Yume Island (174)


Oct 1, 2010
Yume Island

Yume Island is the home of a huge, but dormant volcano that occupies most of the island’s frozen, rocky surface. Snow and ice is a constant presence here and blizzards are a common occurrence. The island is isolated and little life calls the place home.


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Sep 10, 2008
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Gwen awoke suddenly due to a throbbing pain that shot across her face due to a broken nose from the impact she had. She could feel the stiffness in her face growing and she could only begin to imagine how long she had been unconcious. Opening her eyes as much as she could manage, the silohuettes began to become clear as she could see she was chained to a wall in a dimly lit cell. Gwen could feel her power was being drained, and this made it almost impossible for her to use her Byakugan or access her chakra. It was a wonder she was even alive as she could feel that she had not eaten at least properly in quite sometime. The loud creaking of a door brought Gwen back into reality as she was hit with a bone chilling breeze that that provided some much needed relief to the pain still shooting across Gwen's face. The bright light of the outside blinded Gwen as footsteps could be heard waalking towards her. By the time Gwen's eyes finally adjusted a large claoked figure stood before her, his feature indistinguidhable due to the shadow his hood casted on his face.

"It seems the drugs have finally worn off, you're more resilaint than we thought. Nonetheless, I'm surprised it took this long it seems our scientific efforts are bearing fruit. Now then, I hope you'll be cooperative and honest with me from this point on." The unfamiliar sound of the man's voice was angering to Gwen. But in the situation she was in she didn't have any idea where she was and she could still feel the effects of whatever substance was circulating her body nor how long she had been subjected to the drug.

"What other choice do I have, if you wanted me dead I'm pretty sure you coulda done it already so get straight to the point." Gwen said spitting blood onto the floor below her, now that she was coming to her senses she could see the obvious leader was coming towards her as he pulled down his hood revealing two distinct horns and the errie white skin of one who could only be apart of her own clan the Otustuski. Gwen could do nothing but smirk, realizing the only one capable of avoiding her would be one of her own.

"I'm an associate of your friend Koga. I've worked with that human for quite some time, I simply want to know what happened to him is all.

"I've got no idea. He disappeared and as far as I know he's probably dead. Who cares? "

"Being arrogant won't get you any where. After all, you are nothing more than the wretched offspring of a human mother and traitor to the clan. You deserve nothing more than to die with the rest of the undesirable lot who met their untimely end."

"Oh is that right?" Gwen retorted. She was unable to move due to the bondage, but she knew her only way out was through this person before her. She decided it would be best to play along with the man's antics for a while and coax him into making a mistake.

"Indeed it is, and I would appreciate if you lowered your tone. That's not a way to talk to your superior now is it."

"Just get to the point, I've already been away longer than I should."

"Not one for banter I see, very well. To put it plainly, those in power want you to act as thier liaison between this world and our clan. It seems you bring a certain sense of je ne sais quoi to things you are directly involved in and it's caught thier eye. Under other circumstances you'd have been given the grand treatment. However, this was just to show you how serious we are in wanting to employ your services. "

"Well you don't just expect me to work for free do ya? What's in this for me and why would I even want to work with such ill mannered people. This ain't any way to treat a woman ya know?!" Gwen pulled agaainst her bondage wanting to strangle the pale one until his eyes popped out thier sockets. Maybe that would get his boss to not be such a coward and actually come speak to Gwen face to face.

"Well think of this as an internship, should you prove capable, we will be in touch. Your instructions will come soon, have fun on the way home. The drug you're afflicted by will render you incapable of accessing your chakra and the person with the antidote is currently making his way back to that pile of rocks you call home to blow it to dust. I'll be taking my leave here." The mysterious Otsutsuki turned and materialized a portal which he stepped through before vanishing without a trace.

Still bound by chains, Gwen was left with more questions than answers. After a couple hours of figurring out an escape plan, Gwen realized her only option would be to forcibly manuver her hand through the clamps around her wrists. Slowly, Gwen grinded her left wrist along the inside of the bindings, the pain was littles to endure compared to what might happen if she surrendered to her fate. Soon blood began to coat the inside as she slowly wriggled her hand through. By the time Gwen had managed to succeed at escaping at least one chain, her hand was soaked in blood as the skin on her wirst had been grinded away. With at east one hand free, Gwen was able to break the remaining chain from the wall which she wrapped around her arm securely in an effort to make it into a makeshift weapon.

Now free somewhat from her bondage, Gwen began plotting her escape. She didn't have any information on her whereabouts so she would have to make due with the situation she was. Gwen pressed her ear up to the door, freedom was just on the other side of it and Gwen's adrenaline began pumping as she could hear at least two voices on the outside of the door. From the sound, two men who were tasked with guarding the entrance to the door. After a deep breath, Gwen began knocking on the door, shocking the two men outside. Gwen hurridely stood off to the side of the door in order to get the jump on the first person who walked in.

"Did ya hear that? How the hell... Isn't she chained?" Said one of the men, locks could be heard clicking as each was being turned. As the first man walked in, a large brute of a guy he was easily taken down with a kick to his knee causing the whole limb to snap backwards forcing him to fall as he yelled out in pain before finished him by snapping his neck. The second man, still in shock, leapt towards Gwen. Still under the drug's influence, Gwen wobbled into a roll barely moving her out of the way. The second guard slammed into the wall behind Gwen. Wasting no time, he quickly got up to turn on Gwen who was barely managing to stand as she quickly flung the chain wrapped around her arm forward in such a way it lassoed around the secondd mail neck, Gwen usingf all her strenght to pull on it to began choking the man till blood vessels began to pop in his eyes. Gwen said a single word to the man as he gasped for air, "Exit." The man grabbed at the cahin before managing to let out his last words.

"Last....door...left...you...bit.... " Gwen didn't even let the man finish the last word before she crushed his esphogus with the chain. Pulling it back, before searching the pockets of each man. On the first guy, she found a key card, obviously needed to get in and out of the building. He was also holding onto a few kunai knives which would come in handy for Gwen's escape. The next guard had a few keys on him, unsure what they were for exactly, Gwen took them just in case.

Her legs felt like jello, as Gwen tried moving as fast as her legs would let her. It seems the sudden adrenaline rush was short lived, as the sudden movement and lack of food was begininng to take a toll on Gwen physically. She would normally sustain herself with her chakra, but was unable to access it due to the side effects of the drug. A few moments later Gwen ended up in a long corridor with numerous doors. Remembering the words of the guard, she entered the last door on the left. Looking around the room, it appeared in front of a large vault door, Gwen pulled it open and instantly triggered an alarm Gwen looked for anything that would manage to help her before she found a computer terminal. Gwen's inital attempts to access the computer proved futile until she realized that the only way to access the system was a key card. Entering the key card the alrm stopped, but it was already too late as Gwen could hear voices growing louder. Outside, the weather was terrible, as a blizzard was blowing fiercly outside but between the two Gwen would rather risk her life in the cold than stay and face whatever was waiting for her if she surrendered.

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