What do you think of this story premise?


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Jun 8, 2016
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So basically, this is a short story premise I had one night.

The world (world here meaning some form of society you can’t escape, and that is your home).
Is ruled by people who are seemingly evil, and a lot of people are complaining, as forces of good, they use very complex arguments, and the people in charge use complex arguments as well.
Bottom line is that the forces of good are powerless to stop this evil from happening.
No matter what they do or how hard they try.
So, the world seems hopeless.
And it never “ends”.

Team “evil”, are the ones that rule, but they do not rule through tyranny or a dictatorship.
It is a democracy where the majority “agrees” in the “evil” ways.
They are considered evil because they kill people considered deplorable.
Making those within the society, especially the ones on the brink of being deemed such, live in fear and constant worry.
People at the top, however, make sure that if you live as a good person you should have nothing to worry about, and if they did not have their ways then everyone else will worry as they will live in a world of anarchy of the worst kind.

People are not deemed deplorable, based on gender or race.
But based on statistics on how they live their life, how it impacts others, and how it impacts society as a whole.
The majority of society weighs more than the needs of a minority such as an individual.

If you cannot sustain yourself, but instead leech on others as a way of getting money, (and there is no help from the government), then you are considered deplorable and you will get a series of warnings until eventually you are killed off.
You cannot be deported, because there is no way to run where people will help you, for the government to send people away to become other people’s burdens is considered shameful.
And you do not have the means to escape.

They do not torture you or, in prison you, the death is quick and is meant to be for the “greater good”.
Most people agree this is necessary for society to continue to advance and for “good”, “decent” people to live happily and productively.
If you commit crimes, you are also deplorable, and excuses such as hunger or drug addiction are not taken seriously.

A lot of people protest, and they are allowed to do so, but the majority laugh and don’t care.

Some protests turn violent, people think they are overthrowing an evil empire, however, this furthers the image of protesters as cruel and wicked people, that also deserve to die.
Protesters do not have the means to overpower the government, as the government has weapons and soldiers they do not."

What are your thoughts on this quick premise?


Jul 3, 2008
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You can think at realistic connections between characters to give the impression of an actual society. Many small details create a bigger picture.
A back story for main characters that show development and some universal human feelings like love/friendship/brotherhood/etc can add an emotional value and help the readers to vibe with the story.

You can do it :)
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But what do you do, if your opnion of what is evil is not shared with a majority of people that also rules your world?
It depends on how many share your opinion
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