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Mar 11, 2014
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Basic Information

Name:-- ---Wynn Drislock
Age:-------More than 0


Wynn is an ashen girl with blonde hair and golden-brown eyes. Her normal attire consists of a white, short-sleeved shirt with a black tank-top underneath, a brown choker, pallid shorts and combat boots. Her face is usually wearing down with a gloomy expression even when she's feeling content.


Wynn is a delusional twit and has a stupidly easy-going personality, making casual comments or even jokes during tense/threatening moments. However, she also shows an insightful nature while expressing her unease over unpreferred results, when she made a mistake that was devastating - Doesn't mean she feels regretful about her actions, ever.
She has a strong sense of "justice" for Ninjas and seems to be especially cautious towards cyborgs, samurais and anyone she deems unworthy.
The deaths of her closest friends and colleagues weigh heavily on her mind, causing her to question what she should be fighting for after most of them were killed during a certain incident. Instead of making her more cautious and careful while doing things, though, it simply made her want to disregard the general rules a Ninja should follow; believing free-form and unconventional tactics to be the only way a Ninja can survive.
She's usually in a cheery mood despite her current state of life. One of her favorite things to do is entertain lesser-capable Ninjas by showing off her ninjutsu. Compliments and awed reactions make her forget about everything else.

Village Info

Land of Birth:-Konohagakure/in the Uchiha clan but only for a short time before moving to some unknown Separatist Ninja Region
WSE Clan:------N/A

Rank/Elements & Other

Ninja Rank:--Genin
Chakra:----- 750 [600 Default + 150 Lifeline]

Elements:--- Fire Release | Wind Release | Earth Release
-------------- - B-Rank--------B-Rank----------B-Rank
Skills:------Ninjutsu and Genjutsu [Both B-Rank]
Specialties:-Single-Handed Specialist [Fire Element]
----------------Lifeline [25% Chakra]
-------------Genjutsu Casting Specialist
-------------Advanced Genjutsu Defense Specialist

Background Information
Wynn's History

Wynn is originally from the extinct Uchiha clan of the Leaf. Due to prevalent prejudice against her clan and the alienation they faced within, her parents fled the village as not only they disliked their fellow villagers but also their clansmen for being such abrasive group of people and too obsessed with pride and heritage. Wynn's guardians didn't want her to have a tough and violent life, causing them to leave their homes and search for a comfier lifestyle somewhere else. Her mother died mid-journey and her father always blamed himself - If he simply stayed in the village or was able to take care of his wife better, none of this would be happening. He eventually managed to reach a settlement inhabited by other Ninjas, but after reaching there he simply left Wynn in front of somebody's doorstep and killed himself because of the guilt of being partially responsible for his wife and Wynn's mother's death. Not the typical Uchiha.
Wynn was taken in and raised by her step father in a separatist region of Ninjas in the mountains, near where Samurais lived. He didn't know of her identity; the fact she was from the infamously cursed clan. He simply gave her his own last name - Drislock. Obviously as a result she doesn't know that there is something special about her, until one day.
There weren't too many people and everyone knew each other, she made many friends in her childhood hometown. Her step father admired her strength and courage. So much so that he decided her to be in charge of the Samurai extermination operation that happened once she and her friends grew older and powerful enough. They eventually succeeded but most of them ended up dying, including all her friends and people she grew up knowing. She wondered if there was any point to any of this. The Samurais weren't a particularly harmful group of people, but for some reason her village had always dehumanized them. While she had no hatred towards them all her life, she did now; as they had just been the reason of Wynn seeing her loved ones die. Wynn's village had indeed made the first move of aggression, but emotions often overcome rationality after such an incident and this case was no different. She had just triggered some strange sort of reaction in her brain, causing her eyes to turn red with one tomoe on it and activate her clan's signature ability: The Sharingan
Her step father was still alive after the incident. Even though he was in the main charging squad, his skills allowed him to survive and have the highest kill count afterwards. Wynn approached her father days after the successful but costly extermination; he waved and extended his arms expecting her to go for a hug and demand affection as many people she knew and loved had just died. But the only way Wynn was getting comforted now was by killing him in a gruesome way, and that she did. She even showed carrying her father's head as a trophy in front of the surviving villagers and consequently leaving what she called home for her entire life, afterwards.
She had no idea what to do now and was in a confusing place in life for obvious reasons. She traveled quite far seeking for strength and peace of mind, killing anything that wasn't a Ninja on impulse and out of hatred. She is making her way towards the Outer Lands and surrounding Landmarks, awaiting new adventure and chapter in life.

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