Yōo Kurogane

Ańbu Juniør

Feb 3, 2009
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"To be stronger than anyone else, that's why I fight"
B a s i c ▽ I n f o r m a t i o n

Name: Yōo Kurogane

Nickname: Black Dragon of the East | Horned Monarch of Destruction

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Clan: Yakuza Ichizoku

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
▽ A p p e a r a n c e ▽

Kurogane is a tall, broad-shouldered, slender yet muscular man who bears a striking resemblance to his father with his spiky black hair and crimson eyes that give off an intense gaze. His attire consists of black, modernized version of the traditional samurai armor (similar to Log) with red accents worn over a simple form-fitting black suit. The armor is made up of large protective guards shoulders, waist, thighs, and a hybrid breastplate. He also wears gauntlets, shin guards, and a crimson head guard, all of which are engraved with the Crescent Moon Kingdom's insignia, and a respirator.

▽ P e r s o n a l i t y ▽

Kurogane is serious and extremely perceptive, being able to quickly discern the fighting capabilities of others. He speaks his mind freely, is extremely straightforward, incredibly loyal and compassionate to the few people he trusts, while being cold and ruthless to those he considers his enemies. He is easily irked by others, especially those who refer to him by silly nicknames. After being forcefully removed from the Crescent Moon Kingdom by Princess Tomoyo, he has become more aggressive. Like most samurai, Kurogane despises shinobi, but his feelings regarding those who use ninjutsu in any form borders on wrathful as the shinobi were responsible for the death of his mother.

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Village of Birth
Iron Peninsula, Suwa Region​
V i l l a g e ▽ I n f o r m a t i o n
Village of Alliance

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R a n k // C h a k r a ▽ I n f o r m a t i o n

B a c k g r o u n d ▽ I n f o r m a t i o n

Born in 787 to the rightful Lord of the Suwa region in the Iron Peninsula and a Priestess of the Crescent Moon Kingdom, Kurogane's life was troubled before it even began. His father, a prominent member of the Yakuza clan who originally hailed from the Koga region and was well known for his adept skills in weaponry, had been banished for falling in love with and siring a child with a Priestess of the kingdom. The two moved to a crescent-shaped island kingdom shortly after their son was born and settled down in the province of Nihon, which the Lord came to rule over and the Priestess protected with his unique barrier-making ability. Kurogane was energetic in his youth who strived to never disappoint his mother and wanted to be just like his father, whose adept weaponry skills he had inherited.

As he grew, the boy's dream was to become a powerful warrior and protect the people of Nihon like his parents, who encouraged and supported his efforts. His father would privately teach him the ways of the Yakuza clan, regularly feeding his son pills, concoctions, and mysterious potions that tempered his body and enhanced his abilities. It was painful, yes, but the boy endured. His father would also teach him the way of the samurai, and train him intensely in the ways of Iaido and Battōjutsu. His mother, on the other hand, trained him in the art of taijutsu and various other styles of fighting, and also taught him the importance of strategy, how to use his head, and how to keep calm during the heat of battle. He had such a thirst for the art of warfare that he would even secretly take Ginryū, his family's heirloom, and practice with it intensely.

His life continued like this for some time, and it wasn't until he became a teenager that trouble began. His mother had contracted a strange disease and would often cough up blood and collapse, and Kurogane would strain himself to make her comfortable. During this time his father was also absent regularly, as he was spending his time fighting off invaders from across the sea. When he did return, he was seriously injured and his weapon in shards. He had met a strong shinobi and needed more power, and as such he decided to take Ginryū to the battlefield, but not before receiving his wife's blessing, leaving his son to protect his mother after telling him that he should always use his strength to protect the ones he loves.

Sometime after his father had left, Kurogane's mother collapsed once again, but even though her condition was critical she insisted on being taken to the family sanctuary in order to pray for success against the shinobi invaders and strengthen the barrier surrounding Nihon. As she prayed a void suddenly opened in the space before her and a sword was thrust out, piercing her through the chest. Kurogane, who had not yet come of age and as such wasn't allowed to enter the sanctuary, was startled by his mother's scream. He disregarded the rules and broke into the sanctuary, only to find his mother impaled by a large sword with a peculiar bat-like carving for its hilt that had seemingly appeared out of a void and disappeared before Kurogane could react. He ran to his mother as she slumped to the floor, whispering comforting words and placing pressure on her chest as she gasped for air.

Despite his efforts, he could not stem the blood flow and she died in his arms, and at the moment of her death, the barrier protecting their province broke and the invading swarmed through the area. One of them approached Kurogane carrying his father's severed arm, the hand still carrying one of Ginryū’s blades in its death-grip. As the shinobi discarded the arm, the katana fell to the ground. Kurogane's resolve broke and, in fierce rage, he took up his father's sword and charged towards the repulsive shinobi demons. Hours later, the Empress of the Crescent Moon Kingdom arrived with her army of samurai. With the barrier broken she deduced that the Priestess had died, and the invaders swarmed the province as predicted in the dreams of her younger sister, the Priestess Princess Tsukuyomi.

Surprisingly, they came to find that all the invaders had been killed and discovered Kurogane in the ruins of his home. As the Empress approached the boy, who was too shocked to fully comprehend all that had happened and was still carrying his mother's body, he attempted to attack her. She ordered her samurai to attack but soon realized that Kurogane had lost his sanity and would do more harm than good when he killed all her warriors with ease. She decided to personally subdue him but was interrupted by her younger sister who volunteered to do it. She would make herself a target for him, and as he lunged toward her she used the same barrier-type ability as his mother to force him into the ground and immobilize him.

Once he was subdued she knelt beside him and whispered, "Let's let your mother sleep, shall we?" as she closed the dead Priestess's eyes. At those simple words, she managed to snap Kurogane out of his madness. Realization swept over him and he broke down in tears, and finally, exhausted, he fell asleep. When he woke up, he found himself cleaned and his hand in bandages. Beside him sat the Princess, carrying Ginryū in her lap. She explained that he was in Shirasagi Castle, and introduced herself as Princess Tomoyo. With nowhere to go, he was assigned small duties within the castle while he recuperated, and eventually came to serve the Princess and Shirasagi Castle.

Kurogane's strength grew by leaps and bounds over the next few years until eventually, he became the strongest warrior in the Kingdom. The trauma of losing his parents made him merciless against his enemies, even going as far as constantly disobeying Tomoyo's orders not to kill the shinobi assassins that frequently infiltrated the castle in order to take her life. Tomoyo had come to recognize his strength but felt that it would one day take him down a dark path from which he might never return. As such, she came up with a plan. One night she summoned him to the throne room, where she had sent up a barrier technique that restrained him once he entered.

Princess Tomoyo explained that since there was none in the kingdom as strong as he, she would send him on a journey where he would hopefully discover the meaning of true strength. See, while the barrier she had placed could restrain him, its primary ability was to transport things great distances. As Kurogane sunk into the earth, Tomoyo placed two seals on his body. The first would reduce his strength each time he needlessly took a life, and the second would prevent him from returning to the kingdom for a set period of time. As he sunk into the seal, Kurogane swore that he'd never forgive her, and would always remember what she had done. The floor rippled before returning to normal, and quiet fell upon the castle.

To be continued….

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O t h e r ▽ I n f o r m a t i o n

Increased Speed Specialist (Bonus)

As a close-quarters combatant, Kurogane's primary focus during his years of training has been on increasing his movement speed. Thanks to this, his base speed has increased by three additional levels.

Increased Tracking Resistance

Kurogane's body passively exerts a force that creates a chakra distortion within his opponent's chakra sensory, making him almost impossible to pinpoint within short range.

Advanced Speed Resistance

As a noble warrior who constantly fights those stronger than himself, Kurogane's indomitable spirit manifests itself as a force that is naturally exerted from his body. This force reduces the base speed of those in his presence by two levels. Combined with his own physical prowess and combat expertise, this makes him a frightening opponent in close quarters.

Apex Tracker Specialist

In addition to his speed, Kurogane has heightened his senses to an incredible degree, resulting in an x2.5 increase in his tracking capabilities.

Lifeline (Health)

Kurogane’s rigorous physical conditioning in his youth has granted him greater vitality. As a result, he has a higher Health base than those of his rank (+25% / 40 HP).

Way of the Divergent

As a practitioner of Way of the Divergent, Kurogane has lost the ability to naturally feel fear in order to use his body to the fullest. This not only allows him to absorb more damage than the average warrior but to also receive blows without faltering or interrupting his movements.

Yakuza Baseline: Though duller in comparison to the other members of his clan, Kurogane posses an immense lust for fighting and the will to defeat his opponent by any means necessary, even if it leads to his demise. Kurogane has access to all forms of the clan's drugs, which serve to greatly enhance their fighting capabilities, even though it comes at the cost of eventual physical and psychological deterioration. Hidden within his mouth are several pills with various effects that can be bitten down on in order to put them to use at any time. He also carries a small pouch hidden within his clothes that contains multiple syringes, vials, and additional pills. As an effect of constantly being under the effects of drugs or other medicines, his body has developed resistance against most, if not all, types of poison or strange chemicals that may enter it.

Transcendence, the mythical transformation of the Yakuza Clan that earned Kurogane the moniker of "The Horned Monarch of Destruction'', allows him to exceed the limitations of his body in order to bring forth his true self. Upon ingesting the pill, the rate of chakra production is increased to the point it bursts outward from his body in the form of a shroud of dense, yet thin silver chakra. The silver chakra morphs into claws at the end of his limbs, as two large horns protrude from his forehead and curve back. Over his eyes, the shroud becomes a mix of indigo and purple, becomes pointed at his ears, and a thin pointed tail and two silver leathery wings that span five-meters sprout from his back, granting him the ability of flight. Lastly, his two Wakizashi, Ginryū, becomes engulfed in a brimming, radiant display of purple chakra that takes the form of a dragon that binds the weapon to his hands by coiling around them.

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(Yakuza Kakusareta Gijutsu: Chōetsu) - Yakuza Secret Compound: Transcendence
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A (-20 per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: 超越 Chōetsu is the epitome of a Yakuza's overwhelming resolve to exceed the limitations of their bodies in order to bring forth their true selves; it is a compound that provides effects much akin to the Akimichi clan's fabled Calorie Control, only taken a step further due to the samurai's mastery over shape manipulation and their ingenuity in medicinal creations. Through years of using the three main enhancements and studying ways to improve upon them, they have developed a pill that contains a series of refined stimulants based on those found within the previous enhancement compounds, along with a catalyst that serves to increase the rate of chakra production at such an amount that it bursts outward from their bodies; once consumed, this effectively manifests the visage of the Yakuza's samurai spirit in the form of raw chakra, in addition to receiving the bonuses equivalent to that of the last main enhancement. The compound creates a shroud, or form of chakra that varies in its appearance depending on each individual member. The manifestation of their samurai "spirit" can range from growing chakra wings, claws, horns, to animalistic figures such as a dragon that coils around them or a Bodhisattva figure with multiple arms. While these chakra apparitions can vary in appearance, they can never exceed a size that goes past the Yakuza's short ranged vicinity, although their size can be manipulated within the confines of short range (claws of chakra can be extended using the samurai's expertise in shape manipulation, for example). Depending on the Yakuza's form, they can also grant the ability of flight (via the use of chakra wings or if their form takes the appearance of a dragon, bird, etc). The Yakuza will also have the ability to use their form as a shield to defend themselves from incoming elemental attacks such as ones that are too large-scale to evade by normal means, or to release slashes of condensed chakra from their sword (both of these interact neutrally against the five basic elements, slashes can only reach up to mid-range); however, the shroud can only defend up to the equivalent of one S-ranked attack per turn. Any more damage sustained by the shroud above that and it disappears, ending the effect of the compound prematurely; it can additionally only be administered via pill form. After the Yakuza's mode ends, they become incapable of consuming any compounds for the following two turns.

“The warrior guided by the spirit serves humanity, the warrior without, serves the ego.”

Note: Can only be used once per battle.
Note: While this compound is in effect, the user cannot consume any of the main enhancement compounds. If either the first, second or last stage enhancements are consumed while this compound is in effect, the drug will counteract the compound's effect along with its own, resulting in the effects of this immediately disappearing and the enhancement that was taken to not provide any effect. Should a Yakuza consume any of the main enhancements during the turns in which this compound is active, they will also succumb to cardiac arrest due to their cardiovascular system being overworked by the excess of stimulants within their body.
Note: Each member that gains access to this compound must state in their Yakuza biography exactly what their form looks like in detail. The compound cannot be used in battle until this prerequisite is fulfilled.
Note: Lasts three turns for Fukuryu, four for Giseiryu, and five if used by a Hitsuryu.
Note: No Yakuza compounds of any kind can be administered for three turns after this ends.

Samurai Heritage: As a samurai, Kurogane is capable of utilizing chakra by channeling it through his sword, which allows him to extend the reach of his blade and release crescents of slicing energy by swinging it. He is also able to use shape manipulation to sculpt his chakra blades into various rudimentary weapons, can also use elemental chakra control through the use of techniques classified as kenjutsu and taijutsu as well as through the use of other forms of their weapons that he wields, and receives a passive +20 to his sword attacks. The traditional samurai armor and respirator he wears makes him immune to gas-based poisons and reduces the damage from physical attacks by -25. Lastly, Kurogane's weapon is able to greatly enhance the power of his sword techniques due to a ritual that had been performed on them.

He is also proficient with Iaidō, which, due to the extremely quick drawing and re-sheathing of his sword, makes ninjutsu near useless since the hand seals of his opponents can't be completed. Due to his extensive training in the field, he has unlocked the ability to evade incoming techniques and simultaneously execute any Iaidō technique in his arsenal by fueling more chakra into his movements during the quick draw ritual.


(Ani) Brother (Passive)
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra Cost: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Keotsu's legendary blade Mythos has been with him through trials and tribulations of all sorts; and in turn, Keotsu has used his strength to help his friends through their own challenges. The strength Keotsu could offer was always limited, though, as so many of his teachings were made with his own blade in mind. This technique allows others to use Mythos, when they normally could not. Because Mythos is tied to Keotsu's soul, he will perform a small ritual with one that Keotsu is incredibly close to: Keotsu will place Mythos in its entirety atop one of his brothers-in-arms' weapons, and coat it in an incredibly thin layer of the Mythril that Mythos is made of. In this action, Keotsu accepts this person into his soul, marking them as someone of great importance to him. This imparts the weapon with all the abilities of Mythos, except for the ability to change shape, the original ability that Mythos possessed in its form of "Mikomi", long, long ago.
*Note: Cannot be used in battle. The purpose of this technique is to allow others to be able to use Mythos.
*Note: True to the blade, if a piece of Mythos is ever used against Keotsu, this technique will "deactivate", and that person will be as if they could not have used Mythos in the first place.
*Note: Those who Keotsu teaches "Brother" will be able to use (Ten'notsurugi: Mythos, Jinsei no Sāberu) Astrum Sword: Mythos, Vita Saber with all of its abilities, except the ability to change shape.
*Note: Ani-infused weapons do not have to be summoned into battle, and can be carried into battle like a traditional Custom Weapon so long as the user's bio states they carry an Ani-Infused weapon.

(Ten'notsurugi: Mythos, Jinsei no Sāberu) Astrum Sword: Mythos, Vita Saber (Reference)
Rank: N/A
Type: Weapon
Range: N/A
Chakra Cost: N/A
Damage: +20 to Kenjutsu and Command Arts
Description: "The Blade of Heaven...Mythos the Life Sabre. One of the Ten Shinning Weapons." When Keotsu returned to the known continent from his journey to regions unknown, he returned with his blade Mythos in a new form; some secret event took place which reconfigured the blade and created a powerful connection between Keotsu and the sword. The Mythril blade retained its ability to change it's shape, but not it's mass when subjected to Keotsu's chakras, as did the scabbard of the weapon, though the two were no longer explicitly linked. A few improvements were noted by Keotsu, though: the blade seemed to resonate better than before, boosting his powers in battle: offensive Kenjutsu techniques and Command Arts have their power increased by +20, and defensive and supplementary Kenjutsu and Command Arts are increased in their effectiveness by +20 (that is, a defensive technique that is A-rank (60 damage) would be capable of now defending from an S-rank (80 damage) ; second, the blade came to reject energies that were foreign to Keotsu - that's to say, for example, if an enemy tried to use Nagashi after grabbing the blade, the energy would stop completely due to the nature of the blade's composition. This particular power comes about from the blade's new found synergy with Keotsu, in an effort to prevent it from being used against him. Retaining all the properties of the metal it was forged from, Mythos is indestructible and will never dull, in any of its forms.*The user can manipulate the blade’s form during battle at any time, but it costs 35 chakra to do so, and also counts towards one of that turn’s three allotted moves.
*Can only be wielded by Keotsu. When someone else tries to hold the blade, it will reject their chakra and increase its density exponentially, making it to heavy to be lifted. However, it reverts to its original density when Keotsu is holding it.
*While the sword can transform into different types of weapons, like a katana or spear, it is bound by its mass, meaning that the form it takes on has to be within the realms of creating from the same amount of matter.
*While Mythos is in hand, Keotsu is unable to cast Genjutsu at all.

(Iaidō: Zen no Idō) - Art of Quick Draw and Re-sheathing the Sword: Moving Zen (Passive)
Rank: N/A
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A (-10 for each iaijutsu performed)
Damage: N/A
Description: Over the years, Samurai had often practiced Iaidō based on the understanding that it is an almost ritualistic form of combat, born from practices that strive to impart the morals of a classical warrior such as building a spiritually harmonious being possessed of high intellect, sensitivity, and resolute will. While this is correct, the root teachings of the art were lost over time; in truth, the purpose of Iai is founded on the principle of being in the psychological state of the present and responding to an attack before striking with speed. Thus, Zen no Idō reintroduces this concept into modern day Iaidoka. This is a skill that is taught to masters of the art who have completed all forms of Iai training and who have maximized their reflexes in regards to drawing and re-sheathing the sword. In essence, after training to increase their proficiency in applying rapid and sudden movements while performing iaijutsu, it allows the Iaidoka to inherently evade incoming techniques within reason while simultaneously executing any Iaidō techniques they use. By fueling more chakra into their movements during the ritual of Iaidō, they can move in any direction at a slightly increased speed (x2, equal to that of Leg Weight speed) prior to or during the use of Iaidō. The limitations are that they may only use this speed to travel in any direction within five meters of their original position, and once the Iaidō technique is complete or stopped, Zen no Idō immediately ceases.
Note: Must be posted in the samurai's biography.
Note: No other techniques besides those revolving around Iai can be used while Zen no Idō is active.
Note: This is a passive trait that automatically activates prior to or during the execution of any Iaidō based technique; reserved only for those who hold true mastery over the art (must state Iaidō as a specialization in one's biography), once learned, Zen no Idō comes naturally and without thought, in a manner akin to the Shinobi's Water Walking skill.

Weight Training: Kurogane has undergone the harsh training method known as special weight training, which reduces his overall speed by three levels when they're worn. It took him years to get used to the added weight strapped to his legs, and as a result of this he now able to move with enhanced speed when they are removed.

Leg Weights

(Katai Omori) Leg Weights
Type: Weapon/Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A (+20 to Kicks, 2x Running Speed)
Description: The Leg Weights used for Special Taijutsu Training with Added Weights are made through the application of a sealing formula to ordinary leg weights. The sealing formula is used to, through the use of chakra, increase the weight of the leg weights to the desired level. The seal can't be applied to anything other than the leg weights and its use is restricted to its original purpose. One can remove the leg weights but the sealing technique in them stays active indefinitely and can't be released. Additionally, the Leg Weights and their unique seal calibration makes them only usable by the ninja to whom they belong. They can't be sealed or stolen.

(Katai Omori: Doroppu) Leg Weights: Drop
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: The user stops, bends over to reach his legs and unstraps his leg weights, dropping them to the ground. As a result the user gains a varying boost to his running speed and to all his Strong Fist Kick-related moves. However, this boost in strength and speed is completely nullified when releasing the EIG or when using any kind of movement speed enhancement technique or weight manipulation technique; they don't add up on each other.
Note: This can be used for either canon Leg Weights technique.

Infinite One-Sword Style: Kurogane is a practitioner of the IOSS, which usually required a unique case that held a multitude of blades, but its size made it difficult to travel with. He combated this problem by having the case sealed within a small specialized scroll that he keeps strapped to the back of his waist beneath his pouch. By simply opening the scroll the case will appear, or he can throw the scroll skyward to summon the weapons directly.


(Mugen Ittōryū) Infinite One-Sword Style
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: N/A (40)
Damage: N/A
Description: The user will throw into the air a large container of katana that are wrapped in some sort of cloth or wire in order to bind them for easy travel – while in the air, a seemingly endless number of katana will slide from their casing and scatter all across the battlefield to supply the user with swords to fight with no matter where they are; conversely, the swords can be summoned from scrolls in the same manner as Tenten’s weapons. This technique was created with the belief that a swordsman didn’t need a perfect sword, but rather, the ability to wield any sword with great skill. Each sword has a mechanism built into their hilt that allows only those who know how to use this technique to wield the swords. If someone with no knowledge of how to use this technique attempts to wield one of these blades, needles will extended from the hilt, much like how Samehada does. Due to this, the Infinite One-Sword Style not only assists the swordsman and his allies in battle, but also puts an extreme amount of psychological pressure on the opponent, due to the sheer number of blades.
*Can only be used once per battle.
*If the swords are carried into battle with a case, the chakra cost for this technique is zero however the user is limited to only 10 swords. If the scroll summoning variant is used, the chakra cost applies as normal.
*Only users of this technique may wield the swords.

Weapons & Tools: Ginryū: "Silver Dragons". Originally crafted by a master swordsmith for his father’s use, this pair of Katana and Wakizashi are now permanently mounted on opposite sides of the faulds of his armor. The gleaming silver blades are coated with an incredibly thin layer of the Mythril and are two feet long, forged from pure Hangurian ore, and are housed in specially designed hilts that are crimson in color and bound in black cloth. The tsuba are circular with the design of curling twin dragons enclosed on each and are black in color, while the lanyard loops housed intertwined tassels of crimson and black. The end cap of both weapons holds a docking contraption that locks them together, which turns it into a double-edged spear. The black scabbards are equally as beautiful and feature silver eastern dragons spanning the length of them.

Kurogane also has two additional regular wakizashi strapped vertically to his back, and a wide assortment of shuriken, kunai, flash and smoke bombs and steel wire in the pouch strapped to the back of his waist. He also has several small scrolls for summoning weapons and various other tools within it. Lastly, he possesses a heavy-duty version of the standard paper bombs. This tag has substantially more power than a regular exploding tag and has the kanji for “erupt” instead of “explode” written on them. These tags can't be discerned from their weaker counterparts at a glance.

Ninja Tools

(Jūhō Kibaku Fuda) Heavy Artillery Exploding Tag
Rank: N/A
Type: Offensive
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: +20 to Explosive Tags
Description: A heavy-duty version of the standard issue paper bomb, this exploding tag has substantially more power than a regular exploding tag, and is generally used in heavy demolition. Other than being .5 inches longer than a regular exploding tag and with the kanji for “erupt” instead of “explode” in the middle, they cannot be discerned from their weaker counterparts at a glance. These exploding tags can be used in place of weaker ones in jutsu involving them.

*In order to use these, it must be mentioned in the user’s bio that they carry this version of the exploding tag – otherwise, the user cannot use these.

Scientific Tools: Kurogane has a few scientific ninja tools that he uses in battle. The first is a Beacon that allows him to call forth Columbidae summonings from their homeland of Eden, which he wears on his right arm. The second tool is an attachment worn on his back to aid in the release of illusions and the third tool is 3 smoke-flash bombs that daze the senses of his enemies by emitting a powerful sound and bright light. The last tool consists of clamps integrated into his Leg Weights strapped that allow for their instantaneous release.


(Bīkon) Beacon
Type: Tool
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: As the Kote has gained notoriety among Shinobi, Samurai too have looked at the technology as a way to expand their arsenal. The Beacon is an altered Kote, capable not of using Ninjutsu, but of performing Summoning in place of the user, intended for use by Samurai. A beacon has a disk inside it upon which a summoning contract is inscribed, much like how one would sign a traditional contract. Unlike Kote, to use the Beacon does require chakra - an equal amount as would be required to normally perform a Summoning, but unlike traditional summons, the Beacon acts as its namesake, allowing Summons to pull themselves to the wielder's location.
*Note: Allows Summoning to be performed by Samurai.
*Note: Chakra Cost and Damage are dependent on the Summoning being used.
*Note: Use of the Beacon itself is passive, but the Summoning still consumes a moveslot.
*Note: The Beacon can only be attuned to one Contract at a time.

(Chakra Saifon) Chakra Siphon
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: N/A
Chakra Cost: N/A (-20 per turn)
Damage points: N/A
Description: A basic automated siphon tool attached to the users back and designed to passively absorb and store the users chakra. This Nin-tech is able to sense foreign chakra and then pump all the stored chakra back into the user creating a shock that spikes and restarts the users chakra flow. This allows the user to break out of Genjutsu using the chakra surge method, being able to release any genjutsu, excluding Yin and MS level Genjutsu, so long as the surge of chakra released into the user is higher then the chakra used for the Genjutsu. This Nin-Tech is able to store up to 100 chakra into it, taking up to five turns before it reaches capacity. If the user has Senjutsu, the siphon can still absorb the senjutsu like chakra and release the Senjutsu back into the user, following the foreign chakra/energies release method of Genjutsu, instead of the chakra surge method. This allows the user to break any genjutsu, including Yin release genjutsu however it cannot break Mangekyou Sharingan Genjutsu. This Chakra Siphon begins absorbing and storing the users chakra at the beginning of battle and stops absorbing once it reaches capacity and/or when the chakra/senjutsu is released back into the user. Requiring a two turn cooldown period before it begins absorbing chakra/senjutsu again. While the siphoning of chakra is a passive ability, the release of chakra back into the user will still cost a move for that turn. Lastly, this Nin-tech cannot be used to enhance techniques in any way. The chakra/senjutsu released back into the user does not replenish their chakra or senjutsu reserves. Only working to release foreign chakras and genjutsu under one of the two presented methods.
-Must be placed in the users biography
-Can only be taught by Serpent

( Kemuri Senkōdama ) - Smoke-Flash Bombs
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Similar in use to the smoke and flash bombs respectively, this tech dazes the senses by emitting a powerful sound and light. It was powerful enough to block even enhanced senses of sight and hearing, leaving those with vision and sound based sensing useless. It's major downside, however, is that due to affecting a wide area, allies could also be caught in the blast radius if not warned beforehand. Due to the mass amount of chakra released from the explosion, chakra based sensing dilate also left useless. These are also able to negate B rank and below technological sensing devices as well.
Note: Does not count as a move but only one can be used per turn.
Note: User can have up to 3 max while Cyborgs have up to 6.
Note: Cyborgs are also able to fire these up to Long range.

(Kaihou Kasugai) Automated Clamps
Type: Tool
Rank: E
Range: N/A
Chakra Cost: N/A
Damage points: N/A
Description: A basic automated clamp designed to read the electrical input of muscles contracting allowing the user to simply flex in a specific way to release them. These clamps are integrated into Leg Weights to hold them in place. Allowing the user to simply flex their leg in a specific manor to passively release the weight giving them freedom of mobility. These clamps give no added bonus or benefit other then releasing the weights in a more versatile way, better suited for combat.
-Must be placed in the users biography
-Can only be taught by Serpent

Artifacts: N/A
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Lost: None​

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