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Nov 29, 2011
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本情報 | Basic Information

Name: Ulmo
Nickname: Lord of Waters, King of the Sea, Uluboz
Gender: Male
Age: Thirty Seven [37]
Clan: Unknown [Senju]

外観 | Looks

Ulmo is responsible for the control of over the oceans, as he spends most of his time out on it, either walking across it or sailing. He loves the water, and has been a chief architect for the Noldor, assisting them in creating their great cities. He wears many different types of clothing that resonates with many different variants of the color blue. He is also often seen wearing armor that has some similarities in the form of scales of fish, while he wears a crown made of the jaw of a great white shark. He has seen many years of blood and fire, and still retains his stature, with his gritty yet charming appearance. The raven-black hair that goes all the way down to his lower back and crowns his head, has an unruly and wild appearance like the sea. Well-toned and weary of his surroundings, the most interesting features of his, is his eyes. Ocean-blue and framed by gentle features and high cheekbones. The eyes resonating with ambition and determination.
The armor which he wears can be resembled to that of dragon scales or scales of that of a fish [Dragon Armor]. The armor which not only protects him from his surroundings and his adversaries strikes, but also gives him a more ominous appearance. However, the appearance of Ulmo is somewhat concealed by the cloak that he wears at all times, one that protects him from prying eyes as well as dangerous weapons. One cloak that not only hides his presence from prying eyes but allows him to continously be aware of his surroundings.
Beneath the cloak, the handle of the ancient blade known as the Sword of the Thunder God, granted to him by his friend Manwë. A sword which when wielded creates a blade made of the purest lightning. He also seems to wield an old pistol which is holster on the side of his body, through a shoulder holster.
Ulmos Armory

(Raijin no Ken) - Sword of the Thunder God
Type: Weapon
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A (-5 per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: A sword held by Senju Tobirama, the Raijin no Ken is made of a hilt which releases lightning natured chakra which forms a blade of pure lightning energy. It is so focused and dense that it manifests and behaves as a physical sword. The sword uses the owners chakra to produce the blade and discharge lightning attacks. The blade, when used for physical melee attacks, adds +20 lightning damage to Kenjutsu techniques and can discharge unfocused lightning, A-Rank, short to mid range in large arcs. To do so, the user swings the sword towards the target, producing the discharge which ravages towards the enemy. This can only be done once every two turns and counts as a move. The sword is not indestructible, being resistant to only up to A-Rank techniques. But, if destroyed, can be recreated after one turn unless the hilt is damaged.
Note: Can only be used by Senju Tobirama bios.
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: The pistol in question resembles that of a black Beretta M9A3, situated with a suppressor allowing it to fire bullets that release less sound, causing it to be considerably more difficult to hear over some distance. The bullets which the pistol fires are created purely of highly pressurized earth bullets, which have been hardened to the point that they resemble a metal. Additionally, it is a passive bullet dealing 5 damage that should be treated as earth release for all intensive purposes. The pistol itself is situated with the capability of only firing one unique type of bullet, which has been uniquely created for the specific pistol. The pistol itself is also marked with the seal of the thunder god.
Bullet of the Flying Thunder God: This unique projectile was designed by the creator of the Flying Thunder God technique, as a unique type of bullet with the Flying Thunder God Seal upon it. This ultimately allows for the one wielding the pistol to fire bullets in any given direction as per their wish and allows them to use the Flying Thunder God technique to teleport within the vicinity of the specified bullet(s). The pistol holds a total of six of these bullets in its magazine.
Note: The first bullet can be utilized six times per battle, and once per turn, counting towards the move count.
Note: The wielder is capable of carrying a total of 3 magazines, including the one already attached to the pistol
Note: Requires a bio capable of using FTG related techniques to be able to use.

人格 | Personality

Ulmo in contrast to what people think of him and his legacy, shows a fairly socialized and refined manner, conversing with a glorious and persuasive nature. He will in general handle most circumstances with a precise methodology. He generally uses dim diversion, making dull jokes at times, some that even his closest friends point out, including his oldest friends Námo and Manwë. Ulmo gives off an impression of being completely mindful of his and the other's of his thoughtful's notorieties for ruthlessness, and tries to deny it, yet rather seems to delight in it. However, he considers his methodology more refined than that of his brothers and friends, known for killing almost the entirety of clans. For the most part, he can be summed up as a canny, rather savage and heartless person.
Amid his initial years, Ulmo was a sort, glad and blameless kid. When he was more youthful, he gave Nienna the Lady of Mercy a beaded jewelry and an armlet that he apparently made himself as a blessing. In any case, in the wake of being caught by a big-hearted being, he encountered unbearable agony, both rationally and physically, that he himself needed to suffer it for some a night. Because of this occasion, his identity step by step changed into that of the notorious and strong-minded man that he is currently.

村情報 | Village Info

Village of Birth - Land of Fire
Village of Alliance - None at the moment

ランクチャクラ | Rank & Chakra Info

Ninja Rank: Jōnin [Health - 160 | Chakra - 1600 [+1000 Yang Specialist] + [400 Chakra from 1 Vitality] = 3.000 Chakra

  • Water Release
  • Earth Release
  • Lightning Release
  • Wind Release
  • Fire Release
  • Gunpowder Release
  • Arctic Earth Release
  • Yang Release

  • Taijutsu
  • NB Taijutsu [Non-Restricted]
  • Genjutsu
  • Ninjutsu
  • Kenjutsu
  • Fuuinjutsu
  • Medical Ninjutsu

  • Wendigo Summoning
  • Wendigo Arts
Custom Fighting Styles:

  • Kung Fu
  • The Way of the Tomahawk
  • Whip Arts
  • Death Wind
Mind: 5 (+1)Body: 5Spirit: 5
Agility: 5 (+1)Dexterity: 5Vitality: 1 (400 Chakra)

Choosing the Yellow Flash Nindo

Background Information

Ulmo seldom comes to the councils of Máhanaxar, the council of the Noldor, as he is not one of them, only attending when in great need. He prefers to stay at sea or on the islands of the world. All waters where he walks, is under his government: bays, rivers, and even the waters under the earth. Where the power of one of the fallen Noldor; Morgoth is the strongest. However, Ulmo's own power was at a time being sapped from the waters near to Morgoth's corruption. It is through the rivers that he keeps in touch with his brothers and the Noldor, and thus knows more of the goings on with the Noldor than any other outsider.
Ulmo loves the Noldor, even when the Noldor forsook their sacred task and saw the wrath and Mandos rain upon them. He opposed Oromë's plan to bring the Noldor to one of his islands, but helped those that were willing to reach it. He ferried them across the sea.
He was responsible for the fall of Morgoth, by urging the Noldor Turgon to construct Gondolin and Finrod to build Nargothrond, the two great elven fortresses. He appeared before Tuor and urged him to go to Gondolin as a messenger to Turgon. When he got there, he eventually married Turgon's daughter Idril and fathered Eärendil. Ulmo later saved Eärendil's wife Elwing from the sack of the Havens of Sirion, allowing her to take a silmaril to her husband, which allowed him to gain admittance to the Council of Máhanaxar and plead for aid. Ulmo also defended them in the council from the potential wrath of Mandos.




  • Tobirama is a Shadow Clone Specialist [Shadow Clone Specialist ]
  • Can sense chakra through the Chakra Sensing technique with an unparalleled precision and insight, extending to three landmarks.
  • Mind's Keen Eye: Genjutsu of any type, other than MS-level or those cast by Kunino, appear 'flawed.' This means that regardless of the caster's expertise or perfection, there will be some kind of tell within the illusion that is very obvious; such as a visual illusion appearing like static on a television, a smell being off, or a sound not making sense.
  • Usage of Space Time Ninjutsu through the use of the Flying Thunder God technique and its variations and applications.
  • Yang Specialist: + 1000 Chakra
  • Apex Tracker Specialist: With more heightened senses, the user is capable of gaining a now increased x2.5 tracking. This allows him to physically track faster movement without chakra sensory.
  • Apex Handseal Specialist: You can perform techniques of the skill you chose to specialize in without the usage of handseals, though you must still perform complimentary and logical body movements related to the technique. This applies even if said jutsu does not have specific movements detailed in its description. [Water Ninjutsu]
  • Sourceless Materializing Specialist: You can materialize your element or skill you specialize in without needing a source. This applies towards various Elemental Jutsu where logical such as Water or Earth based substances and Fields that require a source to first be present and not created such as Advanced Ninjutsu ( Rain, Sound, Ink, etc ). [Water Ninjutsu]

Sealing Formulas

(Fuuin: Metsuryū Mahō) - Sealing art: Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Fuuin
Rank: A
Range: Short (mid range blast when released)
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: Before the battle the user will have places 5 basic seals in their mouth/throat in preparation. Each of these seals will represent one of the 5 basic elements. In battle, when the user is about to be hit by one of the the 5 basic elements they will perform one handseal activating one of the chosen seals in their mouth as they breath in. In doing so, the element of the seal they activated will be sucking in and sealed into the seal in the users mouth. Much like how Jiraiya sealed Amaterasu. After having sealed the element, the user can then perform one handseal releasing that element from their mouth back at their opponent, in the form of a blast of that chosen element with no shape to it. An exampe of this jutsu would be if the opponent use a B rank fireball, just when it's about to hit the user, he will perform one handseal, activating the seal as he breathes in, as he does, the fireball will be sealed into the seal in the users mouth, without hurting the user. The user could then perform another handseal releasing the fireb back at the opponent as one big blast, the fireball would still be B rank. When the seal is activated, a mass of chakra is released out of the users mouth at high speed, similar to when jiraiya sealed amaterasu in a scroll, but faster. The element would be drawn into this chakra and sealed into the seal in the users mouth.
Note: Each seal can only be used once per battle.
Note: Can only seal one jutsu per seal
Note: Can only seal A rank and below
]Note: Must wait 1 turn to use this jutsu again
Note: After a jutsu has been sealed in the users mouth, when they release it back, it counts as one of the 3 jutsu per turns.
Note: Can only seal one element, not elemental combinations
Note: Useable 3 times
(Kuchiyose: Raikō Kenka) - Summoning: Lightning Blade Creation
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra cost: N/A (-5 per tool/weapon)
Damage points: N/A
Description: This is a special "ninja tool summon" that allows the user to seal basic ninja tools, like shurikens, kunais, swords, etc into sealing marks placed on their clothes or their body. The ninja tools can be summoned in an instant just by touching the sealing "marks". The greatest advantage of this technique is that the time between taking out a ninja tool, taking the right stance and actually throwing it is greatly reduced and one can unleash a barrage of weapons with great speed in a small time window. Also when a weapon such as a Fūma Shuriken is summoned, the time needed to throw it can be further shortened by having prepared the weapon in fully extended form beforehand. Sasuke even shown that you can have the weapons connected to wires and linked to their sealing marks and used the technique in sealing marks he placed in his wrist bracers.
Note: Can summon up to 30 basic tools per sealing mark and can have up to 2 sealing marks.


(Heishi Piru) Soldier Pills
Type: Supplementary
Description and Background:Soldier pills are a more combat aimed variation of the military ration pill. Upon ingesting the pill, your chakra supply doubles, but burns at a greatly accelerated rate due to the "pressure" involved. Upon ingesting the pill, any ninjutsu you use gains +15 damage and any taijutsu gains +10 for 4 turns. Upon expiration of the effects you must use an extra 10 chakra for every technique afterwards for 5 turns with no enhanced effects due to the fatigue setting in meaning you have to force your techniques more, and thereby adding to the toll it takes on your body. These pills are a basic medicine medical ninjas use in combat and are essentially black small round pills which are swallowed and absorbed through the mucosa in the stomach, made off of various ingredients and medicinal herbs as well as stimulants. Can only be given out to up to 4 times, excluding the user's use.
Description of Side Effects:
-Upon using a second pill in a conflict the additional chakra cost after expiry rises to +30 until healed
-Upon taking a third pill, the medical ninja will suffer cardiac arrest upon expiry of the pill.
-Costs a move per turn to use.
(Hyōrōgan) Military Ration Pills
Type: Healing
Description and Background:Military Rations Pills (兵糧丸, Hyōrōgan) are special pills that replenish one's chakra and nourish the body. It is made up of powerful stimulants and nutrients, said to allow the user to keep fighting for three days and three nights without rest. Replenishes 50 percent of the user's maximum chakra supply per pill taken, along with pumping stimulants into the body to alleviate tiredness. These pills are a basic medicine medical ninjas use or distribute in combat and are essentially dark brown small round pills which are swallowed and absorbed through the mucosa in the stomach. Can only be given out to up to 4 times, excluding the user's use.
Description of Side Effects:
-Taking two pills in a conflict results in hyper-stimulation of the cardiovascular system. The users heart rate and blood pressure increase to the point they become painful for 6 turns after taking the pill.
-Taking 3 pills in a conflict pushes the user's cardiovascular system to breaking point, resulting in heart failure after 4 turns.
-Costs a move per turn to use.
(Ketsueki no Zōka Piru) Blood Replenishing Pill
Type: Healing
Description and Background: Contains high concentrations of amino acids, iron and mitosis inducing enzymes designed to turbo boost the production of erythrocytes from haematopoetic stem cells in the human body. This pill alleviates and cancels the symptoms of blood loss after one turn. These pills are a basic medicine medical ninjas use or administer in combat and are essentially dark red small round pills which are swallowed and absorbed through the mucosa in the stomach
Description of Side Effects:
-Taking 2 pills leads to increased blood pressure, and increased likelihood of blood clots forming, specially through trauma.
-Taking 3 pills over stresses the cardiovascular system and causes fainting from lack of blood to the head after 4 turns.
-Costs a move per turn to use.

Theme Song & Background Music


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