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Jul 12, 2009
Aight since I don't feel like doing actual work.

Enrico Pucci bio - https://animebase.me/threads/enrico-pucci.768514/

Pucci simply waves his hand at his foe, causing the ground beneath him to erupt into black and crimson spikes.

You will not stop me from achieving heaven.

Type: Offensive/Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: D - S (A)
Range: Short - Long
Chakra cost: 10 - 40 (30)
Damage points: 20 - 80 (60) (+20 if it undergoes a temperature change)
Description: ***** of Babylon is a technique that forces the user to generate Hellstone from their bodies or from the ground at a rapid rate and forming it into their needs. This most basic yet useful forms of creation allows the user to manipulate and conform it into various weaponry, platforms, buildings, etc. The hellstone generated by this technique is over an extremely dark crimson and jet black color that is spread erratically throughout the crystal itself. When produced from the body, ***** of Babylon does not require handseals and must be created short range from the user and can be shot at the opponent reaching up to and including long range. When created from the environment, Hellstone Chakra can be focused into that specific area and erected right then and there. The size of the jutsu will depend on the rank used. To create B rank constructs from the body it will require three handseals, or to create any construct from outside the body above B rank, it will require three handseals also. Due to the special properties of Hellstone, when it comes in contact or undergoes a temperature change, it gains a strong electric current. In this case, this technique gains +20 extra damage due to the powerful electrical current. An opponent in contact with ***** of Babylon can face intense numbing and third degree burns due to the power of the electrical current added on to the force of the impact of this technique. The S rank variant can be used 3 times per battle with two turns between uses.

Detective L

Jan 10, 2013
Using Lenia Hayabusa
The ground shook in anticipation to the rising danger. Lenia's blood red eyes quickly darted across the field. She knew what she had to do. One, two, three spikes. Right through her body. Lenia's hands come together, she was indeed damaged. Or was she? Upon the introduction of the spikes, Lenia would passively activate a seal that would render it harmless as she runs through it with great haste. Simultaneously, Lenia would form two hand seals and clap her hands together to reveal a myriad of swords that emerge out of nothingness. The swords clash against each other in anticipation. Lenia quickly sports a smile.


Gone. Her body disappeared into thin air. The burning rose was nowhere to be seen.

A sudden piercing feeling could be felt, as she pierces into his neck with a kunai and draws it downward. He didn't stand a chance, did he? A clean, deep cut right through, down to his lower back. Paralyzed. Done for. Several more blades are felt, as Lenia brings forth the myriad of swords simultaneously into his body. Blood slowly drips from him, as the swords are gently removed.

"You never stood a chance at heaven, boy."

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(Fuuin: Kanbatsu Jakunen Metsubou) - Sealing Technique: Law of the Logia
Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra cost: N/A (-30 on activation)
Damage points: N/A
Description: The user will have a seal on their body with the Kanji for a specific element and it will lay dormant until the user is physically struck, be it by an attack, weapon or an opponent. Whenever the user is physically interacted with (e.g. punched, stabbed, shot), their body will instantly exhibit all of the properties of the chosen element. This doesn't mean their body merely has the properties of the element but rather when interacted with the targeted part(s) of the body will passively dissipate into storm energy or harden into steel (effect depends on the chosen element). If for example the user is stabbed and they turn into storm energy, the bladed weapon would merely phase through their energy-composed body and leave them unaffected. On the other side of the scale, if the user's body hardens into steel then the attack will simply do them no harm. After the attack or strike has passed through them, their body will automatically revert itself to it's normal appearance. Since this technique usually only applies to specific parts of the body, any unconverted portions of the user's body can still be moved/controlled/used as normal. While in this form, the user can only use the element they transformed into, the element's it's composed of and any combination of the aforementioned element as well as any non-elemental abilities. This technique enables the user to defend against A-Ranks and below of neutral elements (B-Ranks and below for weaknesses, S-Ranks and below for strengths). If the user is struck with an attack that will neutralize their transformation, the two cancel one another out and the user reverts to their original form unharmed. If the user is struck with an attack that overpowers their transformation, the user's body reverts to it's original form and sustains the remaining damage (after the collision of techniques). The only exception to this rule is if the two chosen elements have no sort of interaction with one another (e.g. Fire and Lightning), in which case rank differences will not matter. Regardless of how the user is hit, this can be a full body or partial transformation (depends on the user’s choice). Should they be struck by a physical attack capable of cancelling out their transformation (e.g. a sword streaming nagashi), the sword will remain inside them on reversion and they’ll be impaled by the blade.


-Can only be taught by Detective L.
-This seal can only activate twice per battle and lasts one turn
-This technique must be stated in user's biography
-Follows elemental strengths and weaknesses
-User must possess the given element and it cannot be a CE
-Happens passively but counts as one of the user's moves per turn

(Fuuinjutsu: Fantomu ken o hauringu) - Sealing Technique: Howling Phantom Swords
Type: Offensive/Defensive/Supplemental
Rank: A Rank
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 (-10 per weapon)
Damage: 60
Description: The user after placing a unique version of the lightning blade creation seal on his body. Will perform two handseals before clapping his hands. Activating a powerful sealing jutsu on his body that allows him to summon a grand armory of weapons from his body at any point. Once activated the sealing technique remains able to summon and replace destroyed weapons from the users body. The weapons summoned can be hugely varied basic weapons of the users choice and when summoned will hover around his body within a 5 meter radius being controlled by his hand gestures in a similar fashion to the floating ninja tools jutsu. These weapons carry a static damage property of D rank damage each and the user is capable of having up to six weapons summoned at any one time. If destroyed another weapon can be summoned in it's place, upon summoning the weapons initially appear somewhat ethereal before forming completely, while this is only momentary it prevents the weapons just popping up in mid air with no forewarning. Essentially this jutsu gives the user a unique ability to have weapons readily available to him at any point. This jutsu is the cornerstone of the phantom swords techniques. These weapons are formed from raw chakra focused in a similar fashion to the rasengan making them capable of competing with elemental jutsu equally when released they are raw chakra which the user focuses causing the slight delay.

-Once activated remains active until the battle ends-
-Summoning additional swords costs a move slot, but the user can summon between 1-6 swords for a single move slot depending on his needs-
-Must be mentioned in the users biography-
-Each individual blade is capable of taking D rank damage before breaking.
-Can only be taught by ReXii-

Ototon/Genjutsu: Furasshu-Gurō | Sound/Illusionary Arts: Flash-Taunt
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B-Rank
Range: Short
Chakra: 20
Damage: N/A
Description: Flash-taunt is a close combat, sound based genjutsu. It's special because of its characteristic to be triggered rather quickly, while in close, hand to hand combat. To trigger the genjutsu, the user will focus an amount of sound chakra into his bladed weapon or his limbs and engage into a fight. The moment his weapon or limbs collide with his opponent's, they would release the usual sound (clash of metal weapons or a dull thump of limbs) with infused sound chakra, causing the soundwave to spread and trick the opponent into a genjutsu where the user flashes from his previous position, appearing right behind the opponent, with a sharp kunai pointed at his neck, aiming at his spine. In the illusion the user stabs his kunai in the opponents neck, causing pain and slight momentary loss of limb function. Off course the illusion is momentary and it will happen at the speed a ninja would be otherwise able to perform the same movement in reality. However, because it masks the users real presence, its exceedingly useful to deliver severe blows unnoticed.
Note: Usable only twice per battle
Note: Only McRazor can teach this
Note: Cannot use any other technique while using this nor can the opponent be attacked with Ninjutsu when he is caught in the illusion