What If Club

Jun 27, 2019
This club is about what if's for Marvel, Disney, DC, Pokemon, Digimon, LOTR, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Cartoons and any Anime or Mangas.

The rules are be

Here are some of the what if's:

Naruto's selection of What if:
1. What if Haku survive the Wave Arch.
2. What if Guren the Crystal user found Naruto?
3. What if Minato and Kushina told an Iwa ninja or a Kumo ninja to take their son as their cause they fear for how their son would be treated.
4. What if Dimensional Narutos.
* Cursed Marked Naruto.
* Akatsuki Naruto
* Seven Swordsman Naruto
*Uzukage Naruto
*Kazekage Naruto
*Tushikage Naruto
*Raikage Naruto
*Mizukage Naruto
*Ottokage Naruto
*Peacock Naruto trained
*Blench Naruto
* Dragonball Naruto
*Pokemon Naruto
*Digimon Naruto
* Beyblade Naruto
* One Piece Naruto
*DC Naruto
*Marvel Naruto
*Disney Naruto
*Star Wars Naruto
*Star Trek Naruto
*Lord of the Ring Naruto
*Harry Potter Naruto
All of those Naruto become the Universe Guardians

If you want to become a judge for a feature. The only requirement is to create a full body of my original characters. If you want to contact me with this just message me with the subject title What if Judge and the contest.

If you want to become one of the leaders in this club. You have to make a Fan Manga with my Original characters in them.

The only way to join this club is to choose which jutsus for my Original characters in them.

Here are my originals characters:​
Naruto’s and Sakura’s son Haku Uzumaki: He was born to NaruSaku but in Land of the Waves. He has Crystal release and Ice release. He doesn’t want to become Hokage as his father did. He wants to be teachers like Iruka and Shizune. He has Pink hair and violet eyes. He’ll get married to Hiro.
His sister named, Chiyo Uzumaki, She has green eyes like her mother. Red hair like Kushina. She wants to be everything she could be. She wants to be the first Archer of Konoha. She married Yahiko Uzumaki.
Inoino Akimichi is the daughter of Choji and Ino. She has the hairstyle of the Yamanakas but the hair color of Akimichi. She isn’t fat as her father or her grandfather. She loves eating a new type of food. She loves to garden but her weakness is fashion.
Haruto Uchiha is the middle child of SasuHina’s triplets. The reason for this could happen cause Naruto created a seal with Kurama’s help to Hyuuga and Uchiha could have kids. Just like his older brother Haru. He has Sharingan all over his body. He hates it.
Haru Uchiha is the oldest of the SasuHina’s triplets. He has the Byakugans all over his body kinda like Danzo. He has a mixture of Itachi and Neji’s face with the hair color of Fugaku bu the hairstyle like Hiashi. This way No dead Hyuuga clan members won’t be forgotten. He wants to become a Hokage.
Haruka Uchiha has one Rinnegan on each shoulder. She looks like a mixture of Mikoto Uchiha and Hinata’s mother. She's the youngest of the SasuHina's Triplets.
Rina Hatake is the daughter of Kakashi and Hana Inuzuka. Her hairstyles is a mixture of Tsume’s and Kakashi’s but the hair color is Kakashi.
Sasuka Uzumaki is the daughter of Sai and Karin. She has red hair like Karin but has the eyes of Sai.
Hiruzen Umino the son of Shizune Kato and Iruka Umino. He has Shizune’s hair color but in the Iruka’s hairstyle.
Kushina Mitarashi is the daughter of Anko and Yamato/Tenzo. She has a personality of Yamato with a bit of Mixture of hyper Anko.
Nejia is the daughter of Neji and Yakumo.
Nekobaa Inuzuka is the daughter of Kiba and Tamaki.
Eisshugaru Aburame the daughter of Shino and Isarabi.
Nawaki Senju Kato: Orochimaru created him before he turned bad by using DNAs of Dan Kato, Jiraiya’s, Tsunade’s and his own DNA. Who married Haruka Uchiha.
Yahiko Uzumaki Uchiha was the same way as Nawaki Senju Kato but this time was the DNA of all the Akatsuki’s. He married
Chiyo Uzumaki.
Now with characters that are not part of Konoha.
Suteji is the son of Kankuro and Karui. He has red hair of Karui and in the spiky hair just like his father. He wears war paint as his father does.
Chiyo the daughter of Gaara and Matsuri.
Hiro is the daughter of Omoi and Kurotsuhi. Who is married to Haku Uzumaki.
Where Sakura and Hinata dies. Naruto remembers his promise to Shion. They have a daughter with her. Her name is Namikaze Miroku.

Denu Gurubu: He has dark brown hair color. Kinda spike. He has dark chocolate brown eyes but when he's in the battle. His eyes become orange. His jacket would be similar to Anko's but without the sleeves of the jacket. The color of the jacket is Red with gold trim around the edges. On the back of the jacket has kanji for Prince. He created his own fake headband that is red cloth. The symbol of the headband was a crown. His headband is wrapped around his right shoulder. He has gloves that look like this
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