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Oct 22, 2009
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Arthur Uchiha
Open Area with lake to our side
Post your bio and we gonna ask tatsu who goes first

Natsu & Jaeger

Natsu on my right shoulder. Yaru on my left hip. Jaeger stood one meter behind me to my left. Rinnegan active cause i can't turn that stuff off.

Will wait for you tag me on discord with the tatsu choice. Starting mid range. 3 day til.

Well Tatsu chose for me to go first to here it is. Nice and lazy.

With their linked minds, Jaeger and Ignia would work together at the exact same time working in tandem. Ignia would start by performing 3 handseals to bind his opponent in an illusion, by bending his five senses. This would be infused with yin release, enhancing it's power, infusing it with breakdown chakra. At the same time, using part of his yin/yang speciality, he would make it so the illusion cannot be broken by pain. In this illusion, Arthur will feel himself bound by flames (Breakdown), preventing him form moving, as the flames take the form of ropes pulling at his body while burning him all over constantly. Being unable to move and his body covered in flames he would be an endless agony.

At the exact same time as the illusion is cast, in the same timeframe, Jaeger would perform the needed handseals and slam his hands on the ground to use MIE, causing Arthur to be pinned to the ground, preventing him from using jutsu above A rank. Slowly draining his chakra while he is bound in the illusion and bound to the ground by the barrier itself. He would also lose 30 additional chakra due to his yin speciality.

Genjutsu: Omoi no Kamui | Illusionary Arts: The Mind of Creation
Type: Supplementary/Offensive
Rank: S-Rank+1 rank
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80
A powerfull technique were the user takes control of the enemy's 5 senses and makes him experience anything he can imagine. These illusions however are bound by the normal natural laws of Narutoverse (gravity, kinetics, etc) making it impossible to create unreal (in the context of Narutoverse) situations or scenarios. They can and may also be used to cause the enemy pain or distress or simply serve as a distraction or to camouflage the user in an escape or an attack. The genjutsu itself is done by performing 3 hand seals (Tiger+Ram+Horse) while inserting your chakra into the enemy's brain, disturbing his chakra flow and quickly gaining control over his senses. If the user is within short range of the enemy he can perform this technique with either 1 hand seal (Ram) or by looking directly into the enemy's eyes.

Note: Can only be used thrice per battle
Note2: User can't perform other Genjutsu in the same turn
Note3: User can't perform any technique above S-Rank on the same turn
Note4: Can affect multiple enemies
Note5: Can only be taught by Scorps

(Inton: Gogyou Gen) - Yin Release: 5 Elements Illusion
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra Cost: N/A (+50)
Damage: N/A
Description: This technique allows the user to combine their elemental chakra with Yin Release in order to create stronger, more potent genjutsu. When the user casts a genjutsu, rather than using their raw chakra they will use one of the basic elemental natures, thus increasing the potency of the jutsu. The jutsu increases in strength by one rank and due to the massive amount of chakra used, the jutsu can penetrate through any subversive method against genjutsu. By using nature chakra rather than raw chakra, the properties of the genjutsu can change in accordance to that nature and become stronger. For example, using Crushing Snake Constriction with Fire Release chakra would make the snakes appear, feel, and sound as though they were on fire. As well, the technique would follow the rules of elemental genjutsu. The user is free to alter the effects of a genjutsu within reason as long as the primary effects remain the same.
Note: Can only be used 6 times per battle.
Note: Cannot be used on techniques above S-rank.
Note: Yin Release masters can use advanced elements and CE

(Tajū Mugen Hōyō ) - Multiple Infinite Embraces
Rank: A-Rank
Type: Offensive
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra cost: 30 (-100 to the target per turn, +100 to user per turn)
Damage points: N/A
Description: This technique is a stronger version of Infinite Embraces and is used basically in the same manner. The user will do the Tiger → Dog → Horse → Dragon → Boar hand seals and slam his hands on the ground, creating a bigger barrier than the original technique but similar in its essence which drains the target's chakra but also pushes down on them making it much harder to break free. The massive pressure the technique puts on the target prevents the target from moving unless it has some sort of enhanced strength ability, making it very difficult to break free from it. Unable to move, the targets are also unable to mold chakra above A-Rank while having his chakra drained. The barrier can only be broken by A-Rank techniques or above or by attacking the user.
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