[CJ] with Venom


Aug 17, 2011
Trait Points
Rank: A-Rank
Type: Supplementary, Defensive
Range: Short – Long
Chakra cost: 30
Damage points: N/A
Damage points: Utilizing’s one's connection to the natural energy around them, the user will create specialized cannons with the existing moisture in the air. Through the formation of two hand seals, the user will formulate two cylinder-shaped cannon composed of existing moisture in the air within the path of an enemy technique. Immediately on contact, the first cylinder near the user has the kanji for "ammunition" written in one of its openings. The kanji, which is the seal itself will immediately open - absorbing the technique in question and immediately seal it within - purifying it and converting it into senjutsu chakra. The second airborne cannon formed somewhere else in the terrain (must at least be formed five meters away from target unless already within short range of them" will have another seal that's connected to the first. After sealing and purifying the chakra in the first cannon, the second cannon immediately fires it afterward - releasing a 180-degree blast of senjutsu chakra moving twice the base speed of the user, traveling up to ten meters. Upon contact with the opponent, they are slowly petrified over time, becoming fully transformed into a statue after four turns have passed, which over time causes certain effects to trigger, with the first turn the opponent cannot make more than four hand seals per technique, second turn being unable to move any more than five meters, with third turn doubling the effect of the previous two (making it unable to make more than two seals nor move past two and a half meters) while the fourth turn is full-body petrification. This, however, can be prevented by surging their body with chakra of the equal rank in order to rid of the senjutsu chakra. An alternative use to this however as well, is used on the user via having the cannon fire at them. The senjutsu is simply fired as at their body, having the converted chakra be added back into their own pool (same amount as original technique), helping as a method of keeping Sage Mode active (only with Imperfect Sage Mode). It can only seal/absorb techniques up to A-Rank or 30 Chakra (unless this technique's or chakra amount is increased). This technique is only capable of being used thrice per battle with a cooldown of two turns after use, while also being unable to use Senjutsu above A-Rank in the same turn or next turn.
This in exchange for
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Rank: A
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: The user will initiate this technique by focusing their raiton chakra through their body, and discharging it into the ground in a similar manner to Chidori Nagashi. This surge of electricity is released quickly enough to negate earth-based techniques (KGs/CEs included) before they can form into techniques and/or emerge from the ground. This will work on neutral techniques of the same chakra and below or elements weak to Lightning. In the case of these upper limits, this technique will also be neutralised in the process and will be unable to progress any further. If their chakra is not neutralized, the user will perform two handseals to apply shape manipulation to the released lightning as it travels through the earth and towards the opponent. This will cause a dome of solid-like lightning to rise up short-range all around the target. Everything within the dome's confines will be imbued with the user's raiton chaka, paralyzed and lifted upwards, similar to the canon technique Lightning Blades Levitation. The dome will then form into a fully spherical orb once everything within it has been suspended off the ground and erupt into a massive explosion (similar to the canon technique Thunder Up), obliterating everything inside of it.

-Can only be used thrice per battle
-Cooldown time of two turns in between uses.

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