[Question] Wano's Best Possible Aka Herrings


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Apr 12, 2012
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In OP, there are a lot of Red Herrings. Many great stories have them. For example, Vivi being a Baroque Works member was for a lil while. Even Bege going out his way to make sure Pekoms doesn't get in the way is a form of misdirection. Right now, what are your 3 best possible Aka (Red) Herrings or misdirection pertaining to Wano. I use the word possible because there's a chance that it isn't misdirection or a red Herring because it can actually be what it is portrayed as.
1. I can't back it up, but something feels off about Kinemon. It's this weird feeling that I can't pinpoint. He's lied or omitted truths and I feel like the biggest truth will come out later.

2. I'm not falling for the demon thing right now with Kawamatsu. I still think he's a fishman/mink or at least 1 of those.

3. An easier one is where does Kyoshiro's loyalty lie. I think it's to whoever is ruler or the people. More like a duty type character than allegiance to a single agenda. It's almost like him and Komurasaki were on the same wavelength when he was about to cut her.

Any you all would like to share, comment below !!