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    Bio Sale

    Purchasing for 2500.
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    The Chatroom Corner V.4

    It's been ages y'all :^)
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    Stan Lee Dies at 95

    Marvel is the last film before avengers 4, releases in march with avengers 4 in May. So that would make avengers 4 his last cameo. Granted if he filmed a cameo for it which I'm quite sure he did considering filming has been over for over a month now.
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    The Chatroom Corner V.4

    This layout is still so weird yet mobile friendly xD
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    Stan Lee Dies at 95

    That's not his last cameo. Very certain he filmed his cameo for the avengers sequel considering that film is done shooting, also Captain marvel
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    Show us yourself :) #2

    Ebony goddess!
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    Anyone playing Red dead redemption 2 ?

    Its a masterpiece. You'll love the side missions and all too, so much everything in the game but everything feels real and all the characters are like actual characters and not just some bland npc. And the world is ridiculously huge. Easily the largest and most beautiful open world game I've...
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    6 pathes jusus are same as rinnegone jusus

    hello :) all of teh techniques are teh same as they all are of hagoromo jutsus of sage of six paths. madara, naruto and sasuke have same jutsus of hagoromo chakra..... so since they have same the chakra of hagoromo it is of the same techniques as a rinnegone too so both naruto have rinnegone...
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    Question about Sarada

    I recently got into the boruto series. First I watched the anime (all caught up) then I started reading the manga(from where the anime stopped) to get further into the story however I realized that sarada not only looks different in the manga (along with just about every other character) but...
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    snake ninja roachmaru!!!!!!

    iz a snake ninja roachmaru a immortal?????? nd how he have a son (mitooki) with??? with karroto? i see mitooki have a snake arm like a roachmaru.. mitooki is pretty cool kid....... pretty cool.....
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    why biroto ???

    why is biroto such an lamea$$ brat everytime he complan to him dad narito he such duma$$.. he dont understand him a hokage... biroto almost bad like a populochi bobito... worst ninja only play a nindo ds with him friendz like shikatute.. him hinita an narito work to give him everything in...
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    iz life worth living???

    i wonder if it is all worth it in teh end... we will all be wipe out by our sun during its giant sun phase anywayz. ..or is there such a thing like the potokanchicha that we meet when we die?? iz your life wirth living .. discuss plz and have a good one :Maddy:
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    Dead by Daylight PC

    Any PC players that play this?, recently got real hooked on this game lately (no pun intended) Leave your steam and I'll add you so we can get in some games :)
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    New Dragonball Movie 2018 Title Revealed - Broly Returning

    I remember saying every year in my head if they bring broly back they will make a ton money and what do you know they will make a film and definitely make a lot of bank in the East and also the west from theater release :)
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    XXXTentacion dead

    Wont be missed.