Xuanguan (044)


Oct 1, 2010

Lush green meadows cover this area from the hillsides to the valleys, where rivers run down into a basin creating a winding system of streams and babbling brooks. These hills of grass are a beautiful emerald colour and create a serene, peaceful portrait of untouched scenery as they sway in the breeze. The communities here are idyllic villages, often surrounded by quant fields.


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Dec 14, 2011

Aurelius continues his travel and rests at a rather friendly village. He hears whispers of intriguing things happening in the world right now, igniting his drive to push forward. He would leave the location and continue moving on towards the edge of the continent.

LLM to Qingshui (042)


Aug 28, 2018
Coming from Kokkyō (43)

The thickness of the forestation began to thin, Kenichi tried his best to stay within the shadows of the trees, listening closely to the sounds around him for any signs of someone else following Yanai. They soon began to reach Xuanguan, and Kenichi hesitated at the tree line as his employer walked out into a field of planted rice. The man looked around, taking another drink from his flask. Kenichi heard rustling from the bushes to the side and a hooded figure emerged.

"Well, I was hoping to jump you before you left the woods, but here we are." The man shrugged, pulling a blade from the holster on his back. It was a large sword decorated with teeth and bones. Kenichi followed suit, making his presence known and seperating Yanai from the assassin.

The assassin smirked. "Well, well. I should have known you had a rat trailing you." He paused, frowning slightly and pointing his blade at Kenichi. "Good job concealing your smell," he said with a whiff to the air. "Say, I'll split the bounty if you help me take 'em out."

Kenichi was no fool. He'd kill him as soon as the job was done, not that he would have even considered it.The young Hyuuga lowered his stance. "I'll have to pass on that." He eyed the man cautiously, inching closer with a kunai held sturdily in his hand.

The assassin shrugged, disappointed. "Can't say I didn't try." He charged forward, the heavy blade splitting the ground behind him as it dragged. Kenichi followed up, throwing a barrage of kunai at his enemy. The assassin lifted his blade above him, and the sound of several kunai hitting the metal sounded in the fields around them.

While his blade was above him, blocking sight of Kenichi, the Hyuuga. The assassin was brought to his knee and Kenichi charged forward. As he neared the man slung his giant sword, breaking the earth of the ground and blinding Kenichi briefly. The weight of the sword didn't allow for the assassin to follow up, and Kenichi jumped backward to regain his vision.

The man was already charging toward Kenichi again, and his speed was surprising giving the sheer size of the blade he wielded. The assassin swung several times with heavy blows. Despite them being slow, their impact shredded the ground making Kenichi's steps awkward. The gorilla tactics that the man used were difficult to dodge and the hits were heavy. The blade scraped along the side of Kenichi's thigh, barely hitting the muscles. Luckily his blade stuck to the ground, giving the Hyuuga boy a chance to counterattack. Kenichi formed the needed seals, creating pillars to surround the assassin. He made them close enough so that he couldn't move well within the prison.

"Damn you!" the man shouted, wriggling within the rock pillars the limited the movement from within. It seemed he was primarily a Kenjutsu user.

"Now that that's settled, I have a few questions for you," Kenichi said, taking a kunai from his pouch and pressing it against the neck of the man.

The assassin scoffed. "You want to know who paid for Yanai's head?" Kenichi scowled, pressing the blade closer. "Why should I tell you? I tell you and I don't get another job that pays like this."

Kenichi clenched his jaw, "Won't get another job at all if I kill you here." The assassin hesitated, eyeing Kenichi for signs of bluffing. The blade only cut deeper, beginning to draw blood at the neck.

"They both paid me."

"What?!" A voice from behind called out, Yanai stepped forward, "You're a filthy liar!"

"And why would I like? Look, scum, they want you dead. No supplier, no war. No war, they're children get to keep living." Yanai gritted his teeth then looked away.

"All they want is to end their contracts then?" He said confused, "Why the hell didn't they just ask in the first place?"

The assassin shrugged, "Hell if I know, but they probably blame you for all the blood they've spilled. A job's a job though. I don't ask why."

Kenichi lowered his kunai from the man's throat and turned his attention to Yanai. "You have your answer, now what?"

The burly man stood silent for a brief moment, "I guess I'll move on. There's no living if I go back. They surround my forge from both sides." It obviously wasn't the answer he was looking for, but with two families with a price on his head, Kenichi knew he wasn't wrong either. Yanai's eyes turned to Kenichi. "And what about him?"

Kenichi turned towards the man within the prison. "Do with him what you want, but by the time he gets out of here, you'll be long gone."

"You're just going to leave me in here?" the assassin complained.

"My job is done."

(Ninpo: Kakuu no mai ) - Ninja Art: Aerial Dance
Type: Offensive
Range: short - mid
Chakra cost: 10
Damage points: 20
Description: The user will release several barrages of kunai at their opponent.

Fuuton: Eabora [Wind Style: Air Bola]
Rank: D-Rank
Range: Medium
Chakra: 10
Damage: 20
Utilizing the Fuuton element the user performs a grasping motion with their hand, typically aimed at the legs of an opponent. Creating a gust of wind and then pulling it back, the wind acts as a suction that can be used to sweep the legs of an enemy ninja. While this does not cause any damage to the opponent, it can be used to knock them off balance.

(Doton: Ganchūrō no Jutsu) - Earth Release: Rock Pillar Prison Technique
Rank: C
Range: Short/Mid
Chakra Cost: 15
Damage Points: N/A
Description: After performing the required hand seals Rat → Horse → Dog → Snake and they then create a large amount of rock pillars to rise from under ground. They can then be controlled to surround their opponent and create a bamboo-like prison of rock.
End Mission, LLM.


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Mar 12, 2014
Coming from here: [x]

Ozymandias makes his way through the area, admiring the lushness of the environment. Though it couldn't compare to the splendour of his home country, it certainly was a sight to behold.