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Aug 17, 2011
Trait Points
(Haato no Joou) Queen of Hearts
Rank: S
Range: Short – Long
Chakra: 10 - 40
Damage: 20 - 80
Description: The Queen of Hearts, a uniquely designed piece of custom technology crafted by a gunsmith named Paradox. It was an original draft, given to him by Mirabelle in her endeavor to create new forms of weapons to further her weapons mastery. The tool in question takes the form of a handgun, colored white in coloration. The metallic frame is structured with ascents resembling roses and a golden dragon on it. At first glance, the weapon seems like an ordinary handgun but in reality, with Paradox’s ideals and Mirabelle’s ambition, the managed to craft one of the best guns known to society. Ability wise, the entire gun is based on two things: Fuinjutsu and Senjutsu, two fields Mirabelle considered her weakest – thus she aimed to use this to help cover some holes up. However, due to her love of sharing, many copies of the gun was made so others may utilize it's glory as well

Rosemary, Queen of Wyrms – The first ability of the gun, in which combines the previous two abilities into one. Among the rose like ascents, there are seals located within its design that is well hidden to the untrained eye. When holstered or not directly in her hand, the unique magazine is “loaded”, feed through the aforementioned seal. The seal is passively absorbing Natural Energy around the user but also draining their chakra, causing it to mix and create Senjutsu. This process is automatic, which cannot be prevented once the gun is empty and the user is within at least five meters of the weapon. However, what this does is that it converts 10% of the user’s max chakra into senjutsu, passively converting 10% per turn though only for two turns (i.e if the user's maxed chakra is 2000, it passively takes 200 chakra from the user per turn for two turns to convert into senjutsu). The chakra is then stored in the seal, at least until the user makes physical contact with the handle of the gun. This senjutsu chakra is immediately rushed into the user’s body, forcefully activating Sage Mode for them. Once drained, however, should the user be in Sage Mode already, Rosemary’s effects remain inactive, simply allowing the second portion of the gun to come into play. This can only be used with Imperfect Sage Mode.

Thorn, Scorn of the Draco
– The secondary ability of the gun though is a bit more simplistic. This portion is the firing mechanism, which in turn allows the user to infuse their senjutsu into the handgun. This allows them to fire off shots of senjutsu bullets, capable of piercing into the bodies of others with relative ease. The damage these bullets carry varies, as the amount of Senjutsu infused is largely up to the user. The bullets are fast, moving as fast as a lightning technique, and are also easily seen – appearing similar to the air projectiles released akin to (Fūton: Shinkūdama) - Wind Release: Vacuum Bullet. It should be noted, however, that the bullets upon impact will also detonate, causing an explosion capable of pushing someone back up to five meters and they also travel in a linear path. Despite all this, the user is also capable of firing none senjutsu bullets as well, this, however, being freeform but taking 5 chakra per bullet to do so.

Restrictions: Queen of Hearts can only be used by those with knowledge of Fuinjutsu and Sage Mode. The activation of Sage Mode via Rosemary shares the same usage amount of the user’s current remaining uses of the Sage Mode Technique. This means should the user only have one Sage Mode use left, then so does this weapon. The sealing and storing of Senjutsu is passive, though it can only hold a max of 400 chakra in total, regardless in which once the gun reaches this max, Rosemary’s effects are inactive. Thron’s firing ability counts as a move, with D to B Rank having no usage limits while A Rank bullets can only be used thrice per battle with a cooldown of two turns and S Rank bullets being usable twice with a cooldown of three turns after use. The bullets due to being senjutsu based are pulled from the user’s Sage Mode chakra pool, thus will slowly or rapidly deplete the user’s enhanced state, thus leaving the user unable to fire bullets until returning into Sage Mode once more. Raw Chakra bullets are freeform, not requiring a move to fire. These bullets can also be fired while in Sage Mode, however, are still free-formed thus not getting the boost in power Sage Mode provides to the user. The user also, however, can only fire three freeform bullets per turn

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