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    The Seal is not the Tech! Why Sakura wankers are full of themselves

    It's not that explicit in the panel that you've shown, but Byakugo specifically is linked to the ancient technique. Other translations flat out say that her seal is from back then. Even in your scan, the link can be seen. "Now that you mention it" itself means that Sakura's words are centered on...
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    [Discussion] where do you rate prime Grandpa Hyou ?

    no way he was vice admiral level. vice admirals are generally trash. just look at how barto negged maynard. the only strong vice admirals have been oddballs. Garp who was/is actually admiral level and vergo who was an infiltrator. With haki of his level, he should have been able to solo multiple...
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    Whats your ranking of likability of new cast

    Kawaki boruto Sarada mitsuki kawaki being so high isn't truly a statement of his character though. He's becoming what the other 3 are(kind & trusting), so if you like what he's becoming you should like the other 3, but I don't. Boruto, Mitsuki, & Sarada barely register as different characters...
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    Why do people like Kimimoro but dislike Sasuke

    lmao the title being bait. Kimimaro is a lapdog, but I don't think he's such a bitch in comparison to Sasuke. You try to define their characteristics by how they treated Orochimaru, but Kimimaru never had a reason to oppose Orochimaru. Not even moral ones since he came from a bloodthirsty clan...
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    [Spoilers] Dragon Ball Super Chapter 51 discussion and 52 predictions

    0% chance of Vegeta learning IT. they'll use his pride as an excuse for why he won't learn it even though he's already ditching his pride to learn from yardrats
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    If you could be a world class talent in one thing what would it be

    if world records count as talent, allow my talent to be breaking the record for oldest person by over a thousand years. miss me with anything else.
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    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 953 Discussion and 954 Predictions

    shimot is zoro's daddy and you can't tell me otherwise. he looks nearly exactly like zoro, the only thing zoro lacks is that puff of hair at the back of his head and that's a stylistic choice. just look at zoro's age. 21. Everything happened 20 years ago, so he would've been sent away at the age...
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    [Discussion] where do you rate prime Grandpa Hyou ?

    Spoilers indicate that Oden could probably take a dookie on yonko commanders like OP implies
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    [Predictions] Black Clover Manga Chapter 216 Discussion and 217 Predictions

    Juluis(?) described the other kingdoms to the gang. What would he say if he had to describe their own in a similar fashion?
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    [Predictions] Black Clover Manga Chapter 216 Discussion and 217 Predictions

    How would Clover Kingdom be described from what we've seen so far?
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    [Predictions] My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 239 Discussion and 240 Predictions

    Can't say I expected Detnerat(?) to get smashed like this. The dog wasn't even needed. This is making me think that All for One didn't actually care about beating All Might and just wanted to put pieces in the right place. He would've taken Shiga's quirk otherwise?
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    [Predictions] Kaidou prediction! Read!

    all the prophecies
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    Is it cruel to keep a bird as a pet?

    When I think about it, you're right. Their cages are like the equivalent of a dog cage but I've always thought of them as more of a fish tank. It is pretty cruel to keep them locked up as it would be for a dog, but I don't think birds have to constantly fly. Bird food is so light that people use...