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Jun 22, 2012
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Lena | Sorrows





Lena is taller than the average sized woman, being quite intimidating but not too tall to be described as freakish. Her looks have evolved overtime, after taking on new hearts her complexion has changed and her once pale and rugged look has now grown and she looks a lot healthier. Lena is still stitched with scars over her body due to being a user of Earth Grudge Fear. Her White hair has gained some colour and has a flourish of yellows and browns as it continues to gain colour and has also grown out a lot more, her eyes are Green and her schlera, dark. Lena still wears little, though she wears a variety of bikini tops and sports bras depending on her mood - she has been seen to wear a long cloak, coat or robe if she needs to carry more. She usually wears bikini bottoms under whatever attire she has below which can range from gym shorts to baggy pants and accessories with a waist flannel. Lena wears military boots and sometimes heels, her legs can sometimes be strapped with weapons or tools she needs - she also has various tattoos on her body, most notable and permanent one is the Barnacle Tattoo on her left shoulder. Lena has multiple piercings and jewellery, donning finger bands and earrings, tongue studs. Due to her infusion with Inner Daemons they allow her unique cosmetic features, and also helped with her looks evolution and darkened skin, looking more tanned. Lena still has the odd sharpened tooth though dropped her elongated ears as she has become more accepting over herself and that she needs to retain her humanity.
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Due to her Earth Grudge Fear ability, Lena can take many forms and can be a lot less human than how she usually looks, she can make herself look massive from the amount of threads hidden inside her. Her Masks which are located on her back can separate from her main body and also take different forms (Explain in the "Other" Section).

Lena's personality has also evolved due to her change in hearts and so has changed her into the woman she is now, though of course has retained her original heart and is still pretty laid back, apathetic and calm during most of her interactions; though her sass and sarcasm factor has grown and weaved into her words. She has learned to socialise more and lessen her isolated feelings, but is still quite quiet when left to it. She still has the feature of spiking in different personality traits in response to having the hearts of multiple other personas which chemically change how she responds to things sometimes. She has grown more in control of it, but they sometimes break through kind of simulating a form of tic or tourette's syndrome.

Lena has since dropped her Lightning and Typhoon hearts and as such her paranoia and wrath have subsided. Her new Wood Release heart was taken from a true heroic figure, this was a heart that had changed her personality the most, creating a confidence in her she didn't have before and can manage a smile more now than before, she also learns to have fun but this goes in tandem with her Dark heart: taken from a guy who knows how to enjoy himself but it also has a sadistic side; two sides of a coin like how dark has two forms - absorption and release. Lena has tapped into a dark side of herself that came out due to the Battle of Shinramoto and her Dark Chakra taking over body and turned her into a new form known as "Sorrows"; taking that sadistic side of the heart and putting it in front of the other traits, making her uncaring of collateral damage as she enjoys inflicting the pain on people. It's not a separate personality per say, but just what happens when one of her traits takes priority over the other, which can change her immensely - but really it's just who she is. She refuses to accept that moments like them can end up defining her.

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Clan of Alliance

Rank///Chakra Info

Ninja Rank

Personal Summoning Specialist
Increased Elemental Specialist
Apex Summoning Specialist
Earth Grudge Fear Specialist
Reaper of the Cards Specialist

♌ Scroll of the LonelyAssassin ♌

水 Suiton | 土 Doton | 火 Katon | 風 Fūton | 雷 Raiton
冥 Meiton | 木 Mokuton | 炭 Mueton | 天 Amatsu Fūton | 墨 Ink | 冥 Jiongu

体 Taijutsu | 剣 Kenjutsu | 忍 Ninjutsu | 幻 Genjutsu
体 K.Taijutsu | 封印 Fūinjutsu | 医療 Iryō Nin | 重み Weights

Kādo no Shinigami | Chishi Shindou | Rensa Dēmon no Ikari
Sai no Michi | Tsubaki no Ken-Sennin

貝 Barnacle Contract | 猫 Cat Contract

Sharingan | Genjutsu

Background Information

記憶 Remembrance - Year 804 //

出国 Exodus - Year 804 //

歴代史 Chronicles - 804 to 811 //
遠路 Journey - 811+ //....

  • Lena spending most of her awakened life in the Village of Mori at Shinramoto had made her a useful asset to the people here. Especially the family that looked after her. Zeri was getting sick of the state of the fishing ship he currently had as much as he loved it, but he knew of the ones that sat collecting dust in Chungsu and ask for Lena to escort him there so that they may take and re-purpose it for their own usage. Before setting out they made a game plan and walked to the now Dangerous site of what remains of Chungsu - the ruins crawling with looters and crumbling buildings.

    It's a rainy day and Zeri has wrapped up as to not get cold. Lena didn't care for the cold and went looking like she was ready for a beach trip. Their first obstacle was a blocked path, they detoured through a building which proved to be the wrong decision, triggering a trip wire, Zeri was pushed out of the way by Lena's threads and pushed all the way out of the falling structure. He made it to safety but Lena had a building on top of her. She was fine, she protected herself with threads and pushed the large chunks of building off of her and climbs out of the rubble. They continue towards the Harbour. However, their leisurely journey gets interrupted and things become more heated - setting off the trip wire caused the bandits that had control of Chungsu to move in on their position. Lena and Zeri ran as they closed in, she fought them off without stopping their progress - using the buildings and her abilities to get around and through them. Lena managed to hold them off till they got to the harbour where she let Zeri board the ship and get it ready, she took out the rest of them toe to toe without needing to worry about them hurting Zeri. Once she took them out she boarded the ship and they left.

    On their way back to Shinramoto by sea another ship caught up to them and boarded their ship, Lena was knocked out by an arrow that was drugged with something. She woke up pretty quickly however, her strange body adjusting quickly as she woke up to Zeri being tortured. Lena killed the bandits and took out the rest on the deck. The other ship was destroyed by Songbird who dive-bombed the wooden structure, causing it to explode with the water. Songbird, Lena's companion and ever-seeing eye. Lena threw the bandits over board and they went home.

  • After the successful acquisition of the Ship from Chungsu, Zeri has decided to take on more strenuous tasks that would yield more profit for their Village. Asking the help of Lena to capture an important Target in the Hanguri Gulf; A Legendary Rainbow Pikefoot has said to have been spotted, taking cover in the waters surrounded by land - there is plenty of life for this fish to live off around here. Each individual Scale is worth a pretty penny and it's meat is a delicacy amongst the rich.

    Zeri, his Crew and Lena set off into the Gulf to fish for the day whilst also looking out for the Pikefoot. The new ship they had acquired, now named The Gauntlet works perfectly and compliments the skilled fishermen well. They manage to catch their yield for the day pretty quickly, giving them time to search for the fish. It wasn't soon before Zeri noticed the strange colours the waters were reflecting and before they new it Lena spotted the Pikefoot and their duel commenced. It was fast, the Gauntlet was fast when supplied with the push of the wind. As much as the fishermen tried to tame the beast and wrap their nets around it, hit it with their harpoons they struggled. The Pikefoot leapt into the air and erupted a flash from it's scales that blinded and knocked out the crew - however Zeri and Lena saw it coming, covering their eyes. Lena dived off the ship and grappled onto the large Pikefoot, trying to subdue it in a much intimate scenario - but it thrashed and whipped and Lena spent more time trying to hold on. Luckily, Hawkeye the talented archer in the Crow's nest had also not seen the flash and shot the Pikefoot directly in the eyeball, causing it to screech in pain. Lena ran up it's spine and flipped off it's head, throwing a barrage cards into it's mouth which blow up it's insides, but doesn't damage the the scales. With the Pikefoot defeated, they manage to drag it onto the ship.

    Upon getting back to the Village of Mori, the Crew take the Pikefoot into the village to be met by applause. They celebrate all night long at the Town Hall and the Tavern's. Lena has a talk with Hawkeye, bonding with her over how well she did with her archery - but still maintaining her distance since she was pretty bad at feeling her emotions. Zeri gives one of the Scales to his daughter before selling it the next day. Lena runs into a group of horsemen that threaten the village with the name of a Tyrant; Takauji Ashikaga. They give her a scroll to pass on, but she allows Zeri and the rest of the fishermen let them share a piece of their mind. They two parties clash and the horsemen leave.

  • After receiving the threat of Takauji, Zeri and Lena knew they'd have to plan for this. Lena would scout the south of the peninsula and find out information and help from people if she could; Zeri would go to each village in Shinramoto and ask for their aid in uniting against this threat. So he sets off and then so does Lena on Songbird. She first goes to Uraraha and meets some hired muscle protecting the farmers there, she kept them in mind as potential allies as they seemed to have turned down Takauji's request as well. She continues to Toksong and follows the horsemen that arrived in Shinramoto not too long ago. She keeps hidden and witnesses the assassination of an important and influential man at the port; they use the transformation technique to deceive the people and go and assassinate the man's prodigies. Lena manages to escape the town without being noticed and moves on to Degarashi Port in Degarashan. She finds out that the town had been turned into a Military base, well half of it at least, cordoning it off from the rest of the citizens and ejecting anyone that used to live there from their homes so that they could do whatever they needed to without other's knowing. Lena summons Jinx her Zombie companion and friend to help her scout the base and for backup. They make it to what seems to be a meeting room for high ranking officer's in Takauji's Shogunate, it was empty and they saw plans and delivery reports for weapons such as guns. Lena knew this wouldn't be a fight they could win if they had this technology being shipped in.

  • Lena gathering the information she needs on her enemies, now has a new plan - a new plan essential to fighting this threat. Lena planned to steal some of the Cargo that was intended for use by Ashikaga's Militia, might as well give em a taste of their own medicine. Arming Shinramoto has become her priority now, she wasn't going to be able to protect them all if she was the only one that could fight. Causing a distraction with explosive cards Lena manages to clear a few enemies from the courtyard below her which the meeting room overlooked, a Captain had come into the building and Jinx offered to hold him off. Lena smashed through the window and dove onto the courtyard, she took on the enemies below. Jinx meanwhile struggled to hold off Captain Irukashev, but she powered through before being impaled, she could've disappeared back to her homeland but she knew she had to keep distracting him - she used her high durability to continue to fight him off but the Captain stabbed her again but this time using his lightning vaporised her from the inside out. Jinx's corpse crumpled to the ground dead. Lena had fought off her multiple foes and got Songbird to grab onto a few pallets of cargo before flying off with Lena standing on the cargo, she notices as they fly up Jinx being impaled by the Captain. This would strike at her emotionally, but nothing came of it yet. Lena fought off the Falcon summons that were sent after them with skill, she flew back to Shinramoto to report her findings and check her haul.

  • Whilst out scouting the peninsula, some hired raiders took control of Mori with their ruckus and weaponry. A man named Illuvatar had saved the situation and Alicia, Lena was very thankful for this when she arrived but absolutely livid with the bandits. She tortured and murdered a few, keeping the leader to watch and sob. He eventually spilled that it was Takauji that hired them to keep Shinramoto subdued so that they could swoop in and pretend to save the day. Gaining the villager's trust. Though Lena saw passed it, she also wanted no loose ends to bite them in the ass so set it up to murder all of the raiders with an explosion, however Illuvatar stepped in with his good morals and stopped her. He talked to her about being the good guy, but she could not be convinced that they were not going to be a threat. She let it go and never saw him again, he took the bandits away and she went to find Alicia. Upon doing so she gave her a big hug and helped Juliana, Alicia's mother to clean up and make dinner. Zeri eventually got home from his quest and Lena talked to him about what she managed to get, he also told her about the allies he managed to round up.

  • In this part of Lena's narrative, after completing her heist in Degarashi and Zeri had done talking to the rest of the villages they would now go on to prepare Shinramoto in case of an attack from Ashikaga's men. Lena takes out volunteers from the village to the flatland's of the landmark away from the village to set up potential defences. She shows them what she wants, including Trenches, Towers and Traps. Zeri welcomes villagers from the other Villages in Shinramoto and then gets them to work as well - they also start doing mass classes on how to use the Rifles Lena had stolen and also a bit of close quarters combat experience. Hawkeye speaks to Lena eventually about wanting to help and wanting to be taught, personally by Lena, she struggles to look genuine but Lena was glad to teach the skilled young lady. She allowed Hawkeye to ride Songbird, coming up with the idea that they two would keep the skies clear and rain down hell from above, believing in her accuracy with her bow Lena knew Hawkeye would be able to hit her targets perfectly even on such a fast moving Bird.

  • With the impending threat of Ashikaga's forces looming over the Fishing Villages of Shinramoto, Zeri and Lena have come up with an idea to gain more allies. However, these potential allies almost got them killed when the two travelled through Chungsu. Lena would go alone and try to convince the bandits there to join their side as they have a common enemy. Lena makes it to Chungsu and has to fight a couple of them, but lets herself be captured so she can talk to the leader. Once she makes it face-to-face with the leader of the bandit she explains why they need to team up and he already has a hatred of Takauji and agrees to help. However it's not what she expected, he hands over one man who would report what information he could about the situation. The bandit now with Lena is named Topaz and he'd be with her for the foreseeable future.

    As she left Chungsu with her new acquaintance, she runs into two more traveller's. Becoming aware, Topaz almost attacks them before being punched by Lena. She is addressed and she addresses them, the man Smith and the lady Lorelei talk to her. Well, Smith mostly did the talking. She discussed an alliance with the man after a few moments, talking about Takauji they both had something in common and it was his downfall. Maybe this little trip wasn't going to be so bad after-all. She knew she'd have to gain his trust and him her's, firstly she would take them to the Village of Mori - but would keep an eye on them.

    When they eventually get there, Lena is confronted by Hawkeye who wants to spend some more time with her. Lena has to turn her down and focus on these new potential allies she has brought in, of course this upsets her but she needed to take priority. Smith eventually opens up to Lena about being a Clone, and about his background. Lena starts to have some trust in him, she takes him to the fields where they'd meet the enemy and the traps she had set up. Lorelei is left with Alicia, Juliana and Topaz.

  • Lena Returns to Uraraha after meeting Hired Muscle that were protecting the farmers of the land before to try and convince them to join her side in the fight against Takauji. Unknown to her however is that these hired muscle actually worked for Takauji since the beginning and convincing them didn't go as planned. They trick her into thinking they are on her side by agreeing to help her if there was money in it, she would begin to take them to Shinramoto before being sliced at by the larger man of the two. The Large man with the scythe takes her arm off and then she is attacked by the slim one with knives, she is pushed back and uses a summoned D.E.V.A. to keep the large one busy. Lena is wounded a lot before she overcomes to slim one, her D.E.V.A. is also defeated which forces her to be pitted against the scythe wielding large man. Who impales her with the scythe and lifts her into the air, Lena electrocutes them both and paralyses them for a few moments - using her willpower she overcomes the paralysis before the Large man and takes him out. With both now incapacitated Lena finds her arm and stitches it back to her body before getting on one of the Mercenaries' horses and rides back to Shinramoto, she passes out on it's back before reaching the Headquarters created on the potential battlefield.

    Smith who had conversed with Zeri meanwhile showed the Marauder's Map to him, which showed all who moved in the landmark they were in. It was perfect for scouting the landmark, Zeri notices Lena coming back onto the map and goes to meet her - he sees something is up and runs to her. Smith comes over and helps heal Lena before she wakes up and they show her the map. Lena tells them that the Hired Muscle worked for Takauji and his armies have been making a move. Which proved to be true when they started to move onto the map. This was it... The Battle would soon begin and their time was shorter than they thought.

  • . . . After the Battle was over, Lena found herself physically exhausted and taxed, but also emotionally torn apart after finding out that Hawkeye had fallen due to the cause. She tried her best to heal the young girl, but she was already dead when Lena came across her - trying everything she could including her Dark Threads to pierce her body and forcefully massage the heart was all in vain. Leaving the corpse a bloody mess, triggering Lena further. Lena had to excuse herself from Smith and his friend Vegeta's presence to deal with her pain, especially one that had erupted in her eyes. Going to the Beach of Mori she splashed water in her face before noticing eyes had gone red and donned a single tomoe, forcing her to stagger away confused - though she took a second look at it was gone.

    This was the beginning of Lena's recollection. Who she was before the Dark Threads Monster...
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武器 Bukijutsu // Lena can use weapons and tools very well, she keeps a plethora of them on her so she can easily get to them and use them. She's equipped with Decks of Cards supplied by her Weapon 'Jungle'. Because of the unique structure of her body, she keeps extra decks and other tools within her body amongst the threads and when they split from the masks they can also take decks along with them. Part of her fighting style is based around tools and a knack for stealth. She has access to Berzerkergang a pouch filled with a mixture of mushrooms and herbs. She also carries around many Gadget Barnacle in her pouch ( )

(Fujitsuboātsu : Gajettofujitsubo) - Barnacle Arts : Gadget Barnacle
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Rank: C
Range: Short - Long
Chakra Cost: N/A (+15 for summoning)
Damage Points: (+30 Spider-cle)(+30 Corrupt-cle)
The user will perform one handseal and summon what seems to be a generic Acorn Barnacle about they size of a coin in their hand, this isn't a summon and just a barnacle art that the user can use. The user can throw this Acorn Barnacle onto a target and it will permanently bind to it as long as it is solid (Person, Summon, Rock etc), the Gadget Barnacle has a number of effects and can only use one.

This Barnacle is used to bring up sources that may be needed depending on the user and their abilities. For example if the user is a water user then the source-cle will be thrown and it will release a puddle of water that will splash on the ground (can also be used as a C-rank water defence). Also creates an Ink Source if needed, (Puddle of Ink) or a source for Dark Release; The shell is gripped in the palm of the user's hand and the chakra is absorbed straight into the user capable of utilising one Dark Technique with it. Creates a Flame from the opening of the shell if that is a required source (Makeshift Lighter), can be used as a Mist Bomb which creates a small veil big enough to hide a couple of persons.

Six tendrils will act as legs from the Shell and be able to move around, capable of carrying an item like a Shuriken or Kunai, Scroll or a Message (For RP use in the Ninja World) in a couple of their tendrils whilst the other four are used to move around. The Spider however is also a Bomb, is basically an explosive device that can be exploded at any time, before sticking to a target or after it. It creates a C-Rank explosion with a radius of 2 meters, the explosion isn't enough to kill and only blow the opponent away and cause minor burns. It can either be a Flame Explosion, Wind, or Lightning. The spider-cle moves at the same as their user's base speed.

The Acorn Barnacle actually becomes a powerful transformation, taking the shape of a weapon of the user's choosing. They can withstand up to C-Rank Elements before breaking, the barnacle can transform into a pair of weapons splitting the rank into D-Rank each.

The Acorn Barnacle will be thrown at the ground where it will attach to it permanently with it's natural ability too, through this natural ability they have gained a knowledge and sort of affinity to earth of sorts. So the Earth is taken control by the barnacle and they will manipulate it into a 2 foot earth golem, it is capable of communication with the user and attacking with it's mouth and fists - like the Bomb-cle this acts like a C-Rank earth technique.

- These don't have to be summoned, they can already be on the user if stated in the bio.
- Body of the Thoracica and Legs of the Thoracica can be used through a Gadget Barnacle
- Barnacle Community Summons like "Oregon", "Barbaracle" can use Gadget Barnacles from their body.
- To use Varieties like Ink and Dark of the Source-cle then you have to be a user in that form of Ninjutsu
- Using One Gadget Barnacle costs a turn
- Must have signed the Barnacle Contract
- Can only use two different types of Gadget per turn
- Cannot use the same type more than once a turn
Δ Jungle // A weapon gifted to her consisting of sharp edged cards and red string gifting her a new sight based ability. She usually wears the wire around her waist or laced through her red Bikini top. Love From Tasuke x. { }
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: Short/Long
Chakra Cost: (+40 For Each Reverse Summon)
Damage Points: N/A
Jungle comes in two parts to fit the style that it was created for. The first is the Staff, and it simply looks like a Black Metal Pole - however this isn't just a normal staff, when the user holds it they are capable of having it 'activate' which forms a blade made of green looking Chakra on any end of the pole to become what looks like a Scythe. The blade acts like an ordinary blade would do and doesn't have an special boosts except that they can have the blade activate and deactivate at will. The scythe fits the Fighting Style more and in this form is a lot lighter to carry as it is can be coupled with a sword in the other hand - a Katana can also be slotted and locked into one end of the Pole to form a Naginata. Scythe Acts like a Freeform Blade, has no Rank and can be combined with Blade enhancing techniques to make it stronger.

The other part of the Weapon is the actual Cards, in a Holster Deck made up of 52 of them that is kept on the user's person. They're Chakra Enhanced Metal Cards, completely black with sharp edges - used as a substitute for Kunai and Shuriken in Jutsu and for Freeform. Each card has inscriptions on them, drawn using the user's blood that has dried onto the surfaces, their ability is simple and uses the link the user has with each of their cards to be able to use them passively. By using some Chakra and one of your three turns the User will slam their hand down on to the surface of their card, poofing into a cloud of smoke and will basically reverse summon themselves to another one of Jungle's Cards - they will always appear in the same way they went in and always on the flat surface of the card being under their feet even whilst the Card is in Transit.

However. The Ability of Jungle will only be allowed if the Staff is on the user's person as that carries more inscriptions that will glow green when each Reverse Summon is activated, if the user and the Staff are not touching then they can not perform their Ability.

- Decks of Cards can be concealed by clothing, so until they are used or revealed by removing said piece of clothing (Sash, Jacket, Over-shirt) the Weapon does not have to be posted for reference/activation until then.
- The Staff is usually strapped to the User's back, on the Strap running across the user's torso would be the Decks of Cards
- Smoke, Flash, Explosive Cards replace the use of ordinary Tags and Bombs in Freeform and Jutsu. (These Cards are Colour-Coded, Blue, White, Red Respectively)
- Cards can replace Kunai and Shuriken in Freeform and Jutsu
- Can only be used by LonelyAssassin
- Reverse Summon Ability cannot be used twice in the same turn
- Ability has a Two Turn Cooldown, with no S-Ranks in the same turn
- Must be Wielding The Staff To be able to Reverse Summon
- Used in conjunction with Reaper of the Cards
- User can have Multiple Decks of Cards
- Must have Mastered Ninjutsu to be able to Wield
- Reaper of the Cards MUST be the Bio's Specialist Fighting Style.
- Reverse summon can only be used 4 times
火 Increased Elemental Specialist | Katon // Finding out she was an Uchiha, Lena now understood why she was naturally proficient in using the Fire Element. It allows her to perform quicker and less handseals for this element.

風 Futon // Lena's most developed element of the basic five was the Wind element and she managed to master it after practising for so long even though her natural proficiency was found elsewhere. Wind is her favourite Element.

冥 Meiton // Lena gained this Advanced Element that has her palms permanently marked with that of Dark Marks in the shape of two Diamonds - one overlapping the other. Lena's Dark Release is strong, and has developed many uses of it. It's the perfect ability to subdue an opponent for Reaping.

木 Mokuton // After stealing the heart of a Wood User, she not only gains the ability to perform Wood Release jutsu but also adopted the traits of it's DNA allowing her access to an increased healing factor (Level 1).

(Saisei Noryoku) - Regeneration Ability
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: Short
Chakra: Varies (lvl 1: +20 chakra per turn / lvl 2: +60 chakra per turn / lvl 3: +120 chakra per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: Those with the cells of Hashirama are able to use the immense regeneration ability to heal injuries afflicted on them in mere moments. Anyone who has these cells in their bodies are able to naturally use this. This allows the user to heal minor injuries such as cuts,gashes, broken fingers or wrist/ankle and other small bruises.

Level 1: Done passively, this allows the user to heal small to moderate injuries. These include things like small cuts to broken digits and bruises as well as bleeding. These involve injuries that result from taijutsu attacks to minor wounds such as stabs in limbs, some broken bones as well as internal bleeding, slight organ tears. This is for none life threatening wounds and heals up to 30 damage

Level 2: Taking the place of a jutsu per turn, the user is able to make use of the healing abilities of Hashirama's cells and apply them at a greater level, employing the cells to heal large injuries, such as shattered bones, ruptured organs, even regeneration of missing limbs. This requires a large amount of chakra, and can only be done up to 3 times a battle. This can only be used once every 2 turns of Wood SM and heals up to 60 ( or A rank ) damage.

Level 3: Deemed the ultimate regeneration at the cost of a jutsu per turn, the user is able to regenerate even the most deadly of injuries, such as a completely blown away chest or fully regrowing his body after bifurcation. After using, the user can only use one other jutsu the same turn. This can only be used a total of 3 times and once every 4 turns. As long as their head is attached/they have consciousness, this jutsu can be used. After using, the user can only use two other jutsu that turn and the next.

Note: Level 1 can only be used by bios with Hashirama DNA and access to Wood Release. Level 2 requires Wood SM to be active and Level 3 can only be utilized by the Juubi Jinchuriki.
墨 Ink Ninjutsu // Lena was taught how to use Ink Ninjutsu, capable of using this form of fighting she has many uses for it - the supplement her summoning jutsu and her sealing arts, but also her bukijutsu. Lena can sometimes have ink markings on her body and pre-drawn scrolls;

(Inkupo: Kara no Waremono) Ink Art: Fragile and Empty (Note : Chosen Earth for one Clone & Wind for the other.)
Type: Suplementary
Rank: S - Rank
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: This technique combines the aspects of Ink Clone and expanding upon the potential of it, through which the user will have either a drawing down beforehand on a scroll, by drawing it on the spot under a few seconds or through a temporary water resistant tattoo located on the body in order to create a “clone” of the user, but what makes this far more unique than its predecessor technique is the special ink used to form the technique, and through the infusion of elemental chakra. The ink that was used is a special chakra absorbing ink, that through which the ink takes on the elemental nature of the that was being channeled while creating the works of art. Once the creation comes to life, it can take the form of anything the user desires, ranging from looking like the artist to taking the form of an animal. The creation has the elemental affinity of the infused elemental nature capable of using it up to A rank elementals, while also retaining the ability of using Ink Ninjutsu up to A rank. Much like Ninja Art Beast Imitation, if the user uses an animal - it is capable of acting much like it’s real life counterpart. This can only be used twice per battle, with each creation lasting only for two turns before the ink falls and become unusable. After use the user is unable to use Ink Ninjutsu above A Rank in the same and next turn, while all jutsu coming from the creations counts towards the collective three jutsu usage per turn. Scrolls or tattoos must be mentioned in biography or before battle with each affinity mentioned. The creations however cannot be no more than twice the user’s size.
(Inkupo/Kuchiyose: Chikai no Sain ) Ink Arts/Summoning: Oath Sign
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: A rather unique technique in terms of composition, being rather tame in its effects due to not being an offensive nor defensive technique. Through the manipulation of specialized chakra absorbing ink, this brew of ink is merged with chakra of the user and actual blood - causing it to take a murky crimson coloring. The ink however has special properties, allowing for those who frequently uses summoning a new unique way in order to summon. By kneading chakra into the ink, drawing on a surface( be it on the ground, on a scroll or airborne) the user creates the kanji for the animal they are summoning i.e dog would be written as “犬” which then allows them to summon the animal. This makes the load easier for the user, due to the ink carrying their chakra and blood within the ink,acting as a medium for the appropriate summoning. The ink provides half of the needed chakra, thus the user only needs to pay half the total amount it would normally need to summon the animal.While primarily used for contract summonings, the user may also use this method for techniques such as Summoning Technique: Rashōmon by drawing a kanji associated with the technique i.e gates. This technique must be mentioned in the user’s bio or before battle in order to utilize and is passive in nature, not taking up a move nor time in the the timeframe though must be referenced while performing said techniques. The user may also say incantations, speaking in unique languages or phrases purely for cosmetic purposes
(Inkupo: Chizu Sakusei) Ink Art: Cartography
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B- A Rank
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A
Description: This technique through the inspiration of Earth Style: Wheel Of Fortune, takes a similar twist in its formation in which the user will have pre drawn maps on scrolls in which they can through the use of their chakra bring these maps to life. What it does for the ink artist is allow for them to create 3D models of terrains they have been in before or created through imagination - allowing for them to create mazes, temples and all sorts of terrains through the pre drawn maps. To even further the beliefs of these creations, the user can use differing colors of ink in order to add more life to the creations. The larger the terrain, the bigger the scroll needed for the user to carry in order to draw. The created terrains are capable of being used as a source of the user’s ink creations if needed, thus removing the need for drawing them. This technique must be mentioned in the user’s biography or before battle, while each rank corresponds to how big the scale of the terrain can be. B Ranked scales up to short range, A ranks can scale up to mid range, with B ranks three times per battle and A rank twice per battle. Much like Ninja Art: Super Beast Imitation these creations are capable of existing outside the need of the user’s chakra, keeping an inanimate and realistic look. Lasts 3 turns.
(Inkupo: Arusu Shasuuru) Ink Arts: Ars Chasseur
Type: N/A
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A ( +10 Infusion)
Damage: N/A
Description: A rather unique technique that naturally has no inherent offensive nor defensive power - but rather is a tool utilized by those who are capable of utilizing Ink Ninjutsu. This selective brand of ink is different from the others used, as it's intention is to capture the true essence of an animals predatory sense - in which the ink has the ability to form invisible works of art. This isn't to be confused with true invisibility but rather a contribution of the ink's ability to retract light away from it due to the translucent coloration and a minor infusion of chakra. Once the ink is used, the creation is formed, preventing the enemy from being able to see said work of art and thus is ideal for stealth attacks though it should be known that when within short range of the opponent, the creations cameo is easier to see due to distortions in the air or even from moving along the ground causing prints to appear etc.

The user is able to also apply this to his/her ink techniques within scrolls by simply having it pre-drawn or even conceal ink created tattoos on their body in which the user simply has to pay an extra infusion of chakra to "activate" the effect. Must be posted in user's bio or at the start of battle, though this only pertains in carrying the ink where as the infusion requires a move. The cameo affect only lasts for three turns before naturally a wearing off.
封印 Fūinjutsu // Lena has gained access to the art of sealing, she is currently under training for the art and can use simple techniques for now. She has Scrolls and sealing tags on her person so that she is capable of performing the techniques she knows. All of her Decks of Cards on her due to her Weapon Jungle have Ink Markings on them due to King's Last Wish.

(Fuuin/Inkupo : Ō no saigo no negai) - Sealing/Ink Arts : King's Last Wish
Type : Supplementary/Offensive
Rank : A
Range : Short - Long
Chakra Cost : (+30 to Release the Seal)
Damage Points : N/A
Description :
The user carries an ordinary deck of cards, or any unique kind of playing cards variants they have. These cards have prints sealed on them, similar to that of those on ordinary playing cards which allows the user to manipulate the ink prints on any of the cards that they have, selecting from the surface of the cards the user can utilise Ink Ninjutsu through their cards as they are the source of the technique. For example the user can use "Super Beast Imitation" to create a Large Bear from one of the cards or even throw the card above the opponent and have it use "Super Beast Imitation Picture Shower" raining down a ton of lions and dragons. The user if they wish can use one of their three moves to release the seal of the cards they manipulate the ink from, this seal inputs additional chakra into the Ink Ninjutsu created from the cards and gives them a form of sentience - allowing the creations to use Ink Ninjutsu up to their own rank (A rank). Though the creations from most jutsu are animals or beasts, they cannot draw the technique but instead use themselves as a source and they spew Ink related jutsu from their mouth, paws/hands or body.

-Must be stated in the user's bio or posted at the start of battle that they have Ink Prints on their cards
- Releasing the Seal can only be used three times with a two turn cooldown, is only applied to one creation
- Releasing the Seal can be done in the same timeframe as another Ink Ninjutsu only but cost a move.
- All Cards thrown have the capability to be used as an Ink Ninjutsu source
She currently has two "(Kuchiyose: Raikō Kenka) - Summoning: Lightning Blade Creation" seals on her person, one on her bikini top's left breast and the other on the outside of her left hip. Lena also has "Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique" hidden between her breasts in case she has noother option, aimed to seal her hearts and Sharingan away.

(Fuuin: Metsuryū Mahō) - Sealing art: Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Fuuin
Rank: A
Range: Short (mid range blast when released)
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: Before the battle the user will have places 5 basic seals in their mouth/throat in preparation. Each of these seals will represent one of the 5 basic elements. In battle, when the user is about to be hit by one of the the 5 basic elements they will perform one handseal activating one of the chosen seals in their mouth as they breath in. In doing so, the element of the seal they activated will be sucking in and sealed into the seal in the users mouth. Much like how Jiraiya sealed Amaterasu. After having sealed the element, the user can then perform one handseal releasing that element from their mouth back at their opponent, in the form of a blast of that chosen element with no shape to it. An exampe of this jutsu would be if the opponent use a B rank fireball, just when it's about to hit the user, he will perform one handseal, activating the seal as he breathes in, as he does, the fireball will be sealed into the seal in the users mouth, without hurting the user. The user could then perform another handseal releasing the fireb back at the opponent as one big blast, the fireball would still be B rank. When the seal is activated, a mass of chakra is released out of the users mouth at high speed, similar to when jiraiya sealed amaterasu in a scroll, but faster. The element would be drawn into this chakra and sealed into the seal in the users mouth.

Note: Each seal can only be used once per battle.
Note: Can only seal one jutsu per seal
Note: Can only seal A rank and below
Note: Must wait 1 turn to use this jutsu again
Note: After a jutsu has been sealed in the users mouth, when they release it back, it counts as one of the 3 jutsu per turns.
Note: Can only seal one element, not elemental combinations.
Note: Useable 3 times
医療 Medical Ninjutsu // Lena has gained access to the art of Medical Ninjutsu, and is currently developing her training. Combined with her threads she has a good future as a Med Ninja.

地怨虞 Earth Grudge Fear // Having Access to Dark Threads Lena's body is unique compared to most as they're woven throughout her flesh that can split apart her body to fight at long range, carrying a degree of immortality as she's made out of Threads and Hearts. The Masks she possesses can split from her body to take the shape of remotely controlled entity's, they are seemingly weightless and capable of flight (Like Kakuzu's). The Threads are powerful, capable of piercing flesh and even fixing it together.

- Heart of Apathy : A Green eyed Mask with Lena's Primary Affinity of Wind. When split from the body the threads take the shape of a slim, assassin looking entity. This is also her main Heart.

- Heart of Confidence : This Brown nosed mask has an affinity to Earth Release and Lena's second most refined element. When split from the body the Threads take the shape of a stern soldier looking entity.

- Heart of Selflessness : Replacing her Water Heart, this one gives her the ability to use Wood Release and inputted her with Hashirama DNA. When split from her body it takes the shape of a caped Hero.

- Heart of Sorrow : Replacing the Heart of Fear, this head gave her the ability to use Dark Release and has a Dark Release Absorption mark on it's mask instead of a face. When split from her body it takes the shape of a hooded ranger.

- Heart of Determination : Lena took this heart from a high ranking Shinobi mercenary with a burning passion and used it for Fire Release, this Entity is one with a muscular wrestler build.

写輪眼 Sharingan // Lena has access to the Uchiha's famous Sharingan due to unlocking it's potential after going through emotional and physical stress because of the Battle of Shinramoto.

貝 Barnacles // A Signer of the Barnacle Contract, Lena can use their abilities to the fullest of the contract capabilities. From being taught and self-study of the barnacles she has acquired helpful knowledge and power; she gets along very well the The Arbiter and adores Songbird. From The Contact Lena has acquired a Tattoo, it is placed upon her left shoulder.

Lena is also infused with the Barnacle Art : Inner Daemons { }, a parasitic type barnacle which allows her to cosmetically change her look as she sometimes likes to weaponize her body, giving her forehead a single horn that slips out of the parting of her hair. She can elongate her nails, and sharpen her teeth too.

(Fujitsuboātsu : Uchinaru Akuma) - Barnacle Arts : Inner Demons
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: N/A
Damage Points: N/A
This technique is only accessible by those who have signed the Barnacle Contract and it utilises Barnacle Larvae that will live within the body, under the skin of the signer. These Larvae can do various things that modify and change the user's body but not to a significant degree, it is a way of adding things to create a variety of options and weapons it also allows for unique cosmetic looks that break certain human like boundaries but not to a huge degree. The Larvae can grow various tools from the user's body into their hand or can have it so the shell simply protrudes from their skin, for example they can grow a couple of calcite shell shuriken/shuriken into the palm of their hand or have Horns grow from their forehead as a new way to melee; or even grow claws from between their knuckles to assist with their punches. Tools created this way will be made out of Calcite Shell laced with Tendrils, meaning they can be the source of follow up Legs/Body of the Thoracica Jutsu however act as normal tools before these jutsu are used. The creation of normal tools like this is passive and counts as freeform, acting as a new way to use an arsenal of ninja tool. Because these Larvae are one with the user they change their skin so that is similar to Barnacle Flesh which allows them to reseal broken skin when tools are made from the user's body, it also allows the larvae to use "Legs of the Thoracica" from the user's very body, however creating extra hands does not allow the user to make hand seals with them. This in no way can be used to heal the user from incoming damage, it can be used to reseal cuts, but the internal damage is still done and is just a way to stop further bleeding, nerves, tendons. organs and everything within the body is still damaged except the skin. Larvae can use Gadget Barnacle from the user's body capable of launching it from a hand for example and even capable of infusing the user with Organs of the Thoracica.

Like with Zombies, the Restrictions of the Barnacle Arts when the Larvae use them apply to them separately as they can act alone with it's own abilities, their number of usages of an Art will not clash with the Users. Because of their limited amount of abilities the use-age of Legs of the Thoracica and Body of the Thoracica gain a rank, but only when the Larvae use them. Stated in the signer's bio there can be various cosmetic applications already active to change the appearance, like horns or spikes protruding off certain points of the body or elongated nails made from shell even a tail made of Barnacle Tendril flesh or tendrils intertwined within the hair, capped sharp teeth or a longer tongue and even if you so wish - pointy ears. Making modifications to the user's body is unranked (Unless Jutsu are used instead ofcourse) and can be done freeform and is limited to the user's creativity.

- Must have Signed the Barnacle Contract.
- Must be taught by LonelyAssassin
- Must be stated on your bio that you posses these.
- The Larvae can use Barnacle Arts independently from the user.
Apex Summoning Specialist // Lena's bond with Songbird is the strongest amongst the Summoning Contract and chose him as her Personal Companion. She Also has two Zombies as Companions too, both taking on the form of Female Military Figures and their acorn barnacle shells are located on her hands as Rings.

(Kuchiyose : Utahime, Sora Doroppā) - Summoning : Songbird, The Sky Dropper
Type: Summon
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage Points: N/A (80 if used as an Attack)
Songbird is a Large Community of Barnacles formed together to take the look of a Mechanical looking Bird, easily dwarfing a person as he can pick them up with just one of his two talons. The bird barnacle community is tough and sturdy and like most has large wings capable of flight, with a massive wingspan of 15 meters . When summoned by either the normal summoning jutsu or by swiping blood on the tattoo and performing a hand seal Songbird will be summoned mid flight soaring high in the sky as it appears from a cloud of smoke. Songbird has been said to be able to fly through anything, what this has been adapted from is the fact that Songbird can swim through normal water like it flies through the air (being made of Barnacles, a water based creature).

Songbird is sensitive to sounds, this can trigger a reaction which would be a threat to the opponent. The User can trigger the reaction by whistling a certain tune only contract signers know and which songbird can hear - this is not in any way a sound jutsu and other barnacle communities, kozui and mecha can whistle this tune if they are on the field also (Triggering it this way costs a Move out of three). However the opponent can also trigger it by using a Sound Release jutsu, a Lightning Technique or a Genjutsu that needs sound as a medium. What comes next is the Songbird's attack, a Divebomb of sorts which has the bird shoot down at great speed, increasing it's weight and solidity through Earth Release to make it drop faster - hitting speeds twice that of base Kage-rank bios. The Bird will not simply swoop the opponent up however, they will full on hit the earth with all it's strength (S-Rank) and this is where the Songbird's second ability comes in. When hitting the Earth Songbird burrows through it like an advanced version of "hiding like a mole technique" not losing it's speed as it drags the opponent through the ground, crushing and bashing them against the rocks. IF the opponent by chance dodges the technique, songbird will pop up later from underneath carrying the opponent into the air and in it's beak and throws the opponent to the ground.

Finally, Songbird flies around the Sky automatically when not attacking, defending against anything that comes from it - solidifying it's body to become that of an S-Rank Earth Defence (at the expense of a move). It flies above the user defending them easily. User can command the bird not to defend if it suits. Like all Barnacles Songbird has a strong calcite shell worth B-rank neutral t the elements except lightning which is strong against it and water which is weak.

- Can only be summoned Once per battle.
- Lasts Four turns on the Field.
- Approved :

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(Kuchiyose : Zonbi) - Summoning : Zombies
Type: Summoning
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 (+30 for both)
Damage Points: N/A
From the very body of The Gravemind (Sprout the Gravemind Summon) it's flesh is in the control of a Rhizecephalia Parasitic type barnacle which manipulates the flesh to it's entirety, this is normally called a Kōzui. In this case these Kōzui are personal to the user and are seemingly trapped inside an ordinary sized Acorn Barnacle shells which are attached to the user's body, armor or some accessory they keep on their body due to the way Barnacles permanently attach to surfaces. The Shells are pretty small so can be attached to places like the underside of the tongue and the summon can seemingly grow out from the mouth or can act as the jewel on a ring that the user wears. The user channels chakra into the Shell on their person and the Kozui will pop out (like they are growing out from it) and have a humanoid shape, they can take the form of a Human if they so wish (As long as they have two legs and two arms and are around the same size as a person they can look as cosmetically wacky as the user's preference), a realistic transformation very similar to the Shadow Mirror Body Change Method with clothes and all. The "Zombie" can be spawned with a weapon each made of Calcite Shell, and can be any weapon the user desires - they're just an ordinary weapon. They can be summoned through ordinary summoning means if the user so wishes.

The Kōzui have a very strong resistance to ordinary weapons and taijutsu, anything powered with chakra would hurt the Rhizecephalia normally and being sliced in half with an ordinary blade would still cause the drawbacks of having no legs for example, however the Kōzui can still move and drag themselves with their hands. Kōzui can still feel pain and can break out of genjutsu through pain, however they cannot really be crippled by it (For example pain so severe it would paralyze them or stun them). Kōzui can perform A-Rank Ordinary Strong-Fist Taijutsu OR A-Rank Kenjutsu that the user knows (must be stated when summoned or in the user's bio which of the two they are allowed) and can use Legs of the Thoracica and Body of the Thoracica, and even be fused with the Organs of the Thoracica, the Kōzui also Wield Gadget Barnacles. The Restrictions of the Barnacle Arts when the Zombies use them apply to them separately as they are a singular entity with it's own abilities, their number of usages of an Art will not clash with the Users. Moreover, The Zombies can through the mental command of the signer use ONLY the Legs of the Thoracica and Body of the Thoracica from their Shell which they are trapped within until summoned that is on the User's person.

The Rhizecephalia act as travelling companions and last indefinitely on the field upon summoning, when they take B-Rank damage they will disperse from the battlefield back into their shells. They usually come in pairs, but each use of this Technique is a single separate Kozui and so the user can have up to two of these on their bio - each being different.

- Must have Signed Barnacle Summoning Contract
- The Zombies can communicate with the user in their shells, this is mainly cosmetic
- Can only have a Maximum of Two of these on ones bio.
- When Summoned they last for four turns.
- The user can spend 30 extra chakra to summon both Kozui with one usage of this technique.
- Must be stated in the User's Bio to be capable of being used.
- The user can have the Kōzui be taken back inside the acorn shells if in short range
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Age Looks 18
Gender Female
Ability Kenjutsu
Weapon Katana, Bow, Quiver of Arrows
Looks 18 Age
Female Gender
Taijutsu Ability
Knuckledusters, Bow, Quiver of Arrows Weapon
Looks Nicola is lighter skinned and has blonde hair, she wears a purple beret with a pin in it. Her attire is black and has some plated armour over her body underneath that is a skin tight semi-transparent leotard. She wears skin tight pants with golden decorations around the plates of armour. She also has spikes on her knuckles to aid in combat and also on her elbow plates. Nicola looks more flexible than Kiara and is lighter due to less muscle, allowing her to perform quick Kenjutsu strikes.

Personality Nicola is more sadistic than Kiara, expressing her enjoyment of battle more commonly than her partner. She tries to bring out Kiara's sadistic side a lot and can be seen as annoying, definitely talking a lot more than her. Nicola enjoys the use of seduction and is more confident about using her body to her advantage.
Looks Kiara is dark skinned and has purple hair, she wears a red beret with a pin in it. Her attire is black and has some plated armour over her body underneath that is a skin tight semi-transparent leotard. She wears skin tight pants with golden decorations around the plates of armour. She also has spikes on her knuckles to aid in combat and also on her elbow plates. Kiara looks physically stronger and has more muscle than Nicola due to her proficiency in Taijutsu, she packs a punch.

Personality Kiara has more self control than Nicola, often being seen as calculating yet utilises this to support Nicola's lust for battle. She often provides logic out of the two and usually has the stronger posture and body language. Kiara doesn't interact with people as well as Nicola does, usually responding with sass.

Ninja Technology & Artefacts

(Vár) - Vár
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra Cost: (40 Ability 1)(30 Ability 2)(10 to summon)
Damage Points: (80 Ability 10)(60 Ability 2)
Vár is a very versatile weapon. The size of the weapon usually outmatches the user's own size, but wielder's are still able to use it with ease. It can be used as a great sword, and a variety of different firing guns depending on what rounds the user would like to use. The gun has a variant of attachments that are built into the weapon or kept on the user's person and can be placed onto the chassis for use - Var can be outfitted with a sniper scope that can be used for long ranges of up to 100 meters, the scope can also be used separately to scout distances - attaching it costs a turn.. The Great-Sword attachment just means the wielder can use it as a normal sword or sword/blade/katana substitute. Var also has a grip on the Chassis which allows the user to wield it with both hands, used to shoot the weapon because of it's largeness.

Vár's first ability is to fire a large shell, and is the variant that can be used with a scope to fire at long ranges. The Shell is almost like a tank round and is the strongest of all of them. This bullet can be aimed accurately at up to 100 meters as long as the user has used the scope and is holding it in both hands, without the scope it's accuracy only reaches 25 meters before straying off. The round will drill through defences and attacks or terrain to get to it's desired target. Once it does reach it's target the round will eject other rounds within it and spread out from the original bullet, all of them will explode creating a cluster effect as the middle explodes and then the ejected shells explode - creating layers of the explosion that continue to erupt from it's origin point up to 5 meters away. This variant is S-Rank and has a 3 turn cooldown, can only be used two times and no other Vár abilities in the same turn.

Vár's Second ability is the ability to lock-down on multiple targets and fire at them simultaneously. Vár has a built in chakra lock system, recognising allies to enemies it will lock onto the chakra signatures the user deems necessary targets and will fire a barrage of bullets in each direction aiming to pierce them. The bullets have a capable of being able to twist and turn so they can reach targets. Bullets can be fired all at one target as a sort of shotgun spread, this can only go up to Mid-range. This variant is A-Rank and has a 2 turn cooldown, can only be used 4 times

Vár then has it's Freeform shots which act as a semi-automatic rifle, firing a max of 5 shots that do four damage each - totalling a maximum of 20 damage against the opponent. There is also the matter of storage and capacity to carry, user's of Vár can opt to carry the weapon or have a Tattoo placed on the inside of their Forearm so it can be summoned straight to hand which acts like a summoning Tattoo for the weapon. By channelling a small amount of chakra into it will trigger the summoning of the weapon and by the user's command can reverse summon it back into the seal at any time. Summoning the weapon costs 10 chakra each time, a slot in the time frame and costs a turn.

- Vár can be used by the User
- Vár's abilities are neutral to the elements.
- Vár must be reloaded after each time the first ability is used at some point, the user has to do this manually by loading the shell and then cocking it.
- Vár's Looks and Scale :

(Supuratto Bakudan) Splat Bomb
Type: Tool
Rank: A Rank
Range: Short - Long (Thrown), Short (Explosion)
Chakra: 30 (N/A When Thrown)
Damage: 60
Description: Created based on the blueprints originally made for the Kote, these small tools are crafted and intended to be used by those whom utilize ink ninjutsu. Within these triangular containment units are ink of various color, this color matching that of the element infused into the ink ahead of time. When thrown at the enemy, the user will weave a single hand seal - causing the capsule to burst open those releasing a violent burst of ink to those around the blast zone. The power of the blast depends on the amount of chakra and ink utilized for the this technique, while also dealing additional adverse affects depending on the element such as fire burning the enemy, water making the ink more vicious and sticky making it harder to move etc. It can also be used as a source for future ink techniques. A rank can only be used thrice per battle while the overall technique can only be used five times per battle. This is also akin to having works of art pre drawn thus various techniques can be used in conjunction to this due to the ink acting as a new source.

Background Music





Updating :

New Custom Fighting Style
New Custom Technology

Pictures Drawn by Me ©
And One by Azu

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