[Theory] Wapol and his secret connection with World Govt (Interesting and Plausible)


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Apr 12, 2012
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I think Wapol has a deeper connection to the World Government and this has to do with his Wapometal.

Quick summary of Wapols coverstory after Drum Island for understanding:

After Wapol was defeated by Luffy and sent flying we saw him again in a cover story. In this cover story we can see that he ate a tree (wood) and in the back we see a branch factory. Around wapol himself we see birds flying around with crowns on their heads.

This was clear foreshadowing that Wapol would get his own country with a factory again.

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After going broke and losing his King status Wapol became poor and lived like shit basically. He came by a trash pile under a bridge and played around with the garbage there, eating it and spitting toys out.
Kids found the toys the next day and played around with it. After a while Wapol was able to create his own little store where he sold his toys. This boy bought this little mecha and brought it back him home when his dad, a scientist, analyzed the metal and found out that this metal is special.
After some time passed Wapol was basically able to create his own store, company with a product, the Wapometal based on this discovery and rise to fame and fortune. The caption here implies that Wapol was worlds famous meaning that all big names have now at least heard about him, including the World Government.

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Two years later we suddenly find out the World Nobles aka the Gorosei granted Wapol a country that was allowed to take part in the reverie meaning he was now affiliated with the WG.

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Alright. Since the past is now clear lets look at the main theory.

I believe that Wapol is secretely doing business with the World Government regarding his Wapometal. Now one may think why would this have to be a secret? Well the Wapometal that is being produced there is not being used for proper normal stuff like canons but I think for Vegapunks secret creation the SSG. But why exactly Wapometal?
Firstly, the scientist in the coverstory found out about it and it was special enough to rise him from rags to riches (literally) and make him world famous. Thats one plus point. The other is that Franky is using the Wapometal in his General Franky. He mentioned Vegapunks name right next to Wapometal and talked about his plans. And called it "shape-memory alloy" Wapometal so he used Wapometal for some reason.
The raid suits also used a fire resistant shape memory alloy and there is a good chance they used Wapometal.

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Since we already got two of the smartest scientist in the One Piece World after Vegapunk potentially use Wapometal, I dont believe it is a stretch to say that Vegapunk has caught his eye on it over the timeskip as well.

So now why would the World Government be doing business with Wapol in secret.

1. We have already seen the World Government do this plenty of times.
- The slave trade in Sabaody.
- The Shinokuni devoloped by Caesar in Punk Hazard.
- The weapons dealt by Doflamingo in Dressrosa.
- The seastone dealt by Orochi in Wano Kuni.
- Human trafficking by Mother Caramel in Elbaf (later on an isolated island).

As you can see the World Government doing secretly illegal business is nothing new.

2. Why did the World Government grant him a country and therefore a seat in Reverie? The hints we get in the manga that its not for normal reasons:
- When confronted by Vivi as to what the hell he is doing there he answers with "Yes, quite a mystery, isnt it?!" and a giant villainous smile as if he knows hes not here for normal, fair reasons and just using sarcasm to make fun of her.
- To underline this in the same chapter he tells Dalton "Its impossible to run a squeaky clean country!!! basically admitting that his country does some dirty business.

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So now that I made clear that the World Government and Wapol are already suspicious. I wanna get to the part of Vegapunk and Wapometal.

Judging by previous silhouettes in the Caribou coverstory I believe that the production of Wapometal happens in Wapols country itself. Edit: (Factories in his own country make sense anyways)
These factories would have to work together with his Devil fruit though. I'm assuming he might've been able to awaken his Devil Fruit or got help by Vegapunk to produce more without having to sit there for days or weeks or whatever in exchange for free Wapometal for Vegapunk and his SSGs.

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Looking at the location of Evil Black Drum I also found some interesting details. Evil Black Drum is located in South Blue. I have noticed a reappearing pattern and theme in the South Blue: Metal/technology and/or a connection to Vegapunk.

- Franky was born in the South Blue and turned himself into a cyborg. He landed on Vegapunks old lab in the grandline and used his technology to improve.
- Kid was born in the South Blue and had already shown interest in metal and robots since he was a little child. He also has some sort of metal Devil Fruit.
- Kuma once governed Sorbet Kingdom located in the South Blue (was probably born there too) and turned into a cyborg was the inspiration for the pacifista for Vegapunk.
--> The very first thing pointed out about Kumas cyborg body was actually that Vegapunk had implemented a more resistent iron (metal).
- The inhabitants of Torino Kingdom (island Chopper landed on) located in the South Blue where very technologically and medically advanced despite their primitive looks.
- Lindbergh the inventor and scientist of the Revolutionary Army is in charge of the South Army.
( A little fun one "Gold" Ace was born in the South Blue)

The reoccurring pattern of metal/technology and the connections to Vegapunk lead me to believe that Vegapunk could potentially also be stationed in the South Blue and therefore make a straight and short supply way from Evil Drum Kingdom directly to Vegapunk possible.
Wapometal has been used by Franky in his General and potentially by the Germa 66 in their raid suits while it made its name by being known as a very special sort of metal. It would be a perfect fit for Vegapunks new invention, the SSG.

It is also fairly suspicious why the World Government was giving him an island in this exact Blue.

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Resulting from the Reverie the Shichibukai-system was abolished or the higher ups knew it would be abolished and now all faith was put into the SSG. Wapol being the primary supplier could have let him to a discussion on how to progress further with the higher ups of the World Government, Gorosei, Kong or whoever.
Since the World Government would now be ultimately dependent on him I think they invited or planned to invite him for a quick talk after or sometime during the Reverie. At the same time the Gorosei invited Cobra (and Vivi) in because he wanted to talk to them about something. Simultaneously the Revolutionary Army was infiltrating the castle deep. So both Cobra/Vivi and Wapol where somewhere deep into the castle where they wouldnt have been usually.
I believe this is where the Revolutionary Army interfered! Sabo and the others must've started started the attack right in front of Wapol and he could see everything. I'm not gonna go into detail what exactly happened with Sabo and Vivi/Cobra but what is clear is that Wapol witnessed everything because he was at the right place at the right time. Later he went on to leak everything to Morgans.

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The Revolutionary Army might've possibly also found out about this deal with the World Government, the SSG and the Wapometal. If they didn't yet, they will in the future and completely run ruin to his country, ironically.

This is a great throwback to chapter 142:
1. Where he makes fun of the Revolutionary Army and how a country that gets destroyed by them shouldn't exist to begin with.
2. In the same chapter he meets Vivi outside of the Reverie potentially paralleling him meeting Vivi outside of Reverie (meeting) again but this time 8 years later.

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Two bonus details I found on my research:

- Wapol was actually the first royal known character that became a pirate and evil.
- Vegapunk and Wapol (and Hack) share the same birthday on 9th August.

So summed up:

This theory suggests that Wapol is doing shady business with the World Government through his Wapometal. I think the SSG created by Vegapunk includes this special Wapometal and is therefore kept a secret as well as supported by the World Government.
When planned to discuss on the future actions with the SSG and its production inside of Mary Joa, Wapol witnessed the Revolutionary Army's attack and later on leaked everything he saw to Morgans.

That leaked information most likely included either Vivi, Cobra or Sabo.