Thoughts on akiras takizawa and amons fate


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Aug 13, 2016
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The three have a love triangle where akira loves both her superior and rival. For some reason I'm rooting for takizawa I guess it because I him to have more than a story of redemption but has a happy ending and feel like he should end up with akira. I'm pretty sure takizawa or amon will sacrifice themselves in the end so the other can have that happy ending. And I'm thinking that guy will be takizawa throughout the series he's always been after being respected and seen as a hero and to make amon and akira happy in the end.

As of now both are ghouls and they are the same ghouls akiras dad is chasing after, last time we see akira she's in a confused state and it appears amon is going to kiss her. In all honesty I don't think amon really has romantic feelings for akira(I could be wrong i haven't read through the entire series) but akiras tried to kiss him before and he rejected her and If he did kiss her thus time around I think it's to console her. It seems amon already had a love and I think he feels responsible to watch after akira and I think what akira admires in amon is what she see's from her father.

As story goes amon and takizawa are very contrasting characters as humans amon was the clear superior one someone takizawa admired and as a human he was a coward. As ghouls takizawa is the superior one and amon the reject. And their relationship to kaneki all 3 had interesting relationships with him and all thinking relationship of humans and ghouls possible. Amon and takizawa both intially had antagonistic relationships with kaneki, takizawa specifically created and broken apart to be like him. I also think they're symbolic rivals as well both the bird versus the snake.

As far as akiras and takizawa relationship they both have affection for each other that neither has admitted as story currently is presumably akira and mado will be together with takizawa being their savior at some point. I think takizawa and akira are true romantic love from both but besides I really hope takizawa only purpose is to be a hero and more so feel they're meant for each other. And it is a bit creepy for the superior to date the subordinate.