(Why) Is Kokuo the best runner?


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Jan 9, 2020
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Is the Five Tailed Kokuo the fastest normal character in the series?

By normal, i just mean pre-TT stuff. So characters like the 2nd TK and Deidara are included. I just said "runner" to exclude the aliens and co.

Here's my thinking . . .

Characters are usually faster than their peers for one of four reasons. The first is having a superior form (or talent for speed). Someone like Gai is faster than Kurenai because he trains, Kakashi is naturally fast etc. The second is size. Bigger legs, bigger strides, simple as. The third is powers. These are essentially jet packs. The fourth is cheats, like taking a bicycle during a marathon.

In the world of Naruto, having any one of these four allows one to generally move a clear level above their peers in speed. By this, i mean one can generally blitz their opponent of the same class. We see this with Shikamaru and the Sand chunin, among many other examples. First Shikamaru uses his shadows to bind them, then they rush him.

In the case of Kokuo, i noticed that she had 3 of these 4 advantages. On top of that, she could stack them.

Firstly, she is a horse. A cat would blitz you despite the size difference. That makes it clear that animals are generally better than people at physical jobs. This applies even more so when they specialise in certain tasks. A horse is a running creature through and through. This is also part of why i said "best runner" instead of just 'fastest' in the title. So starting from the base of a normal person, Kokuo being a horse makes her a level above a normal person in movement speed. The fact that she is not a mortal horse takes it further. See, normal animals never work at full potential because of physics whatnots. But for an immortal, nature does not limit their output. So Kokuo can not only move similar to a horse, but she can utilise the full potential of her form. Now it can be argued that her horns, with their particular arrangement, also serve as wind-breaker, but that would probably be a minor difference made in her speed so it is unnecessary. Now with horses usually moving at 2× the speed of people but not enough to blitz, this form puts Kokuo half a level above normal.

Secondly, is her size. Now, one could use stride measurement to calculate just how much faster a giant horse is to a normal horse, but that's also unnecessary. For a clear example of how much faster giants are to normal characters, look at Gyuki against the 4th Raikage. If Gyuki can match the RK in a clash, with the RK being 2 levels above normal (V1 RK could move at blitz speed to normal people, with V2 moving at blitz speed to Sasuke who equaled V1), this tells us that the size difference allowed for a 2 level boost. Now if one applies the form issue, they would consider that Gyuki has the lower body of tentacles (weak) and upper body of an ox (heavy) which should put him a level below a normal physique. So all in all, Gyuki covered a 3 level speed gap with his size. So for Kokuo, she has a 3 level boost with her size, at least.

Thirdly, there are powers. In this field, Kokuo has her Vapour Style which boosts her output, although only briefly. This one works by using pressure to push her. As per the nature of measurable factors like pressure, the strength of it depends on how much energy Kokuo puts into it. Now without any major examples of this for pure movement, it is difficult to quantify the boost it gives. However, it is similar enough in principle to other techniques that some comparison can be made. See, special techniques are implied as superior to standard techniques . . . you know, they're special. Now both in usage and method, Vapour Style is directly related to basic energy enhancements like body flicker. Now with Body Flicker usually allowing a character to cleanly blitz someone that they previously clashed equal to, that technique gives a 1 level boost in speed. So with VS being a better form of that, it should give a 1 level boost at least.

The fourth part is that of special techniques that cheat speed. Examples in Naruto include FTG, warping and form changes. Unfortunately, Kokuo does not have much here, but could try something with her TBB. Remember how Naruto launched his as a missile towards Orochimaru? Same idea. Kokuo could cover large distances by exploding a TBB into the ground and then jumping off of the explosion. Now I'm not sure if she has the durability to actually survive it, but perhaps her vapour could be used to push against the explosive energy, not only protecting her but providing an added boost. Now because this technique is an external force, it probably cant work with her other qualities. That is in line with the other cheats, i suppose. Most of them work in a way that doesnt allow for combinations with other powers, such as warping and teleporting. Still, it is worth measuring. We saw from Deidara vs Gaara and Naruto vs Orochimaru that explosions are only countered by other techniques, which makes it about 4 levels of a boost, since the explosion beat sand which cleanly beat the 4th RK who is 2-3 levels above normal.

What makes Kokuo noteworthy here is not that she has any of these or even all of them, but that she can stack them.
Let us consider base Jugo as a normal person example (mostly because everyone i can think of scales to V1 RK which is definitively above normal).
With her form, Kokuo is a level faster than him. That is with just form, never mind special moves like jumps. That puts her at Minato (Kakashi, Kabuto and Gai also fall here) level.

Her size takes her 2 levels higher in speed. With V2 RK being 1 level above Minato, and base Killer B being equal, that puts her at the level of V1 B and KCM Naruto. Lightened Raikage also falls here. This is 3 levels above base Jugo.

With form and size being constants, that means her general speed is at this level, 3 levels above normal.
Being comparable to the body flicker, her Vapour Style allows her at least 1 level temporary boost but by description could give her multiple levels since it depends on energy and she is literally made up of it. That allows her to at least charge at a level of speed above KCM Naruto. Considering that Kisame reacted to V1 B and was beaten by 7th Gate Gai, that means Kokuo can reach 7G levels of speed at least. This is 4 levels above Jugo.

So Kokuo is always 3 levels above base Jugo, but with her VS can go to 4 or more levels.

In reserve is the TBB hack. Now it may work against her size or vice versa, but it would be quick and ranged. The separative nature of an explosion does not work against her attacking nature, as she would probably only need such a move to escape. As for how fast this escape plan would work, consider Deidara and Gaara. The sand of Gaara has shown to be able to catch Deidara who himself matched the 2nd TK, who is at least as fast in flight as Lightened V2 RK on foot. That puts the sand 4 levels above Jugo. The explosion from Deidara was only blocked by the sand, never matched in direct speed. So the explosion is a level above the sand, at least. That is 5 levels above Jugo, with each level blitzing the one below it. That's alien level, surely.

Now an arguement of her weight working against the explosion can be made, but not only did we see tailed beasts alter their size, but she could use vapour pressure to counter balance. Pressure + pressure . . .
So we have it that Kokuo can generally move 3 levels above someone like Jugo, which is around Lightened 4th RK, flying 2nd TK, 6th Gate Gai and V1 B. With her powers, she can do bursts that put her at minimum equal to 7th Gate Gai, V2 B and Synced KCM Naruto, which is 4 levels above Jugo. With the TBB trick, she could launch herself a level faster or more, which is probably alien level.
Does that make her the fastest non-alien mover? As for being the best? Well, being a horse form makes her a distance/stamina runner, so her speed wouldn't be limited to short bursts only. Do we have anything better or comparable?
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