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Jan 8, 2009
Trait Points
Basic Information
Name: Hachimaru
Nickname: Hachi
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Age: 13
Clan: N/A

Looks: Look at pictures below

Personality: Hachi is a kid who is still learning himself so his personality is all over the place at the very moment of his life as samuari and being a cyborg. At this point now becoming a shinobi he has last his samurai abilities he now is more confident, aggressive, and calm manner at times also.

Village Info
Land of Birth: Taro Island
WSE Clan: N/A

Rank//Chakra Info
Ninja Rank: Jounin | 160 Health Points | 1600 Chakra Points|
Specialty: Primary Summon Specialist(Horus; Primary) | Sourceless Materializing Specialist(Water; Secondary) | Apex Handseal Specialist(Water; Unique) | ZX Busters(x2 damage to taijutsu passive) | Mechanic(All SNT)
Elements: Fire | Earth | Water | Lightning | Wind
Your ninjutsu: Taijutsu | Kenjutsu | Hawk | Chakra Sensory | Ninjutsu | Fuuinjutsu | Chainsaw Arts | Medical Ninjutsu | Genjutsu | NB Taijutsu | ZX Busters | Genos | Sound Ninjutsu

Background Info
History: Hachimaru is a kid that grew up in Taro Island and wasn’t supposed to be alive at this point in his life. His father was a great scientist and made his son into a cyborg which Hachi did also learn to enhance himself later in his life. Hachi went to a place where the samuaris live and he learned to become a samurai himself which became a very good idea with his enhancements. Hachi left to where the Samurais live and went to find an old friend but did come across as a cool and handsome man clone and gave him his first mission as a villager but also a defender of the village. After going around the world he became incounter with a lot of shinbois and with it he changed over to the shinboi side locking his samurai side of things cant get access to it anymore.

(Mizu Beara)) Water Bearers
Rank: N/A
Type: Weapon
Range: Short
Chakra cost: N/A
Damage points: N/A
Description: Water Bearers(WB) are hilts that can be used for two certain ways. This weapon was created by some Kaguya members to use their bone abilities via the weapons but they were founded and modified to be used with raw chakra and water. Kaguya's can still use them but they became to be used by nearly any with chakra. Hilts sits in a pack on the user's back that has no abilities beside the hilts sitting in them. The hilts when used by a Kaguya can extend the hilt(s) out into a long sword(passive) and when used with the two abilities they coat the sword in chakra or water and whatever shape the user see fits with said ability.

The WB are made of a material so the user can channel their chakra and manipulate water sources or even the moister in the air for varies objects such as weapons and shields on top of them as its main ability. These two hilts are the perfect weapon for a weapon user and water user. The user channels their chakra and absorbs some water or moister in the air. The highest the rank of the object that is made of water is A rank or lower.

WB secondary ability is to use the user's chakra to produce the same weapons and shields as if they were to use it with a water source described before. The highest rank of the object is A rank or lower.

-Only one ability is able to be used a turn
-Water ability is only used when the air has enough moister to make the weapon of chose of the user or a some type of water source is in the area of short range of the user to use to use to make the weapon of chose of the user and must have the user chakra in it or no chakra at all.
-The weapons made from water/chakra still go by the elemental advantages and disadvantages
-The weapons also feel like the real weapon when used
-Cost a jutsu slot every time to defend or attack
-Making weapons doesn't cost a move slot but still does use chakra for whatever rank the weapon is created for
-Ranges of a weapon can only be short range of the wielder.
-Water users that can use water without source can make the weapons without a source also
-Techniques cost chakra equivalent to the rank that they are

(Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Horus)
Type: Summoning
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage Points: N/a
Description: The user with gather their chakra performing the summoning jutsu to summon Horus. Horus has always been the loyal student and guard of Quezacotl is the King of The Hawks and Ancient ruler of old times. Horus has saphire feathers that shine in the sun. He is a large hawk with a wingspan of 3 meters. Horus is one of the most educated hawks as he has mastered many techniques such as fusing with a human ninja or even the arts of the great Hawk mode. To fuse with a ninja who posses the hawk contract, Horus will fly behind the ninja placing his feet on his back, fusing into the ninja, combing to make one being. The ninja will have the wings of the hawk giving him the ability to fly as agile as a hawk itself. Also the user will gain hawk senses, their eyes will see with more precision and detail and be able to see things at distances in great detail. Also the user will gain a kind of 6th sense, like when you run at a bird from behind they can sense you coming, this is simalar. Due to his training from the Hawk lord himself, Horus has the abilitie to control the natural energy used for the hawk mode. This is similar way that ma and pa help maintain sage mode, Horus has the ability to do the same for hawk mode while fused.
Note: Summon only lasts for turns and merging effect only lasts whatever remaining time the summon has left
Note: No other summons at the same time
Note: No other summons for 4 turns
Note: Must know the hawk contract
Note: Can only be summoned once per battle
  • Capable of using multiple ( 2 ) CW and all Scientific Ninja Tools in one event/battle
  • Cyborgs are able to have two Advanced Ninjutsu.
  • Cyborgs have five additional custom technology slots, as well as the ability to submit more advanced technology than the standard shinobi.
  • Because of their cyborg enhancements, they do not need to carry ninja tools, or any Custom Technology that they create, being able to incorporate it into their own bodies (within reason). For example, if the user made a firearm CT, they could have it housed in a hidden compartment in their wrist, or a chakra blade which emits itself from the user's arms, etc.
  • Due to the cybernetic enhancements to their body, Cyborgs have increased durability ( immunity to C rank and below physical attacks and -25 damage from up to S rank physical damage ) and strength ( +20 damage to Taijutsu ). However, due to this enhancement, they are also more vulnerable to Lightning jutsu, increasing the damage done to cyborgs by 20 damage. Energy based attacks deal the same amount of damage.
Scientific Tools: Unlimited(Mechanic; List of Scientific Ninja Tool That Will Be Used)
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Theme Song and Background Music:

Won: N/A
Lost: N/A

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