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May 28, 2014
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"A life without meaning. Those who praise a momentary spring, for every moment that it lasts. That way of being is lovely.
An endless chain of life. Although, I can only be a bystander."


Yu Miaoyi
Hinako Akuta, Crimson Beauty, Assassin


Yu is a woman with a rather youthful appearance, appearing to be in her late teens rather than late twenties. Her skin is smooth and of fair complexion, which contrasts greatly against her black attire, made entirely of cloth bands that are intricately woven around her body, connected and fastened to each other in ribbon-like knots, in a way that reveals her voluptuous figure. The outfit is something of a stylish dress, underneath which she wears only knee high stockings. Attached to the cloth is a fur collar which wraps around the shoulders and nape of the neck, over which flows Yu’s staggeringly long hair. Its brown locks reach as far as her ankles, and on rare occasions, it is tied into twintails, or a single braid, though it always roughly frames her face. Yu’s facial features are soft, her most notable feature being her crimson eyes, which earned her the moniker of ‘Crimson Beauty’. Secured on each of her hips are chinese broadswords with semi-circular handguards and cloth-wrapped hilts, and small decorative bands that hang from the weapons’ hilt.


Her youthful and beautiful appearance is contrasted with a personality veiled in secrecy and bitterness. The loss of her love, Xiang Yu, has led her to detest human culture and driven her into a self-imposed seclusion. Yu does not hate humanity or humans, but the countless wars and decay that the Freehold suffered in its twilight years showed her how human culture has extremely self-destructive tendencies. She sought to remove herself from that reality, as best as she could. Her mind is biased against a world she sees as tainted; a view that Angra Mainyu showed her was quite similar to the Black King Lancelot’s perspective on humanity. While she does not possess the drive or bloodlust that the former Black King had to bring about devastation to humanity, she feels no remorse or hesitation in ridding herself of those she is annoyed by and always prefers to be left alone except by a select few.



Land of Birth
Warring States Clan



Health & Chakra

160 & 1600​





Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan
Medical Ninjutsu
Goetic Theurgy
Spirits of Balance
Yin-Yang Fist​

Mystic Fire

Apex Steel
Increased Speed
Spirits of Balance



What is known of Yu Miaoyi is simply what she tells others, choosing to remain veiled in secrecy rather than an open book. She was born during the twilight of the Freehold in Chungsu to a noble family who married her while she was very young to the 40th Daijo-daijin, Xiang Yu. Her view of the world was shaped from a very early age; around her, nearly every day, symptoms of Chungsu’s decline from a robust imperial capital to that of a run-down city were apparent. Only a short time had passed since Motoi Toyotomi’s decision to place the empire in a state of isolation, a decision that would see him driven out of office by her husband Xiang Yu a short time after. Despite the decay around her, Yu’s relationship with Xiang Yu was healthy. The two enjoyed reading together often, and he often shared state secrets with her – it was how she came across the secrets of Yin-Yang Release and the Chimera.

Xiang Yu was killed in 804 when the Kyuubi mysteriously appeared in the capital city and unleashed untold amounts of destruction upon its denizens. Yu, heartbroken because of her loss and the devastation, decided to go into hiding in the outskirts of the Land of Fire, choosing to live in solitude in the forests. She was appalled at the news of the banditry that became highly lucrative in the region due to the collapse of the Hangurian Army. It had seemed the world had been turned upside down; the peasantry had become bandits, overwhelming the aristocracy and taking their wealth for themselves. Farmers and villagers in the countryside were left destitute. It culminated in a feeling of disgust; a loathing for humans and their wastefulness that she could not purge. Perhaps it was for the best she remains in solitude, for the sake of others and her own sanity.

How the former consort to Xiang Yu came to possesses both the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan and Steel Release is unknown. What is known is that, with her position in the Hangurian Freehold, she did come to know the Chimera Technique and used it at some point to obtain these two powers. At some point during her isolation she came to meet a hermit named Angra Mainyu, a former disciple of the Black King in the Great Wars that took place in the Northwest. Yu and Angra shared many commonalities, namely their disgust for the human disease the plagued the world. Perhaps what was most interesting was her parallel ideology to Sir Lancelot; as if destiny had connected the two, Avenger instructed her on how to use her manipulation of Steel Release as a weapon just like Berserker had done. Her lessons would be carried over a series of Holocrons that had been left behind by the Black King in secret, only for his greatest champions, Avenger and Ruler, to view and use after his death to impact the world.


Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan: Through her use of the Chimera Yu has acquired the treasured pinnacle bloodline of the Uchiha Clan: the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. Yu’s Mangekyō design has the appearance of three intersecting ellipses superimposed by three spiraling curves around the pupil. With her right Mangekyō Yu is able to cast the black flames of Amaterasu and, with her right eye, manipulate their shape and form with Kagutsuchi, conferring the same level of Blaze Release as Sasuke Uchiha. As she wields Mangekyō in both eyes Yu is also able to use Susano’o, summoning an ethereal warrior to defend her – although she prefers to not utilize this technique. Yu, through the Transcription Seal, has set her Mangekyō Sharingan to utilize Izanagi in the event of her death or her health reaching zero, returning her to peak life shortly thereafter.

Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 70 ( + chakra of jutsu )
Damage: N/A ( Jutsu dependent )
Description: Transcription Seal is a technique that has the ability to seal a technique of the user's Mangekyō Sharingan within a designated host. Upon being sealed, the technique is typically, involuntarily activated whenever the host when a condition is met; which is predetermined by the user at the moment of sealing. While often being used involuntarily, a skilled user is able to activate it a will when placed upon himself. There are several methods to perform this technique, the most common being channeling chakra to one's fingers and then placing his fingers upon the target's forehead, transferring it to him.
Note: The user is only able to seal Amaterasu based attacks, Tsukiyomi, and other Sharingan attacks barring Susano'o within another eye. He is able to trigger Izanagi within his own eye, however with specific triggers to activate it.
Note: Only one technique can be sealed at any time, and must be stated either in the user's bio or before battle.
Note: Can only be used twice per event.
Note: If Mangekyo Sharingan is needed to activate said sealed techniques, then the Mangekyo will be auto activated when used, taking place of an activation. This counts towards the user's usage count even if the Transcription Seal was created by someone else.

Type: Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: N/A
Chakra cost: 100
Damage points: N/A ( loss of a Sharingan eye )
Description: Izanagi is a Genjutsu that is intended to be cast upon oneself and not the enemy though it actually seems to imbue reality with the users will and alter it according to his own needs. When activated the user removes the boundaries between reality and illusion and bends it to achieve the best outcome to his situation. In a certain degree this allows the user to control their own state of existence as well as that of those around him. However, this is only maintained for the briefest of moments. When activated it is capable of turning an injury or even death into an illusion allowing the user to escape harm, but not without a grave cost. The use of this technique results in the loss of a Sharingan eye. The technique essentially allows the user to alter reality and negate any event that might have happened in the last moments of battle (negates anything that has happened to either the user or the enemy in the last 2 turns), the only exception being his own chakra levels.
Note: This version can only be used by Uchiha Bios with access to MS/EMS
Note: Can only be used twice per battle, once per eye, rendering the used eye blind for the rest of the match, even if the user has EMS
Note: Those around the user as well as the user are well aware of the altered reality though they cannot do anything to change it

Steel Release: Likewise, with her Chimera, Yu has obtained the ability to wield Steel Release – a combination of Earth and Fire elemental natures to form metallic structures from her body or earthen sources around her. Yu has been trained in this style by Angra Mainyu, the Knight of Havoc that served Berserker in the Great Wars. Avenger, to the best of his ability, sought to teach Yu Berserker’s techniques.

Yin-Yang Release: Despite her young age Yu is a master of Yin-Yang Release and has honed her spiritual and physical energies beyond what others are normally capable of. These heighted abilities allow her to sense chakra passively and enhance her raw chakra techniques to be neutral to elemental ones. Mastery over Yin-Yang Release has enabled Yu to have greater control over her chakra allowing her to use less chakra for her techniques (-10 points up to B-Rank, -15 for A-rank and above). With a particular specialization in Yin Release, Yu can sense spiritual entities around her and is aware of illusory techniques up to A-Rank, and use Genjutsu Kai without the need for hand seals.

Spirits of Balance: Yu is proficient in the Spirits of Balance, a fighting style that combines Fūinjutsu with Yin-Yang Release in order to invoke spirits and use them in the Sealing Arts. At its core the style allows Yu to seal objects or people into a separate dimension in her conscience without the need for traditional scrolls. As a result of the training in Onryodo, Yu’s Fūinjutsu are enhanced by an additional rank in strength, excluding Forbidden ranked techniques. She also becomes keenly aware of Yamanaka and Illusory techniques, with an array of mental defenses erected to protect her mind.

Goetic Theurgy: Yu learned of Goetic Theurgy, or the Divine Workings of Goetia, from a tome that she discovered during her travels after the razing of Chungsu. The tome instructs people on how to summon and control spirits and demons, specifying in the first lesson on the conjuration of lesser spirits and binding them to a physical vessel. The style allows Yu to create Athame, a weapon centrally used in the ritual, freely from black Yin chakra.

Mystic Fire Release: Consort Yu has mastered Mystic Fire Release, a combination of Fire and Lightning natures that are controlled through Fūinjutsu. It is a highly energetic and disruptive element, taking on many forms ranging from plasma to flames. Its strongest characteristic is its absolute neutrality to all elemental natures, including sealing techniques. Yu’s flames take on a dark bloody crimson appearance; these flames can influence her other energy-based techniques through the Pillars of Creation.

Xiangyou: Created by Yu Miaoyi with the Creation of All Things, the Xiangyou is a Xiangliu - a nine-headed serpent monster from Chinese mythology and appears much like a Gorgon. Xiangyou lives to faithfully serve Consort Yu without question. She is roughly 8 feet tall, towering above Yu and many other humans. She possesses a serpent's body, with a human face and nine other snake head appendages emerging from around her neck and upper body. Each head has two eyes that functionally operate to provide her a wide range of vision. She is covered in scales from her torso and below, each shining like a bright green gem in the sunlight. Her eyes, like Yu's, are a shimmering bloody crimson. The Xiangyou is gifted the ability to use Steel Release, Mystic Fire Release, and Lightning Release, as well as Yin-Yang Release. She possesses an immunity to Fūinjutsu and shares a mental link to Yu. Her Mystic Flames are green in color, contrasting with Yu's crimson.

(Shiraton: Sōzō no Hashira) – Mystic Fire Release: Pillars of Creation
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B – S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A (+10/20/40 chakra cost to applied technique)
Damage: N/A
Description: Pillars of Creation is considered the ultimate infusion technique utilized in conjunction with energy-based elemental natures (Fire, Lightning, Explosion, etc) as well as barrier Fūinjutsu. As a technique based around the principles of infusion it occurs instantaneously and can be used within the same timeframe as the technique it is applied to. Typically techniques of this category involves an infusion of chakra, in many cases of the same nature, to change numerous aspects of the technique. These can range from a shift in strengths and weaknesses, additional strength, different states and forms, and new and unique effects. This could be compared to ratios and the effects that chakra can have on a technique; the more chakra utilized the greater the changes. As such Pillars of Creation utilizes three separate levels of infusion, each becoming progressively greater. Unique to this technique is that it can be stated in one’s biography to allow for the passive infusion of the user’s energy-based techniques, listed above, causing their coloration to shift in accordance to Mystic Fire’s unique colors. As a passive occurrence this application does not require any chakra and is simply a cosmetic ability of Pillars of Creation. The infusions are as followed:

The First Pillar: This is the B-Rank application of Pillars of Creation and utilizes an infusion of ten chakra. As the simplest infusion this technique causes the effected energy-based technique to gain Mystic Fire’s quality of absolute neutrality. For example, when used on a Fire technique, the applied technique will effectively shed its strengths and weaknesses becoming neutral to all elemental natures. Additionally, this infusion causes the applied technique to gain Mystic Fire’s specialized interactions with sealing/absorptive-based techniques. When an S-Rank Lightning technique is infused with the First Pillar, for example, it will, in addition to gaining the neutrality of Mystic Fire, will also only be able to be sealed or absorbed by a technique of equivalent rank (meaning the rank of the seal or absorbing technique itself, not the rank of what it can seal, must be equivalent). Additionally, the First Pillar cannot be infused on channeling-based energy techniques (e.g. streams of fire).

The Second Pillar: This is the A-Rank application of Pillars of Creation and utilizes an infusion of twenty chakra. The Second Pillar, unlike the first, employs the ability to not only infuse an energy-based technique with Mystic Fire chakra but to convert it to the nature entirely; this effectively converts any energy-based nature, or barrier Fūinjutsu, into Mystic Fire. Because the technique is effectively transformed it will change its inherent color into any color allowed by Mystic Fire Release, namely any color on the visible spectrum while being able to become absolute black, like the flames of Amaterasu. Techniques which radiate heat, like Fire Release, will lose those qualities due to their inherent sealing nature. Additionally, these techniques will gain an additional rank in strength, or twenty additional damage for techniques above S-Rank. The Second Pillar can be used on any number of A-Rank and below techniques but it can only be used four times per battle on S-Rank and above techniques. It also cannot be used in consecutive turns.

The Third Pillar: This is the S-Rank application of Pillars of Creation and utilizes an infusion of forty chakra. Unlike the previous two pillars this Third Pillar only incorporates techniques which employ a partial or fullbody elemental transformation, much like the Hozuki, and must be energy-based in nature. This technique, through an enormous flooding of Mystic Fire chakra, converts any energy-based elemental transformation to become purely Mystic Fire based, while retaining its original abilities and qualities. For example, should a Bakuton based elemental transformation be converted to Mystic Fire it will retain its default explosive qualities while obtaining all qualities of Mystic Fire Release. Additionally, as long as the elemental transformation utilized allows for Fire and Lightning natures to be accessed, the user will still be able to mold chakra for techniques based on the original elemental transformation, even after conversion. The Third Pillar, like the Second, also enhances the applied transformation by an additional rank in strength, or twenty additional damage for techniques above S-Rank. The Third Pillar can be used twice per battle, requiring a two turn cooldown in between uses.

Fūinjutsu: Yu’s body is adorned with an assortment of seals woven and hidden under her clothing. The Kanji “Eternal” is placed on her back, with a Kanji for “Repository” placed nearby. A third seal, marked as the 47 Ronin, is inscribed on her upper shoulder. She also wears an ornate band on her left wrist, an artifact of the Uzumaki Clan, known as the Mayer’s Band. Near her stomach she has the seal for “Maintain” which erects a barrier around her person that prevents others from distorting time and space. The barrier is enhanced by her innate mastery over the Spirits of Balance.

(Fuuin: Bachi no Fukyuu) - Sealing Technique: Bane of the Immortal
Type: Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 (-10 chakra per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: The user will have a seal on their body with the Kanji for "Eternal". The seal lies dormant and is passively activated whenever the opponent tries to seal or drain the user's chakra and/or abilities. The seal will instantly release an intangible barrier that surrounds the user's body like an armour. Any abilities which act externally such as the canon techniques Multiple Infinite Embraces or Living Barrier will be unable to affect anything inside the barrier, namely the user's body. Seals which act internally will first have their chakra be absorbed by the barrier (happens instantly and so before they can come into effect) and once erected, the barrier will prevent any further insertion of chakra while active. The seal is self-sustaining and will involuntary leech chakra from the user's body. This is for the express purpose of maintaining this technique even when the user can't use or mold chakra. This is possible as the chakra still exists within the user as it is equivalent of their very life-force. This can counter S-Rank and below sealing techniques. This cannot be activated manually and will only ever activate under the aforementioned conditions. It lasts for four turns or until the ability attempting to seal or drain the user's chakra or abilities is no longer active, whichever is longer.

Note: Can only activate a maximum of thrice per battle

(Shiraton/Fūinjutsu: Jikai Kairo) – Mystic Fire Release/Sealing Technique: Cygnus Loop
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A
Description: This technique employs a tag seal with the word ‘Repository’ inscribed on it and placed somewhere on the user’s body or on a weapon; in the case of a weapon the weapon must remain in contact with the user at all times. The seal can either be placed on the user’s biography and stated or placed during travel or battle, counting as a move. Cygnus Loop is a technique which utilizes Fūinjutsu’s ability to seal infinite quantities of various objects within a vessel, in this case the Cygnus seal. This acts as an effect chakra storage unit and can store infinite quantities of chakra absorbed and drained from another target through two methods. The first method passively allows the seal to link itself to the user’s absorptive techniques, such as the Multiple Infinite Embraces. Typically the Embraces will drain chakra and immediately deposit it in the user’s body; with the Cygnus seal this chakra is instead deposited in the seal itself. The second method is through the seal’s unique relationship with Mystic Fire Release and Fūinjutsu allowing the user to utilize Ultraviolet Radiance, a technique based on the Cygnus seal. Regardless of the application used when chakra is drained from an opponent or their techniques the chakra will be deposited within the seal. In essence Cygnus Loop acts as a bank and middleman. When chakra is stored in the seal the chakra is ‘purified’ within the seal. This effectively converts stolen chakra back into raw chakra. For example, should the user absorb Fire chakra and store it within the seal it will be converted into stored chakra and made readily available for the user to use for a future technique. Alternatively stored chakra can be freely absorbed into the user’s body to replenish their reserves. The Cygnus seal itself is an A-Rank seal and is fortified as such due to its relationship and infusion of Mystic Fire.

Spirits of Balance: 47 Ronin (Onryodo:Shi-jū-shichi-shi)
Rank: S
Range: Short-Long
Type: Defensive/Offensive/Supplementary
Chakra cost: 40
Damage Points: N/a
Description: The technique requires placing a seal over the users body that collects huge masses spiritual energy from the user and stores it up over the period of time. When released the seal uses Yin to Yang chakra manipulation and manifests the spiritual energy into the users imagination of a story: The revenge of the Forty-seven Ronin (四十七士 Shi-jū-shichi-shi), also known as the Forty-seven Samurai, the Akō vendetta, or the Genroku Akō incident (元禄赤穂事件 Genroku akō jiken). Where a group 47 samurai who were made Ronin, and avenged their General. The spiritual energy amasses together and forms in 47 spirits of Samurai with a dark aura equipped with swords and straw hats. The spirits are intangible, they don’t dessipitate when hit with objects or techniques that disrupt chakra and are inexcusably only effective on Resurrection techniques, Ritualistic techniques and other Spirits related/Spiritual technique. These samurai are incredibly strong and hunts the products of such techniques down with relative ease. When the target is hit by the Samurai’s sword(s) they are sealed within it. The Samurai then grab their own swords, and out of guilt of murder they commit Seppuku, with the suicide the souls of the target are released from the swords and are guided by the Samurai’s spirit in to the Outer World plains.
Restriction: Usable once per conflict.

(Fūinjutsu: Maiyā no bando) - Sealing Arts: Mayer's Band
Type: Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: D-S
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: (equivalent to the amount of opposing tech)
Damage: N/A
Description: This seal, Mayer's Band, was created by an Uzumaki prior to their village's destruction. The jutsu's purpose revolves around the ability to identify and seal foreign energy produced by the user's enemies. The seal itself is placed onto a wrist band and it is a kanji line shaped like a pentagon with open circles placed at every point of the shape. When foreign energy enters short range of the user, the circles on the wristband emit a bright colorful light signifying to the user that an energy different from the energies known to them has broken their perimeter. The sealing band cannot inform the user about the type of energy being used, but it can and does tell the difference between the various energies it comes across, and thus repeats the same color glows corresponding with that energy when met again. Once the energy is close enough the seal will release a special energy absorbing barrier around the user protecting them for that one attack before sealing the foreign energy into the wristband protecting the user. The jutsu is quite helpful for shinobi who don't have any energy sensing abilities, and its sealing effect only lasts a limited time. After sealing its maximum amount of energy the band will only work as an energy identifier for the user, but it will no longer be able to seal energy.
►Activates 3x per battle
►Has a one turn cool down
►When a S-Rank technique is sealed, no fuuin in the following turn, and then no fuuin above A in the next
►Seal must be placed in biography
►Can only be taught by ZandaT

Fuuinjutsu: Deddozōn | Sealing Technique: Dead Zone
Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Rank: A
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A
Description: A seal with the word 'Maintain' will be placed somewhere on the users body. The seal will passively drain chakra from the user which it will then redirect into the surroundings so as to detect attempts at manipulating space (affords no other kind of sensory). When a technique that seeks to distort space/time is utilised within the users vicinity (Mid range radius) this seal will activate, passively draining chakra from the user to erect a barrier that will instantly spread outwards and prevent the space time continuum from being manipulated - in effect the seal will serve to neutralize space time techniques such as summoning jutsu, or techniques that utilise portals such as 'Stick Earth Drop' from being utilised as it forcibly maintains the fabric of space and time. The seal activates automatically upon detecting an attempt at space/time manipulation, and is effective against such jutsu up to, and including A rank. However it is wholly ineffective against S ranked space time manipulation (Such as S rank summoning techniques as the jutsu utilises more chakra than this technique to bring a stronger summon to the field, however it will still be effective against lower ranked space time techniques even if the substance that they attempt to bring to the field is higher ranked)
- The user can start the battle with the seal already placed, in which case it must be posted at either the start of the battle or in the users bio. Otherwise the user will have to manually place the seal, which counts as a move and can only be done twice.
- The seal can only activate once per turn, and the user cannot use Fuinjutsu above A rank the turn after it triggers.
- The seal passively drains 5 chakra from the user per turn
- When triggered, a barrier of the appropriate strength will be set up (i.e A rank to counter A rank S/T) that will prevent the space time technique and last for that turn. An A rank barrier can be set up once, and a B rank barrier can only be set up twice. For C rank and below however, on account of there being virtually no S/T techniques that weak barring the summoning of certain lesser animals, the barrier can be triggered continuously to prevent these critters from taking to the field.
- As activation is passive, (But does count towards move count) the user is free to continue as normal.
- Won't work on 'Flying Thunder God' as it is a S ranked Space-Time technique.




Won: None
Lost: None​

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