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Apr 21, 2011
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Re: Custom Elements Bureau

Custom element japanese name:
Custom element english name: Light Release
The element is based on: light&fire
Facts that prove the element to be possible (in the manga context): Light is often shown when chakra is used and by the glow of some techniques (jutsu) that give off radiant lights. Some shinobi have light-based techniques that allow them to do things such as bend light to confuse an enemy, and make light to see in dark places. Plus the Yin&Yang concept for where Yin represents light

One jutsu that allows the user to manipulate light in a way: Hidden Mist Eye Sight Deprevation

light happens to be electromagnetic radiation so why not combine lightning and fire since they both give of high but different tempertures of heat and as well giving of the affect of light

Idea behind its creation: I got this idea from an anime called One Piece where one character can control,manipulate, and become light. I also want it to become one of the toughest elements to beat and as well beat some of the best now. Such as the so called tasty and best element so far...chocolate. If i am not mistaken rapid moving molecules eventually heat up and explode if the heat is trap within something. that principle applies to the destruction power of light since is moving so fast once a pond connection it gives of a explosive affect. If that light was focus into chocolate attacks the molecules will soon move at that rapid speed but can't handle it eventually heating up and turning it into a liquid form which will than lose its force and stop its advancement or it could blow up (don't forget the lightning effect in light which could be chocolate's weakness in some cases) it will only be little pieces devastating decreasing the damage or allowing a high success rate of avoiding.

Any type of fire element besides dark fire since all other flames produce light and heat so nothing happens but if dark fire was to connect it would stop the movement due to no light. Lightning is just a component of light and won't do any damage. When it comes to Earth and anything with the properties of earth would absorb the heating effects(ex: on a sunny day the ground below you or metal would only heat up and thats all.) Wind will only phase through it.

Conditions to be able to use it: A master of either element or both.
But if only mastered one them the user has to be well knowledge of the other.
Jutsus with light added to it increases the chakra cost by 10. Most know Yin&Yang
Is weak to: strong Earth(any properties of earth),solid forms of glass, large amounts of water
Is strong against: chocolate,fire,wind,lightning
Co-creators (if any): roku
Students i passed on this custom element: ? & ? i have no intentions in teaching it

[光遁光周期] - Guāng Zhōuqí | Light Release: Light Cycle
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30 [15 Due to Yin-Yang Mastery]
Damage: 0
Description: Through the use of light chakra, the user will be capable of distorting the transmission, perception, reflection or refraction and emission of light from an object or targeted area. As a purely supplementary technique, this jutsu makes full use of the inherent properties of light and as such is extremely quick to activate; and once activated, it takes effect at the speed of light making it virtually instant. Various effects can be achieved through the use of this technique by altering the way that light interacts with the world (specifically on the battlefield). One effect is that the user can reduce the amount/speed of movement/emission/reflection of light. This can result in a 4-Point deduction in one’s base ability to track because the sense known as sight solely depends on visible light. If the user slows down light’s speed or means of travel, the opponent receives visible information later than normal; which creates an effect of slower time.

The user can also enhance or nullify present light, allowing for the production of flashes of light of various intensities (too high and light ceases to be visible causing once visible things to appear as transparency), colors, and patterns. Even dark spots can be created, which is the result of areas completely devoid of light. With this perk, the user is capable of manipulating light to form optical illusions or even bending light around an object or area to make it; creating a form of invisibility. The importance of light and the user’s ability to govern it freely with this technique makes the possibilities of this jutsu endless; as such when used effectively this jutsu will likely force an opponent to relinquish their reliance on slight, and instead focus on interpreting the world through their other senses.

~ Note ~ Once activated this technique stays active for the next four turns, during which time the user can freely govern the way that things look by manipulating light.

~ Note ~ In the case of objects that do not produce their own light - aka solids, liquids and most gasses, or the manipulation of natural light (whose source is the sun) blinding effects will be limited to that, and the next turn only. When used on techniques that emit energy in the form of light however, such as fire or lightning, opponents who look upon it will be immediately blinded for that, and the next turn as well. Due to being chakra infused, the blinding effect will even affect Doujutsu.

~ Note ~ Once this technique is over, the user cannot re-use it again for three turns, and also while it is active they are limited in that they cannot activate Light techniques above B rank.

~ Note ~ This Jutsu Can Only Be Taught By Trooper3Stacks

[光遁 照明] - Zhàomíng | Light Release: Illumination
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 40
Damage: 0
Description: This technique revolves around the concept of becoming Light. Through the usage of a full-bodied surge, the user is capable of instantly converting their entire body to light. Upon initial conversion, the only visual change will be that of a soft glow that can be seen to emanate from the users position; which makes them seem ethereal-godly-otherworldly. The glow, laden with the user’s chakra, can be suppressed or made to distort the user’s visage. Doing so prevents enemies from focusing on them due to the threat of blinding. Furthermore, being comprised of light particles the user is intangible yet is capable of becoming tangible, now becomes vulnerable only to the elemental weaknesses of light, can passively scatter into light particles and immediately reform anywhere within a short range radius. Not only that, but as their body is now comprised of a formless substance they can manipulate their looks or the form that they take into anything imaginable. As an extension of this concept, the user can release adaptable offshoots of A-Rank strength with the aforementioned properties to attack or defend.

Alongside this transformation comes the ability to perform a method of high-speed re-location, in which the user will be capable of bursting into a beam of light that will allow them to travel at 5x their current speed, however in turn the user will be limited to less dynamic movements such as only linear pathways. Although, by combining their newly granted speed with Taijutsu, the user will be capable of adopting a tangible state at the zenith of their motion to deliver an enhanced Taijutsu attack (+20). The user will be capable of maintaining this enhanced state as long as they do not encounter a substantial opposite force or choose to end their movement, and due to being light the user can, upon coming into contact with a reflective surface, choose to reflect themselves – allowing them to instantly change their trajectory without losing speed.

~ Note ~ Since the User’s Body Becomes Light, this gives the user’s physique its own elemental advantages, such as absorbing fire-based techniques. When fire-based (including heat/warmth) techniques are absorbed, the damage of the techniques converts and adds onto the Taijutsu DMG Perk.

~ Note ~ Colliding with any of Light’s Elemental Weaknesses or Sentient Life will cancel the technique and the user will recieve +10 damage from this jutsu.

~ Note ~ The User can only activate this technique Three Times per Battle. Each Activation last Three Turns.

~ Note ~ This Jutsu Can Only Be Taught By Trooper3Stacks

https://animebase.me/threads/custom-elements-jutsu-submission.13700/page-2#post-1333629 (Pikauton: TaiyouFurea) Light Release- Solar Flare
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: long,short,short-mid
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage: N/A
Description: The user raises their hands in front of their face and channels light Chakra into each of their hands and release it all at once creating a bright flash that is as bright as a star. This flash of light covers a 20 foot radius circle around the user blinding the opponent giving the user an upper hand to strike.The close they are the longer they are blinded
Note: opponent is blind for 2 turns
Note: can only use it 3 times

(Pikauton: Houshasen Hiyaku) Light Release- Radiation Activity
Type: attack
Rank: S
Range: short-mid,short
Chakra cost: 40
Damage: Depends
description: The user focuses on a light source increasing it radiation levels to reach futher than usually nearby in the area or created by that user. Once the opponent as been expose to radiation their organ tissue are damage and soon fails on them causing several problems simply as walking,lost of strength, and and effects the chakra network.. Every time the user uses chakra they speed up the poisoning.
Note: each turn the user begins to loose mobility
Note: lasts for three turns but usable twice per battle
Note: the effects don't go away

(Pikauton: Takaisen) Light Release: Death Beam
type: attack
rank: S
range: short-long
Chakra cost: 40
Damage: 80
Desricption: is a lethal, powerful technique which when the user extends their right arm and fires a small, very fast, bullet-like beam of light chakra from his index finger or the palm of their hand or eyes, which barrels down and pierces through an opponent or causes an explosion if used with the palm of their hand. Able to be fired exceedingly quickly while maintaining precise aim
Note: can use it only 3 times

(Pikauton: Pikaujin)- Light Release: Light Man
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage: Depends
Description: This technique turns the users body into light but allows the user to keep his physical features which makes the body glow. This would make the user to be unharmed by solid objects that would pierce or slice through them. If the user’s body does get separated, then it can reform if a light source nearby and they can form weapons from our body like light sword. Fire jutsus do not work against the user because the light absorbs the essence of the fire and can shoot it back at the opponent.
~Lasts 2 turns
~Can only be used twice per battle
~The user is able to enter and exit this form as he chooses
~ The user still can physically touch things as well any weapon or attack they perform in this form

(Pikauton: Pikautama)- Light Release: Light Bullets
Type: Attack
Rank: S
Range: Long
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage: 80
Description: The user points their finger at the opponent and quickly focuses a great amount of light energy into it. Once this is done, the user promptly
fires a barrage of bullet-sized light spheres that hit the opponent and are able to pierce through the opponent's skin and even armor if they are wearing it. The bullets are very fast thus making them hard to avoid.
Note: can use it only 3 times

(Pikauton: Bakuhatsu)- Light Release: Explosion
Type: Attack
Rank: Forbidden
Range: Long
Chakra Cost: 50
Description: 90 (-10 to user)
Description: The user builds up a massive amount of light energy in their arm and then slams their hand into the ground, resulting in a massive 360 degree
shockwave that bursts outward from the user and hits back and destroys anything in the way of the blast.The burst has a very huge blast radius and destroys trees, rocks, ect. that are on the battlefield.
~Can only be used once
~Causes 10 damage to the user.

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