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Basic Information

Zain Hyuuga
The Blue Devil

Looks: Zain is a brown skinned, average height (5'11") young adult with dark black hair. He stands out with his tribal, light blue face paint and is normally seen wearing a blue headband around his head. His average attire consists of a black, fur coat with a blue trimming, that matches his headband, along with a white tank top underneath as well as a black pants and black athletic shinobi full covered foot wear. He also has a few cosmetic accessories that consists of hoop earrings in his left ear as well as a few beaded necklaces.

Personality: Calm, nonchalant, and bold, Zain is a thoughtful individual of few words. He loves nature and rather engulf himself in the natural wilderness than socialize with others, and when angered can be described as a totally different person. Whenever heated, pressured, or enraged Zain can then be seen living up to his nickname of The Blue Devil, where he then takes on a more lively and loud persona with a dark humor attached.

Village Info

{ Land of Birth: Poppy Sanctum (080) | WSE Clan: Black Order }

Rank//Chakra Info

Ninja Rank: Chunin
{100 Health | 1,250 Chakra | 12 Speed}


Single Hand Seal Specialist: You can perform Wind techniques by performing a single ( 1 ) hand seal, that is still double-handed except when specifically stated otherwise in the technique

Advanced Speed Specialist: Your base speed is increased by 2 additional levels. This makes your movement faster than those of your rank. This increase stacks on with Active speed increases such as Leg Weights or Eight Gates

Apex Speed Specialist: Your base speed is increased by 4 additional levels. This makes your movement faster than those of your rank. This increase stacks on with Active speed increases such as Leg Weights or Eight Gates.

Lifeline: The user starts with a 25% chakra increase, allowing the user to start fights with more chakra 1,250cp

Dōjutsu KG: Byakugan
Elements: Earth, Fire, Lightning, Wind {S}
Your ninjutsu:
Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, & Jyuken
Summoning Contracts: Hellhounds

{ Customs |
x }

Background Info

History ~ Orphaned as a child Zain was raised by two old farmers from Poppy Sanctum who found the baby along their journey back to their home. Agreeing to raise the child as their own they would then bring the boy up in all their agricultural ways, one of the main reasons Zain loves the outdoors, traits the young one easily picked up due to his love of learning. As the boy grew into a young, strong adolescent he swiftly noticed the changes in his body as his ocular dojutsu awakened lighting a small flame within the teen that soon grew into a roaring fire.

Now a teen, Zain's relationship with his foster parents would become a little rocky as the young lad whose interests was now that of a shinobi would often lay his farming duties aside in order to train, practice, and utilize his ninjutsu in real situations, but with some years and a mutual understanding with time, by the time Zain made it to 20 his parents had full support of his actions and new found duties as a young member of Poppy Sanctum's Black Order clan.

Nowadays the Hyuuga spends his time protecting the landmark in which he was raised in from outsiders who mean to do his people wrong and capitalize off of the land for black market profits.


Ninja Tools
Basic Tools

Smoke/Flash/Explosive Bombs
1 Short Sword
1 long dagger laying horizontally across the lower back with hilt facing to the right side.

Scientific Tools
  • ( Kote ) - Gauntlet
    [*]( Dokuton: Kurote no Jutsu ) - Poison Release: Black Hand Skill {B}
    [*]( Dokuton: Soeki no Jutsu ) - Poison Release: The Plague Technique {A}
    [*](Hayaton: Takai Hebi no Kamu) Swift Release: High Serpent's Bite {S}
  • ( Aashin Heiki ) - Assassin's Arsenal
  • ( Mikagami Dorōn ) - Mirror Drone
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