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Whats your favorite Anime Character

Oct 30, 2018
Man. That's a tough on.
Mine would be Toga
She's from boku no hero academia
I like her because her vibe and attitude is just so fun and curious, sometimes she creeps me out sometimes I just want to dance with her and have fun, sometimes I want to watch her in awe because she's so freaking weird. I'm sure there are other characters like her but to me she just gives off an original vibe and personality. She freaky.

Jack Spicer

Active member
Apr 6, 2011
Mine is = ....Jack Spicer
He/She is from - ....Xiaolin Showdown
I like him/her because - .. He's fun personified.

If we're not considering it anime, like how some don't consider Cory in the House anime for whatever reason, then it's Yugioh GX's Chazz Princeton. I love his arc. He's a very lovable guy.
Feb 19, 2019
Current Favorite Character:
Zack from Angels of Death -- He is extremely crazily attractive, and yes I am aware that under the bandages he was horridly burned. However, his resolve and strength to help Ray get out despite his only abilities really being brute strength was very honorable and adorable in my eyes. And I am aware, he'd probably kill me. . .

Previous Favorite Characters:
Yamato Kurasawa -- He was able to love and care for a girl who acted like me when I was in high school, aka shut everyone out and thought she was better alone since people are flawed and only destined to hurt you. He introduced her to a world that showed she could be friends with people and not everyone was bad, and actually helped me get out of my own mindset.

Kyouya Sata -- Blonde hair. Bad Boy. Charming Grin. Slytherin. Possessive. Protective. Must I say anymore?

Usui Takumi -- Uhm, hot. No in all honesty, I fell for his charms in early high school. He was so sweet and protective, and he was stubborn minded and knew what he wanted. Plus a man of integrity.

Soushi Miketsukami -- To be honest, part fox, adorable protector type. Plus he looked fairly older and I was really into older looking guys at the time (& I still am, but they're more around my age range now).

Kyou Souma -- Bad Boy type but misunderstood and is secretly partly a softy and just as broken as the mc (who I apparently sound like in real life according to my friends??)

Fujimoto Kiyokazu -- My first anime crush. He was a smart adult man who didn't play around with stupid notions, but was willing to show compassion and vulnerability and his romance that slowly grew with the mc was the type of romance girls could only ever dream of. 10/10 man I still love him.