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    [Discussion] Power scaling in OP

    This is nonsense The marines without the warlords are overall stronger then any individual yonko It's clear as day The yonko have themselves And their commanders (usually top 3-5) and then fodder or semi relevant characters (like basil Hawkins etc) Whereas the marines have the chief...
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    [Theory] Power up for zoro?

    Dead but you right on that one. However it's fucking wano.. If zoro does not show out imma be seriously confused
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    [Theory] Power up for zoro?

    Umm no... If he hasn't shown it that means he does not have it (until proven other wise) facts is that zoro got bum rushed by two people and one of them dealt a serious enough blow to KO him (he also was KO'd in the process). As you seen in the video luffy was dealt the same fate but he put haki...
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    [Theory] Power up for zoro?

    So was watching a lot of one piece clips and realized that zoro only can really show haki through his arms/swords. He hasn't mastered it enough to move on different parts of his body or that attack made by killer wouldn't have landed. A good showing of this is luffy in whole cake island Do you...
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    [Question] Question about one piece (warning spoilers )

    Ive always loved doffy. Best overall villiannstill without a doubt. Haters going to hate but despite doffy being taken out almost 2 years ago (real time) he's still the only one who needed a king Kong gun (on top of a gamma knife and kong gun etc.) To be knocked out.
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    [Discussion] All Yonko Top 4 members

    Top 4 White beard: Marco jozu vista ace (in that order) Big mom: katakuri cracker smoothie=snack Kaido: king queen joker (yes I'm including him lol) jack (in that order) Shanks??? Ben beckman ussop dad Black beard: shireyu Lafayette and Jesus (idk anyone else from bb crew)
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    [Theory] Doflamingo: The dark parallel of Christ 0.0

    Hey guys my man Fronky put out an interesting theory dealing with Doflamingo's "Ascension" back into the story. Comment down below tell me what do you think? I do have one comment about breaking doffy out. In the video he states that a certain someone would be best suited to breaking doffy...
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    [Question] Who would you rather be stuck in a room with for eight hours?

    Blueno why.. Because we could leave
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    [Discussion] One Piece Movie: Stampede | Thoughts and Discussion

    I know.. Well doffy is deef out but kuma may be there hopefully (sanji of course and in a treasure hunt it would be stupid not to show law off as one of luffys main rivals)
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    [Discussion] One Piece Movie: Stampede | Thoughts and Discussion

    Pretty much I hope doflamingo law kuma and sanji (obviously) make appearances they are my favs
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    [Discussion] Luffy's alliances

    I want to know so much about her she's the most interesting supernova after law. There's so much mystery there. How do her powers work? Are there limitations? Why is she so important to the wg? Is she related to big mom (her makeup)? Does she keep the gorosei young???? What connections does she...
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    [Discussion] Luffy's alliances

    Want bonnie has a country???
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    [Predictions] Who will take down Orochi?

    Imma say zoro or a guy from the red scabbard
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    [Question] Rival Fleet

    I mean whos to say bege doesn't have a 10k fleet in him?
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    [Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 946 Discussion and 947 Predictions

    Meh... That's all I think of this chapter...