gains even knowing the costs that'll tag along. They may try to paint it...
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    Team Gai vs Team Kakashi

    lol ok, i admit to being biased towards Sasuke's perspective. Sasuke and Deidara's speed aren't very comparable though. During Sasuke's first attack on Deidara, he approached Deidara head-on and started multiple meters away. By the time Deidara reacts, Sasuke is about 3 feet away from Deidara at...
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    About time

    Yea, it is painful to search for older threads. There's no option to sort by date or jump through the pages faster. It's so inconvenient that I often use Google to find what I want.
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    About time

    I don't understand what kind of updates could bring in a giant wave of new members. Sites are visited for 3 things: people, material, and, most of all, people with material. AB got rid of material to legitimize the site, so it'd naturally shrink. You also have to consider that the only common...
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    what'll you post now that it's out?
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    Team Gai vs Team Kakashi

    even deidara could react to kamui. its speed was super slow back then and made kakashi immobilized. gai would only have to notice/feel the distortions on his body then move away from them.
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    Team Gai vs Team Kakashi

    air palm wouldn't do much to Team Kakashi imo. Neji would have to be in CoC to be at his most effective. I just don't know how Tenten contributes to this fight. her weaponry says she should be very useful if she stays behind Neji and Lee, but her lack of feats(ones without the sage tools) makes...
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    [Discussion] Shanks is overrated by a lot of people

    that wasn't a character, it was the narrator. the difference is huge. OT: i agree. people always put big mom at the bottom, but i also think it should be shanks. the big reason it annoys me so much is because it shows just how screwed their view of big mom is. there's stuff like Kaido being...
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    Team Gai vs Team Kakashi

    ah right. i forgot he has 8 gates, team gai takes this.
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    Team Gai vs Team Kakashi

    Gaara/Kazekage retrieval Arc Hiden and/or Kakazu Arc. It's officially the Akatsuki Supression Arc, but the name is rarely used because it doesn't give a great idea of what it's referring to. Round 1: Gai comes out a bit exhausted though the prep time should be enough for him to recover. Kakashi...