What are things you would like the boruto series to do


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Aug 13, 2016
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I think probably the biggest complaint might be pacing but with past couple chapters action and plots been ramping up pretty fast a bit too fast for my tastes

But also wish the series spent time focusing on the new gen and building them up instead of having naruto and sasuke take over the story and characters getting ignored. We've only just been getting back to back fights these arcs naruto was great originally because we see the characters explore this harsh world that's made for special character and story moments. Pretty much doing everything that shippuden did to ruin the franchise. No details really being put to character development and new world explorations been pretty underwhelming so far. Also characters being ignored just for boruto and naruto and sasuke screen time. Authors trying cheap gimmicks to keep our attention instead of actual solid story telling. The new reveals are cool and all but theres really no emotional investment being built for these new characters.

Still too early to be two harsh on it since this series only really had two arcs so far and seems the authors rushing to give us reasons to keep up with the series.

But it's been about 4 years since its debut and could of done alot better to build us up to this point.

How would you've of changed the series can be saying do weekly release maybe write arcs differently etc...?
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