Three word game


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Jul 3, 2008
impress the demon

The story so far; There lived peacefully in a small hidden ninja village, away from civilization, a man named, Monkey D Luffy. Was walking towards a dark forest when he found a pink haired, talking to animals. He heard her speaking foreign language and so he mocked her by calling her stupid but she said that she was...And then, a boy was laughing...making a jutsu that will make his inner self stronger than any making hand seals in the future! The future, however... did not go as smooth as our hero predicted. The storm arrived bringing with it many injuries and scattered orange pumpkins which were left splattered all across the wondrous plain. Only our hero, and a banana, could save the...the world, from...from Roger Von Flufferton! But he was truly aware of what his mind was coming with. The orphaned girl, alongside with her; two green bunnies, a young boy and a swordsman from Wano country meets a geisha from 20 years ago, older yet beautiful woman that was dressed in red and her beauty would physically manifest...
Her inner demon took the control of the situation and started talking, loudly talking, about Final beta's beta, the smallest kid,
having an massive confidence in himself which happened to impress the demon...