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Aug 17, 2011
Trait Points
(Shizukesa) Hush
Rank: D - S Rank
Range: Short (Explosion & Absorption), Short - Long (Travel Range)
Chakra Cost: 10 - 40
Damage: 20 - 80
Description: Hush is a special designed ninja tool that utilized the “Absorption Arm” as a basis for its production – though many are surprised by this due to weapon being in the form of an umbrella or parasol. The overall design of the tool is highly durable in nature, allowing it to physically tank one S rank before being rendered useless, two A ranks but remains undamaged by B ranks and below while also doubling as a physical weapon that can be used in free form close combat. It also has a sword hidden within it’s structure which uses the handle as a hilt and the other base piece as a sheathe, which can be launched out at the press of a button (freeform) to strike the opponent rather quickly for a surprise attack.

Moving onto the chakra related powers, the ferrule of the umbrella has the ability to release a barrier of chakra with similar to that of it’s predecessor where it intakes the chakra into the weapon itself but what makes it differ from the two is that the sphere doesn’t expand in size, but rather returns into the weapon swiftly. Once the chakra is absorbed into the weapon, it acts as a “charge” to the weapons second chakra related ability. The absorption is done via specific fuinjutsu formula located on the top that then releases the barrier.

After the absorption of the chakra the user is able to return the attack at the enemy as a chakra blast, moving at the speed of a Lightning Technique but dealing damage based on the rank of the jutsu absorbed. Although it moves in a linear path, the explosion radius is five meters; meaning simply dodging the path of the blast wouldn’t always be enough to avoid it completely.

This of course isn’t the lonesome way to “charge” the tool, as the user may willingly infuse his/her own chakra into the umbrella itself in order to fuel it, dealing damage based on the amount of chakra is placed into it. The absorbing of an enemy technique counts as a move each, but absorbing and releasing it back can be done within the same time frame and counting as one move if used like this but the user can simply absorb the chakra and store it without sending it back.

Charging the weapon with chakra from the user is done passively but sending it as a blast counts as a move, with the chakra amount ranging from 10 (D) to 40 (S), thus the user must spend chakra based on the rank in order to fire the blast. The user however can only retain a certain amount of chakra inside of the umbrella with its max being 200. While the umbrella’s firing/absorbing (each one separately) mechanism can be done once every two turns, while S ranks can only be done twice per battle causing it go on cool down for three turns instead. A rank can be done thrice while B rank and below can be used collectively 6 times a battle. The design of the umbrella is cosmetic, allowing for various coloration and patterns to suit a person's need.

(Uranau Ha Sakuhin ) Divine Blade Works
Type: Tool
Rank: B
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Divine Blade Works is a unique piece of technology mixed with ninjutsu. For generations, members whom have come to learn the unique style of combat commonly referred to as “Dance of the Blade Sage” has meet with multiple difficulties. The first of this problem being the unconventional travel method, needing to carry a backpack for housing the blades. The wires becoming a frequent hazard in use as well. As such members of the Black One’s from Hanguri ordered the creation of new technology that would better the use of the style – though with the razing of the Freehold, not many where able to see the finished product. A prototype of the system was only recently discovered in old books, detailing the functionality of the gear. In turn the system “Divine Blade Works” was reimagined with new technological scholars in order to create the perfect tool. In terms of the actual tool its comprised of mainly on the concept of remote controlling the blades, like the original style does but with more seamless direction. The blades are each outfitted at their handles with unique cores that is remotely connected to central hub located on the user’s person, usually integrated into their bodies if a cyborg or in the user’s clothing if normal. These cores transmit chakra instantly and passively between one another, guided and controlled by the user’s gestures and mental control which are then translated by the central hub and distributed to each blade or individual blades – thus no longer needing the razor wiring initially needed to control the blades. In terms of housing the blades – cyborgs keep the blades within their cybernetic body while normal humans have a special seal located on the same hub that releases or seals the blades back into it when not in use. While this is usually intended to be used with the Dance of the Blade Sage CFS, the swords can also simply be used for Kenjutsu or other sword-based techniques or style. The one true advantage of this is gaining the ability to utilize kenjutsu at range, as the user simply needs to transmit the chakra to the blade in order to utilize it if needed (capable of transferring any sort of chakra, including elemental etc). The activation of these blades is passively done but requires 10 chakras in order to do so, while also absorbing -5 chakra per turn to keep active. The user can only sustain up to six blades at a time; each one having the durability of a regular weapon though utilizing the seal the user can simply replace any broken swords (which requires -5 chakra per blade, but done passively). The cores can be activated any up to three times per battle, but lasts as long as the user desires. The design of the blades are largely up to the user - allowing creative freedom in their design.

(Ototon: Maesutoroteiruzuobu) Sound Release: Tales of the Maestro
Type: Offensive
Rank: B-Rank
Range: Short -Long
Chakra: 20
Damage: 40
Description: Through the kneading of chakra into the user’s weapon or hand, they will vibrate it with their chakra. By waving their hand around, the user gives form to up to five compressed destructive sound waves in the form of musical notes. They will then thrust their forward, causing the notes to be released at the enemy, which upon contact causes a short range explosion of one meter, destroying anything near the point of impact. Can only be used four times per battle.

31. (Ototon: Ongaku no Kodou ) Sound Release: Heartbeat of Music
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 15 ( - 5 per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: Heartbeat of Music is a unique sound sensing technique, which works relatively close to it's parent technique Sound Release: Inner Sonar Skill revolving releasing sound waves into the surrounding area(aka using inaudible sound that is passively emitted from the user and bouncing off of objects.) but also on a psychological state of synesthesia; though Chromesthesia to be more precise. Chromesthesia or or sound-to-color synesthesia is a type of synesthesia in which heard sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color. What this technique does is through the use of Sound Release, the user will knead a certain amount of chakra into their body in order to produce a frequency that replicates the effects mentioned above. The frequency will travel from the ears and into the brain - allowing certain sounds when heard to “illuminate” as certain color, allowing the user a unique form of sensory such as when rushing water is heard it will appear as a bright blue coloration towards the user, or the crackling sound of flames will appear as fiery red color or the voices of certain people etc though this isn’t always true. There are times when certain people with this condition will see the color differently from others, though this is merely cosmetic in terms of the actual technique though it will help the user identify the elemental nature of techniques based on their coloration - allowing for some cosmetic usage between each user. Though certain objects might remain silent in nature, the rebounding sound waves will still "locate" the object of interaction and will be seen as dull grey coloration instead. It should also be noted that despite the visual and auditory phenomenon, it does not hinder the user's perception of their surroundings etc whatsoever. This technique lasts the same duration of Inner Sonar Skill (6 turns max) though it can be deactivated at any given time.
Right so the first three are for 1.5K Each while the last is for 500, making it 5k <3

Any questions?