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Sep 10, 2008
Shikon Mo-Do (Fang Mode)
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: N/A
Damage: +15 to Ninjutsu, +10 to Taijutsu
Description: Shikon Mo-do was developed by the elder nin-dogs/wolves who once lived on Mount Fang. Much like the toad's Sage Mode, Fang Mode, is a unique and powerful mode only usable by those who have either the Dog or the Wolf Contract, and show a great determination and loyalty. Being granted this Elder Chakra, it functions much like Nature Chakra, and therefore this makes using this technique while on the move impossible, taking nearly 20 whole seconds for the chakra to be distrbuted in the user's body, but when the user enters the mode, he will nearly triple his amount of chakra from his surroundings, and his Ninjutsu would change drastically, becoming more powerful plus added strength although not as great as Sage Mode, the user can still break concrete with a poke of the finger, and more speed and agility that only MS can track. The elder chakra also allows for the a form of taijutsu called Claw Katas, that when trying to physically strike an opponent, if the attack is out of reach or is missed the user still hits the opponents causing deep claw mark gashes to the opponent. There are some differences between Sage Mode and Fang Mode though, instead of the user being able to sense where the opponent is by chakra, this mode focuses on the user's senses allowing the ability to be able to sniff/hear them out no matter where they are and refine his search so that he smells/hears only the opponent, preventing an attack on his olfactory/auditory system. The user also gains a unique ability that's very much similar to how a canine can detect a storm before it arrives. Using a off-shoot of this ability the user is granted the ability to sense a chakra type before it's even released giving an extremely great reaction time to the opponent's ninjutsu. Lastly, the users vocal chords grow much stronger a simple "Bark/Howl" can send an opponent flying backwards.
(Must Have Dog/Wolf Summoning Contract)
(Usable Once)
(Last 4 turns)
(User becomes extremely exhausted after usage)

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