[NW] [V.2] Ikiru Uchiha, of the Fourth Tomoe


Mar 15, 2014
Trait Points
Basic Information
Name: Ikiru E. Uchiha
Nickname: Essen, Spineless Ruler
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Clan: Uchiha

Looks: Ikiru has jet black spiky overgrown hair and gray eyes that seem to appear as like if they're faded. His appearance shows fully display of vigor and skill, with a ‘you’re not good enough’ facial appearance, he seems to change between emotions as he bounces across melancholy to obnoxious expressions. While he is slimly muscular with a smooth texture of creamy-like skin for his age. He is far from adorable, Ikiru has a compact physic and muscular legs and thighs. With his rounded with a clear, often beautiful complexion faced reactions. Neck short and may appear rather thick, if the shoulders are high and square, feet are large or broad. Eyes are usually large and offer a steady gaze. Wear bandages on his legs but, most notably he has the symbolic Uchiha icon however, its a mix of the Uzumaki clan as well (originally before, however hasn't since wore it proudly as usually did in the past).

Personality: At times, Ikiru can seem ambivalent, more than willing to approach people, always confident in his own words and abilities, then not. By his own admission, he is an introvert who doesn't like to be looked at and who wants to stick to the background. He can be very critical of others, dismissing their personal desires and outlining all the flaws he perceives them to be making only to cry about it after. To those he feels are deserving, he is nothing but polite, regarding them with deference, using the appropriate honourifics, and chastising those who don't do the same. He can be cruel, preying on sensitive topics in order to rile someone up and punctuating his comments with sarcasm, this usally is known by his family as a defensive mechanism. Other times he is kind, putting himself at risk and being helpful for no immediate benefit to himself. Being as an Uchiha, he inhabited the features that made him, very highly perceptive, cunning, sensitive, and analytical. He keeps contact with people to an absolute minimum and maintains his strong sense of Uchiha pride. He is willing to help the anyone, if their problems are beyond their expertise but ignores their requests if facing insignificant issues. He acts independently to even not bother to interacting with anyone, so much so to avoid catching emotions for others. His true nature is rather very flexible, while contradicting so to say. Ikiru isn't someone who is loyal, but someone who won't betray, someone to not steal but, he will take what isn't his and make it his own. Ikiru’s deep understanding to freedom is also his very own poison, knowing that he can do whatever he wants as long as it's considered for the greater good and betterment of the world. This philosophy is very turbulent, which gives back to his predated history he avoids to talk about. The quietness that comes from him, is always as loud. Most people whenever they talk of who is, they speak only of what he has done and nothing of where or what he plans to do or go. The nature of humans to him seems bleak and repetitive, this dark outlook on the ninja world has him slowly falling into a melancholy state. Ikiru believes in the beatific vision religion, which to him is the ultimate direct self-communication of God to the individual person. A person possessing the beatific vision reaches, as a member of redeemed humanity in the communion of saints, perfect salvation in its entirety, i.e. heaven. Personality Alignment: Chaotic Good.

Village Information

"—as the leaf, I fall away from the tree, swinging however I like..."

Land of Birth: Land of Fire
WSE Clan of Alliance: Hellsing | Tsumigakure (Rogue) | S-Crime
Rank & Chakra Information
Ninja Battle Rank: Jounin | 1600 Chakra / 160 Health

Apex Warrior Specialist:
An expert in hand to hand, the user's freeform damage gains the ability to deal 20 damage.
Note: Requires any Damage, Combat, or Kenjutsu Specialties.

Advanced Combat Specialist:
You are capable of increasing your freeform Tai/Kenjutsu damage to 15.

Single Handseal Specialist:
You can perform techniques of the skill you chose to specialize in by performing a single ( 1 ) handseal, that is still double-handed except when specifically stated otherwise in the technique. This can be applied to Advanced and Custom Elements that are composed of basic elemental affinities. Applied to: Katon

The user has an increased available chakra pool for Curse Mark, doubling the original available amount OR the user has two additional uses per battle; each for Partial Transformation, Curse Mark Level 1 and 2. Note: Requires Curse Mark.

Elements: Katon, Raiton, Doton, Suiton, Futon
Custom/ Adv Elem. | | Dark Vacuity Release

Ninjutsu: Genjutsu (Advanced), Taijutsu (Advanced), (Advanced), Ninjutsu, Leg Weights, Curse Mark I & II, Fuinjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, Kaito's Taijutsu (Advanced) and Kenjutsu.
Summoning Contracts: | [KG]: Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan
Custom Jutsu Thread [ ]
Chapter 0, Origin: Uchiha Ichizoku, 4th Branch Household
The Uchiha Clan as mighty as its famed Eyes, were defeated in separate battles by Aléxandros’ legions. Soon a purging of the Uchiha Clan blood occurred, slowly by slowly hunts occurred and soon the Uchiha Clan members started hiding and marrying non-Uchiha's in hopes to be spared. Ikiru's mother coming from a warring era strong family led her to live her life as strong as the mountain. She moved terrains with her prowess and used her Uchiha's bloodline to install fear. Along with her friends and her older sister, they pursed the Aléxandros’ legions from territories to the shore ends. Soon times would change and famed sisters would get married too. One would marry another Uchiha man while the other fell for a road merchant. Believing that they had ridden off the Aléxandros’ legions influence, soon their elite Shinobi would emerge to uptake their peaceful life. Having kids of their own, the sisters struggled as their shinobi peak wasn't with them. Times had changed, no-longer were the famed Twin-linked Red-eyed Femme fatale able to withstand the wrath of the numinous army of Aléxandros’ legions. With the first wave, Ikiru's mother would be overwhelmed thus she would lose her life, however her sister would offer her own eye to undo such event, this would bring back Ikiru's mother back home. Being saved by her own sister, she would rush to the scene only to reach the village of her sister's home in flames. Watching as a baby would cry out, dashing into the flames as the placed tags exploded, she'd sacrifice her own eye to live so to take the baby alive. Writing a small letter, she would travel across in the opposite direction. Dashing at incomprehensible speeds she'd reach at a doorstep of an orphanage, with a brief letter indicating his origins in a vague manner. The crying tears as she held the boy, she'd say some words to him with a smudge of blood on the letter as she attempted to draw something, she'd leave information on where the orphanage should attain money as she'd escape before they'd seen whom delivered the baby. Having wrote his first name only, Azuma (@Anbu Kirito) she aimed for the Aléxandros’ legions army that moved towards her home. Unknown to her husband who simply knew she'd went out on a mission, he'd then see her arrive with faded dark eyes. With her baby twins in bed, she'd explain the battles she'd fought and all that was to be done. For the twins, she'd want them to know of her as a simple shinobi medical doctor who was blind. Thus the father would claim to be the Uchiha to avoid the twins to further ever having questions about her. "For this is the Origin story of Ikiru Uchiha."

Chapter 1, Ikiru: Weather Changes
During his Academy Student years at the guild (a small village), Ikiru was always ahead of his peers as to him they seemed to always be at the beginning fundamentals of Ninjutsu. For him, he easily surpassed each test without effort due to his home teaching by his renowned famed mother. While a prodigy due to his up-bringing, he’d mentor most of his peers, soon realising that he’d have to team up with a certain group of rouges, for which he highly disapproved of. This teaming up was merely for personal gain to which used at the fullest. Ikiru's way of thinking wasn’t at the age his body was to be perceived by his teachers, which prompted them to usually change their own teachings and planning around him. While at home, he’d aspire to learn more about his clan's history, which would be forbidden to most kids his age but, due to his level of skill he‘d proven to be up to the task. For being a ninja was expected for Ikiru and his younger brother, which he solely knew too well. The childhood some say was stripped away from him, never bothered Ikiru as he welcomed it and honoured it.
Finishing the academy with early release at the age of 7 and taking the title of Genin ahead of his peers proved destiny. With him leaving his friends behind, Ikiru made no remark to visit them or pass by them. For his understanding was that they weren’t on his level, thus socializing with them could hinder his progress for having a better life. Ikiru graduating early gave him months of free time, lazing around and making little progress during his training than usual. During that time, Ikiru begun to lose his skills and developed a habit of walking around the village reading as ‘training’ and hanging out with his younger brother who couldn’t use ninjutsu. Once in the while, as he would walk into his past classmates, only to ignore the whole confrontation as though they never were a bond. When asked about his behavior, he would reply that it’s insignificant for them to judge him. Ikiru knew too well of who would like him, and who would not. Which became a reason why he didn't make any effort to let those people get the better of him, nor did he have those who aspired to be him comfort their feelings about him. Making sure abstain from friends who'd love/ understanding him, he focused on knowing that the ninja code being absolute. Ikiru in the end of those months, before his new assigned rouge team, he made sure he wasn't to contact anyone outside of his team, including his family.

After his many graduations from other academies, Ikiru being a famed ninja at the young age thus challenges in strength/ skills arose by those around him, they'd soon realised, his bloodline of Uchiha descents was in-fact-a-no joke. Only at 9 years old as his 3rd tomoe Sharingan exhibited no-flaw, proved talent. Knowing someone was a Uchiha seemed to make people act kinder and plan schemes. Meanwhile, training with his team as he being to predicted his opponent‘s movements in battle, was key to Ikiru’s skill in commanding which soon alarmed his higher-ups to maximise their use of him. The experience of working with some of other rogue ninjas in hunting, fishing, camping etc, and those completing missions helped Ikiru find a soft side for his allowing emotions to show.

Prior to that, his teamwork wasn’t team material, as more of his teammates would complain that he was the "inconsiderate" in characteristics of battle and wouldn’t "risk his life" for his teammates. Ikiru’s skills for hiding and attaining resources proved too superb but, hiding information including strategies to defeating the enemy from the team led the group to hating him and distrusting his commands. When the group considered him rogue member of the team, an Elite Ninja instructor recommended him to chunin exams which Ikiru passed with a bare-minimum. Even then, for his age such a feat was proof that his skill gap in the guild was far too wide.

Chunin testing months, Ikiru’s combat skills and his use of Smoke Ninjutsu trait lead him to become a chunin. For wining a fight, without having him or their opponent getting hurt proved quite the skills of his Uchiha Clan Bloodline and intelligence. Shockingly after he had won he’d be notified of an emergency that took place at his home. Returning to learn of his brother in a critical state, afflicted by a powerful Genjutsu that his mother couldn‘t do anything about. This awoke a deeper darkness within him as Ikiru would awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan, with his brother simply kept in stable condition with Advanced Medical ninjutsu by his mother.

He'd requesting information from the guild about such an attack, but no information would be attained or protection. Becoming paranoid of his village, he‘d become a guard hourly along side his mother who stayed by his brother. In a coma for a few months later, his brother would awaken only recovering as he slowly returned from his vegetable state. With his brother recovering, his mother would go on to explain to him of their family's past. The reasons as to why they lived in a small village and not as a Clan (since 'clan' in WSE is rather considered the truer village). She would further tell him more of the Uchiha Clan mass-killings that were still being carried through to the current age. With all that information, she finally explained to him of his lost cousin he'd have to find, for he was the last of their Uchiha 4th branch-bloodline (@Anbu Kirito), who's name was Azuma.

Returning to complete his next test, Ikiru would murder the Uchiha examiner, thus marking him a felony to the guild, and was to be captured. Years later, Ikiru would be labeled as a High-level Jounin due to endless fruitless attempts to capturing him. Jounin at 12 years old, he embarks alone on his endless journey in search of Azuma, away from the lands of Fire. Sending letters to his parents, he moves about the lands doing small local missions while undercover from the guild assassins. Occasionally, these assassins from the guild come-by to capture him and some times simply attempt to kill him. Ikiru always seems to prevail against them, having been [booked] from one of his escape assassin, they'd reported back to the guild of his new sharingan powers. Ikiru now having became able to use Mangekyo despite its canning appearance, his assassinators seemed to quell trying as a false peace went on in the shinobi world.

Chapter 2, the product of the Shinobi way
Ikiru evading his pursers, soon they'd result using his mother in an attempt to capture him. This situation would later be solved by his master @Skorm, who would put an end to the regretful and sorrowful shinobi. For that shinobi was Ikiru Uchiha's mother, with months passing on, Ikiru would join the Hellsing organisation. Meeting many talented shinobi alike Ikiru would feel at home. However this was short lived, soon greater masters would seek the resources of the organisation which his master had founded. With the Tsumigakure ultimately wining the war and over taking the organisation, Ikiru would seek to further attain his strength in hopes of freeing his members from the holds the treaty had over his new found family. Through and through, Ikiru had mastered his Mangekyo which soon developed further to its maxim state of growth. While learning of the new life he was forced into, Ikiru was growing stronger and this alone had him discover of legends theories of the original chakra that formed the world. Enrichments of knowledge hidden within the village, Ikiru soon discovered he was banished from the village due to his inconstant arrivals and departures which he didn't inform the command of.

Out in the world, he would taken in by a batch of no-good-doers who support him and offer him chances to improve. Ikiru learning of these perks, he could conform to obey their orders to attain powerful scrolls and artifacts through these methods, at a hastening pace. This reflection of opportunity he would never had gotten from the Hidden village of Sin changed his loyalties to that village forever. Soon months would turn to years, and Ikiru would become a high-class criminal, listening to his 'boss' who commanded him and tell him what to do. He now resides with the 'S-Crime' Mafia, which is currently on an upraising to global fame, throughout the world Ikiru is also becoming well known for his abilities.

Meetings with...

Other Information
Curse Mark information
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Curse Mark: Ikiru has the Curse Mark of Heaven, which when activated, the seal turns orange-red and spreads flame-like markings in fuin-like marks tightly made together. Upon releasing the [Second stage], his skin turns dark-grey and his hair grows longer and white with eyes that turn black replacing the white part of his eyes, much like an edo summon. Additionally, he grows a black/white arm-bodied (Not-sentient) like-shaped wings from his back, which he could use to attack/ defend incoming attacks with, while including use of flight and gliding. He also exhibits a dark X-shape mark across the bridge of his nose upon completion of the seal's full release.

(Ten no Juin: Ichi) - Heaven's Cursed Seal: Level 1
: Supplementary
Rank : A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 ( +100 chakra; -10 to user per turn )
Damage: N/A
Description: The user wills the opening of the cursed seal partially, giving him more chakra and more strength, as the Senjutsu Chakra contained within the seal is unleashed upon the users body in a reduced amount. Patterned red lines that extend from the Cursed Seal on the body of the user course through the user's body, covering it in a repetitive pattern as their body surges with chakra. When the state it done, the lines will become a solid black. While active, the seal actively consumes the users chakra in order to produce and fuel Senjutsu Chakra into his body. While in this stage, the user gains +15 damage to his elemental Ninjutsu and +10 to his Taijutsu. His physical strength is slightly improved as is his speed.

Note: Lasts for 5 turns.
Note: Can be deactivated at will.
Note: Usable twice.

(Ten to Chi Juin: Bubun Henkan) - Heaven and Earth's Cursed Seal: Partial Transformation
: Supplementary
Rank: B
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 20 (-5 to sustain )
Damage Point: N/A
Description: Aside from the first and second levels of the seal, skilled users of the seal are able to perform partial transformations enabling the user to transform a part or parts of their body into the form it bares while under the full transformation of Cursed Mark Level 2. This is accomplished by partially mastering the spreading of the Senjutsu Chakra released from the cursed mark and enabling it to effectively only affect one area of the body. While in this state, half of the user's face becomes grayed according to the side of the body that the user transforms their body. While within this state, the user is not granted the power boosts of either of the cursed levels. This technique is only used to grant the user extra appendages for a duration of time.

Note: Must possess Cursed Seal Level 2.
Note: Lasts for 3 turns.
Note: Can be deactivated at will.
Note: User is limited to transform one leg or one arm or his torso or his head and the transformation always spreads from the seal towards the users desired body part.
Note: Usable 3 times per match if he hasn't yet used Level 1 or 2 of the cursed mark.

(Ten no Juin: Ni) - Heaven's Cursed Seal: Level 2
: Supplementary
Rank : S
Range: Short
Chakra: 40 (+ 200 chakra; -15 to user per turn)
Damage: N/A (-10 to user per turn )
Description: After opening the first level of the seal, the user forcefully opens the seal completely, unleashing the full extent of Senjutsu Chakra contained in it which floods his body. Because this Senjutsu Chakra is raw and is fueled by the enzymes extracted from Jugo's DNA, the user will experience a physical transformation unique to him. As the seal opens, the previous black markings glow almost like fire and grow covering the user completely. As the transformation ends, his skin gains a grayish tone, his sclera becomes black and his eyes change in shape. The transformation is unique from user to user but always has some animalistic feature to it. While active, the seal actively consumes the users chakra in order to produce and fuel Senjutsu Chakra into his body.While in this stage the user gains +30 damage to his elemental Ninjutsu and +20 to his Taijutsu. His physical strength is improved as is his speed. Once it deactivates (regardless of being willed or timing out), it leaves the user drained of stamina for 2 turns as well as unable to mold chakra above A-Rank or use Taijutsu above B-Rank for 2 turns. His speed drops drastically (2 base ranks) as the damage and pain produced by the stress on his body overcomes the user. After those 2 turns, the user regains some of his ability to mold chakra, with each turn increasing by one the rank of chakra he can mold.

Note: Lasts for 6 turns.
Note: Must be in stage 1 to use.
Note: Can be deactivated at will.
Note: Can only be used twice
Leg Weights

(Katai Omori) Leg Weights
: Weapon/Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A
Description: The Leg Weights used for Special Taijutsu Training with Added Weights are made through the application of a sealing formula to ordinary leg weights. The sealing formula is used to, through the use of chakra, increase the weight of the leg weights to the desired level. The seal can't be applied to anything other than the leg weights and its use is restricted to its original purpose. One can remove the leg weights but the sealing technique in them stays active indefinitely and can't be released. Additionally, the Leg Weights and their unique seal calibration makes them only usable by the ninja to whom they belong. They can't be sealed or stolen.

(Katai Omori: Doroppu) Leg Weights: Drop
: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A (+20 to Kicks, 2x Running Speed)
Description: The user stops, bends over to reach his legs and unstraps his leg weights, dropping them to the ground. As a result the user gains a drastic boost to his running speed (doubles) and +20 to all his Strong Fist Kick-related moves. However, this boost in strength and speed is completely nullified when releasing the EIG or when using any kind of movement speed enhancement technique or weight manipulation technique; they don't add up on each other.
Body Seals
( Doujutsu: Tensha Fūin ) - Eye Technique: Transcription Seal
: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 70 ( + chakra of jutsu )
Damage: N/A ( Jutsu dependent )
Description: Transcription Seal is a technique that has the ability to seal a technique of the user's Mangekyō Sharingan within a designated host. Upon being sealed, the technique is typically, involuntarily activated whenever the host when a condition is met; which is predetermined by the user at the moment of sealing. While often being used involuntarily, a skilled user is able to activate it a will when placed upon himself. There are several methods to perform this technique, the most common being channeling chakra to one's fingers and then placing his fingers upon the target's forehead, transferring it to him.
Note: The user is only able to seal Amaterasu based attacks, Tsukiyomi, and other Sharingan attacks barring Susano'o within another eye. He is able to trigger Izanagi within his own eye, however with specific triggers to activate it.
Note: Only one technique can be sealed at any time, and must be stated either in the user's bio or before battle.
Note: Can only be used twice per event.
Note: If Mangekyo Sharingan is needed to activate said sealed techniques, then the Mangekyo will be auto activated when used, taking place of an activation. This counts towards the user's usage count even if the Transcription Seal was created by someone else.
( Doujutsu: Izanagi ) – Eye Technique: Izanagi
: Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: N/A
Chakra cost: 100
Damage points: N/A ( loss of a Sharingan eye )
Description: Izanagi is a Genjutsu that is intended to be cast upon oneself and not the enemy though it actually seems to imbue reality with the users will and alter it according to his own needs. When activated the user removes the boundaries between reality and illusion and bends it to achieve the best outcome to his situation. In a certain degree this allows the user to control their own state of existence as well as that of those around him. However, this is only maintained for the briefest of moments. When activated it is capable of turning an injury or even death into an illusion allowing the user to escape harm, but not without a grave cost. The use of this technique results in the loss of a Sharingan eye. The technique essentially allows the user to alter reality and negate any event that might have happened in the last moments of battle (negates anything that has happened to either the user or the enemy in the last 2 turns), the only exception being his own chakra levels.
Note: This version can only be used by Uchiha Bios with access to MS/EMS
Note: Can only be used twice per battle, once per eye, rendering the used eye blind for the rest of the match, even if the user has EMS
Note: Those around the user as well as the user are well aware of the altered reality though they cannot do anything to change it.
[Altered Reality] Upon use of Izanagi, Ikiru Uchiha, will spawn back into life within that same landmark of death at wherever location he'd so much desire as long as he'd traversed it before his death, with Full Health at his peak perfect condition bar, loss of sight in one eye and chakra. Ikiru will always return in combat ready form, 3T Sharingan Active, his Custom Weapon Katana within his left hand and, his body seals, including his CM all reset as though they'd never been used. This reset also removes all traces of Ikiru’s DNA from previous death point.

(Katon/Fuuinjutsu: Kuro Sanshō̄o no Seimei-Sen) - Fire Release/Sealing Technique: Lifeblood of the Black Salamander (Upon his left upper side of his arm)
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: N/A
Chakra Cost: 30 (Fire jutsu with this effect applied cost 10 more chakra to create.)
Damage Points: N/A
Description: This technique was developed in response to the chakra draining and chakra absorbitve abilities displayed by certain water and earth techniques. Made in an attempt to achieve a similar effect for fire, the resulting technique was deemed too destructive and was classed as a jutsu too dangerous to be used. Like the chakra draining properties of earth and water, the developed technique was highly effective at targeting chakra in its incorporeal states - however instead of draining or absorbing chakra this technique invoked the most fundamental property of Katon - Burning, and applied it to incorporeal interactions. Under the influence of this technique the flames of produced fire jutsu will be sculpted and recoloured so that the Kanji for 'Burn' will appear embossed and patterned across the surface of the flame. As a result the affected fire techniques will burn away foreign chakra within their proximity. There will be little noticeable change for physical clashes such as fire against earth or water, although a sensor will be capable of discerning that the chakra of the technique clashing against the flame is disappearing even before the techniques physical body fades. Against techniques that fire would not have much interaction with however, such as lightning or sound, or techniques that it would not affect at all - such as incorporeal chakra barriers, the true strength of this technique is displayed. As the flames come into 'contact' (Not physical as it generally cannot directly interact with these techniques, but instead overlapping on the same area or being in the same vicinity/pane) the opposing chakra will be burned away, as under the influence of this technique the users fire natured chakra will adopt a singularly destructive property when it encounters opposing chakra and, true to its nature, will not absorb but will rather burn - flooding out to attack the chakra and erasing the opposition completely. When such a flame encounters the body of a living being such as a Summon or Human, it will burn away at their chakra supply for as long as they remain near the flame (short range), destroying more of their chakra each turn, starting at the amount of chakra used to create the fire technique for the first turn, and increasing by double each turn (i.e, 40 the first, 80 the second, 160 the third and so on) until they have absolutely nothing left - and as such fire techniques under the influence of the Black Salamander serve as the bane to beings that cannot be burned or posses powerful regenerative abilities. Against techniques however, elemental weaknesses and strengths will apply, and the strength of the fire technique will reduce accordingly as it expends the very chakra that comprises it to burn away at enemy techniques. Upon the first use of this technique on a fire jutsu, a crest of ash will appear on the users chest, appearing as a salamander that, like an ouroboros is seen to be devouring its own tail. The Salamander Crest will act as a medium for sustaining this technique, should the crest be destroyed then this technique will also end, likewise, for as long as the crest persists, so too will this jutsu. Should the chakra of a fire technique under the influence of the Black Salamander be absorbed, then then absorbed fire chakra will act as a virus - rapidly burning away at the chakra of its new host until nothing is left. The only counter then, is to produce a full bodied chakra surge equal to or greater than the amount of chakra absorbed. (Starts at double the chakra cost of the technique this time, i.e a technique costing 30 chakra would burn away 60 the first turn, and so on, this time as it is directly within an opponents chakra system and as such can wreak havoc more easily). The chakra burn is easily detectable however as an opponent will feel as if their chakra is 'boiling' (a little like the discomfort that Naruto felt upon his first uses of the Kyuubi chakra), although an infected can still produce techniques as usual, albeit they cannot utilise forbidden ranks.


1) Made of ash the crest is virtually immune to any technique that will smash or break it apart as it can simply reform and regenerate, and is counted as a fire/fuuinjutsu combination, A ranked in power, that can only be destroyed by water - which is the natural enemy of fire, or techniques that can completely burn or blast it from existence such as fire or lightning. After four turns the crest will fade, signifying the end of this technique. If Symphony of the Dragon is either active or used afterwards, the Crest of the Black Salamander will combine with the Crest of the Unburnt Dragon, the Salamander wrapping around the Dragon's head and, the two crests will combine, becoming destroyable only by techniques equal to or greater than their now combined strength. When they combine, the crest of the Black Salamander, being weaker, will adopt the turn limit of the Dragon's Crest, if it has two turns left then this crest will also crumble in two turns and so on. While it makes the crest harder to destroy, it also has the drawback of potentially ending the duration of this technique prematurely depending on how, and when the crests are created.

2) While this technique is active the user is capable of, once per turn, producing raw blasts of S ranked fire chakra from any point of their body which - incapable of interacting with physical substances, will instead interact with and destroy those made of chakra, for instance if used against earth the blast will phase into the earth, erasing it of all the chakra that fuels it and, by destroying its source of strength will also undermine the earth's corporeality, leaving it to crumble to dust. (Although it does not interact so much on a physical level, it can still be countered by a technique of equal power as the flame will attack the chakra within the technique, and respecting elemental weaknesses and strengths, will falter when overwhelmed or equalized.) The chakra is visible as it takes a translucent gold or black hue, and be can form various shapes and sizes at the users whim, and the user can maintain control over it should they so wish, however they will be limited to non elemental and fire elemental jutsu during this time. This count as one of the user's three moves per turn.

3) When this technique ends it cannot be reactivated again for the next two turns, and no fire techniques above S rank can be utilized during this period. It can also only be activated 2x, and the user is immune to have their own chakra devoured by their flames.

4 ) This technique is also capable of working against chakra, or uses of physical/spiritual energy that have a slightly different make-up than usual, such as Senjutsu chakra and Kiyoshi energy. However it cannot target physical or natural energies in their raw, un-combined state; it can do so for spiritual energy however.

5) The user can choose to not apply this effect to a created fire technique, and affected fire techniques will appear an imperial black, red and gold in colour.

6) As this technique has no effect on its own, its activation is instant and can be performed in the same timeframe as the following technique. The crest will appear upon the creation of the first Black Salamander Fire technique, and this works on ash too.

7) When used by an Inuzuka this technique will not adversely affect their Ninken as, accustomed to their presence, this jutsu, while largely indiscriminate, will have the users Ninken labelled as something related to and bound to the user, as a result just as the user is immune to the effects of this technique, so too will Ninken be. (Same for cursed seals as they are a part of the users being). Can only be taught by Scaze

(Kuchiyose: Raikō Kenka) - Summoning: Lightning Blade Creation (x2)
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra cost: N/A (-5 per tool/weapon)
Damage points: N/A
Description: This is a special "ninja tool summon" that allows the user to seal basic ninja tools, like shurikens, kunais, swords, etc into sealing marks placed on their clothes or their body. The ninja tools can be summoned in an instant just by touching the sealing "marks". The greatest advantage of this technique is that the time between taking out a ninja tool, taking the right stance and actually throwing it is greatly reduced and one can unleash a barrage of weapons with great speed in a small time window. Also when a weapon such as a Fūma Shuriken is summoned, the time needed to throw it can be further shortened by having prepared the weapon in fully extended form beforehand. Sasuke even shown that you can have the weapons connected to wires and linked to their sealing marks and used the technique in sealing marks he placed in his wrist bracers.
Note: Can summon up to 30 basic tools per sealing mark and can have up to 2 sealing marks.

Weapons/ Technologies
( Uchiha Ikimono to angō-ka no Ken ) - Uchiha Sword of Creatures and Encryption

Type: Weapon
Rank: S rank
Range: N/a
Chakra: (-20 to enemy chakra)
Damage: N/a
Description: This blade is the most treasured item from Rai Uchiha, the prized possession of when he was alive. Having been in command of a group of his clansmen, it is presumable that Rai had capable leadership skills. He was a capable swordsman, even with one eye blinded. He also showed a noticeable amount of physical strength, being able to shatter the ground with a single strike of his sword. When death took him, his sword was passed onto his children soon they too passed on the sword. The very death of the Uchiha clan, resulted in treasures to being sold off to whoever would be interested. Years to pass, the sword ended back into a Uchiha home. Soon Ikiru's father presented the sword to him, with simple his understanding of where it came from. Since the massacre of the Uchiha clan, it's whole history of the sword is not known to Ikiru or anyone as Ikiru knows only it's a Uchiha sword.

Abilities of the blade:
╳ This blade once drawn would draw up water from the ground forming water sources with in two turns anywhere on land(passive). This is a very unique trait for a sword to carry which gave note that this blade could tap into natural aquifer's in the ground. The hot water sources are fairly large in size which is why it takes two turns for the blade's natural water ability to activate. These very hot waters can harm the opponent if they so fall upon them (B-rank Damage).

╳ When the user of the sword strikes an enemy or something an enemy is touching the water sucks -20 chakra from the enemy with every contacted strike. This form is very intricate and also unique to user who developed the ability. Upon learning of the seals embedded on the sword, by making a single handseal the user can release the seals from the sword allowing him to drain chakra via through the seal marks per each strike per turn (max. 80). This allows the user to absorb jutsu B-rank or below, if chakra is successfully attained.

+ Can only make one water source per Match.
+ Must have learned Fuin at B-rank or more.
+ Takes two turns to draw up from underground a water source.
+Water sources cannot be made within five meters of opponent/s
Approval [Link]

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Ikiru Uchiha
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