[Game] thread Thirty-Five: Haiku Mafia the 3rd. It is the fourth Day.

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Jul 11, 2019
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Haiku Mafia
The third game in the series.
Designed by Osie.

You must be registered for see images

Game for twelve players.
Reviewed by Michelle, DV.
Hosted by Osie.

Letting @Poison know:
This won't contain volleyball,
Or high school boys.

Mafia amped up…
Haiku adds difficulty.
You ready for this?

Posts have restriction…
Five-Seven-Five Syllabic.
Do not violate.

Or you can
use three-five-three verse.
If your speed.

I am lenient.
A syllable here and there
Is not critical.

Extreme form breaking
Is not okay in my book.
Shall be case-by-case.

Traditional Haiku
Occasionally is off
By a syllable.

Even sometimes two.
I am not going to be
A thorough stickler.

Votes need not haiku.
Nor your PMs to the mod.
Nor scumchat either.

Three play for the scum,
Nine play for the side of town.
Many roles throughout.

Something to ponder…
Night parity does matter.
Important to all.

Day phases will last…
Seventy-two hours long.
The Nights forty-eight.

Follow the rules.
Have fun playing Mafia.


Rather than write out a long list of rules I'm just going to put this simply. This is a social multiplayer game. The setup itself has artistic intention, and the game is intended for players to enjoy. You can contribute to that enjoyment in the spirit of the social contract or not. I've seen more than enough angleshooting, cheating, flaming, gamethrowing, inactivity, overly-aggressive hostility, out-of-game violations, and other toxicity for a lifetime.

If you can't refrain from toxic behaviour, don't play. There are 15-year-old mafia players who have played in dozens of games in their year or two of experience playing and have never been toxic. If you are less mature than a 15-year-old, you should rethink your life choices. In that vein, my patience for forced replacements is close to an all-time low. If I am forced to replace people because they aren't playing, there may be blood. You have been warned.

If you don't know whether or not something is okay, then talk to me. If you aren't 100% confident that you understand your role PM, then talk to me. If you have to take a break for a bit or replace out for any reason, then talk to me. If you just want someone to talk to, then talk to me. I'm a friendly person (most of the time) and I enjoy answering questions and general chatting.

Shortlist of Rules, if you must...

  1. Be respectful. This is a game, which should be fun. Keep it that way, or let me know if you can't, and I'll find someone who can.
  2. Save discussion (or at least complaints) about how I choose to make or enforce game rules for after the game.
  3. Read everything. By confirming that you have received your Role PM, you also confirm that you have read it.
  4. Don't cheat. (Cheating usually will be discovered and will lead to blacklisting and probably more.)
  5. Maintain minimum posting requirements or communicate to the host that you cannot.
  6. Bigotry and/or slurs are beyond unacceptable and will lead to extreme consequences.
  7. The thread, PMs, and the rest of the world are three separate areas. Keep them that way.
  8. No funny business. If you no longer wish to participate in a game for any reason, contact the host. Don't attempt to force the moderator to modkill you. Don't use invisible text, cryptography, tiny writing, hidden messages, acronym/alphabet claims, trust tells, eliminating for reasons outside of perceived alignment, or similar. Don't post after you are dead. Don't post if you are not a player. Don't post during the night phase, unless your role states otherwise. Don't self-vote.
  9. Small edits to posts don't bother me. Deleting posts is not allowed. Abusing edit privileges is cheating.
  10. Communicate with the host via PM on-site or DM on Discord, not in the thread.
Haiku Mafia Setup Information
  • Posts are restricted to 5-7-5 or 3-5-3 syllabic verse only, with the exceptions of votes, images, and scumchat. Violating this post restriction beyond 1-2 syllables here and there (enforced at mod discretion) will lead to warnings and eventual replacement.

    For reference:

    Hai-kus are ea-sy.
    But some-times non-sen-si-cal.


    Hai-ku games
    pre-sent a cha-llenge.
    But don't fear.
  • At the start of the game, there are three members of the scum team and nine members of the town team.
  • The game will utilize majority elimination during the day and plurality elimination at the end of the day.
  • Elimination Deadlines will be 72 hours, with potential shortening later in the game at mod discretion.
  • After the Elimination deadline, there will be a Twilight phase of 0-12 hours.
  • Night phases will last 48 hours. Actions will be due within the first 36 hours of the Night phase.
  • Players are expected to post at least 5 content posts per 24 hours during the Day phase, and at least 2 content posts per 24 hours in any chat they have during the Night phase.
  • Everyone has a role. There are no vanillas.
  • This is not a bastard game.
  • Mafia may chat at any time.
  • Roles may exist which may present false information to other roles. These will never affect role reveals or the original role PM. Acceptable roles include but are not limited to variations on Millers, Godfathers, Framers, Tailors, Lawyers, Ninjas, and Strongmen.
  • Roles may exist which change a player's target. A player will always learn if their target has been changed, but will not learn of their new target's identity unless they would learn information about their target.
  • Role Claiming is allowed but may not be a good idea.
  • Setup-gaming has negative strategic value, though you'll get Osie to laugh at you.
Welcome to the game.
Your role is a TOWN Baker.
Your abilities are:

As a night action,
You may target one out of
Your fellow players.

You will give to them
A fresh loaf of tasty bread.
It has no effect.

Only certain Nights
Will allow activating
This ability.

You will be told if
A night allows for you to
Use abilities.​

You do not have to
Haiku in this PM if
Not your preference.

You win the game if
No threats to town still exist.
I hope you enjoy!

The game thread can be
Found at the following link:

Confirm that you have
Read this private role message
By replying here.

Writing Haikus (/in):

  1. @Just_Red @Zone_Q11
  2. @-Best- @Chamomile
  3. @Alice in Noodleland @NANOOK @kliff_
  4. @ThatAverageGuy
Left this mortal coil (Dead):
  1. @Cuth, Town Estate Manager, Eliminated Day 1.
  2. @Ekkologix, Town Motion Parity Cop, Died Night 1.
  3. @Thestatusquo, Town Alien, Died Night 1.
  4. @Poison, Town Oracle, Eliminated Day 2
  5. @Rej @Wisp, Mafia Jack-of-all-Trades, Eliminated Day 3
  6. @Fujishiro @Dolbster, Town Lightning Rod, Died Night 3.
  7. @dunya, Mafia Strongman, Eliminated Day 4.
  8. @Timsup2nothin, Town PT Cop, Died Night 4.
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Jul 11, 2019
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