The Southern Mire (052)


Oct 1, 2010
The Southern Mire

The Southern Mire is known as one of the more wild and untamed areas of the region and a wide range of animals make their home here, along with the more dangerous creatures such as poisonous spiders and even larger predators like alligators and the rare giant snake. Much of the Southern Mire is mostly uninhabited due to the dangers of the region, though it is often visited by the hunters of the Eastern Mire who hunt game in the area. Outside of the riverbanks, where the vast majority of the area’s population live in floating villages or port towns, a few small camps exist, offering a relatively safe haven for hunters or explorers. They are usually found above ground level in small, treehouse-like structures.


The Black Steel Rose
Aug 16, 2008
Coming from:

The Southern Mire. The area of the Ninja World that Kurama and the white tigers had called home for the longest time, for it was as wild and feral as they were. Bones extended from her fingertips and tips of her toes as faux 'claws' she landed on a nearby tree where she had traced the large roar to its source. Below Kurama, she saw her old friend, Tigrerra, the queen of the white tigers, with some of her followers, combating a small group of monstrous alligators. Tigrerra, due to her size, was easily able to fend off most of the creatures, and her legion followed suit teaming up against the predators. Tigrerra let out a great roar once more as she was about to finish the last remaining alligator, but before she did, Kurama pounced from her hiding place and pierced the gator's hide with her bone spikes protruding from her body, licking the blood that splashed her face as the beast fell to the ground.

She then roared at the great beast, Tigrerra! I've returned, my friend.

Realizing who had just arrived in their midst, the streak of tigers then knelt before their Empress, as their queen followed suit.

So you have, Empress Kurama. So you have. Tigrerra smiled, motioning the streak to carve their latest kills for their enjoyment. Kurama sat before the gigantic white tiger, devouring the alligators' meat with her and the rest of the ambush. So, what brings you back to the Southern Mire? I thought you were hiding out on San'indo helping your uncle.

I was, Kurama said as she tore through another piece of meat, ...but then I decided that life really wasn't for me. Things have gotten better over yander though. Some guys came and made a small clan there, and made plenty of improvements...I even joined them for a bit, until...things went downhill, and I realized societal life wasn't for me. You know that I was always more of a wild child anyway. San'indo is fine, but now I've returned to roam the lands with you once more my friend. You know, like we used to. She gulped, finishing the meat she had been eating.

If that is what my Empress desires, so it shall be. To be honest, I was starting to get tired of the same old prey here anyway. Let's be off. The tigers can handle themselves I'm sure; they won't have to worry knowing you've returned to us, Kurama. Tigrerra growled, finishing her fill as well.

The streak of tigers finished their portions of their hunt and departed from them. Kurama mounted Tigrerra and continued to a new land.

Leaving Landmark