[Spoilers] The mystery person from Egghead is the real Kuma


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Apr 12, 2012
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*MP – Mistery Person

*CD – Celestial Dragon

*SH – Straw Hat

*RA – revolutionary army
There are many candidates for a Egghead mystery ally, and the most popular one rn seems to be Scopper Gabban (people still think he is relevant for some reason :suresure:). The most common argument people have for their choice of MP's identity is „they have to be someone super strong so they can defeat CP0 and marines so they can easily escape“. While I can see the reasoning behind that, I don't think that's the reasoning Vegapunk has in mind when he says that „escape should be easy now“. He didn't say that the MP will help them defeat the enemy, but rather that they will help them escape the island. So it has to be someone who has a power that makes escape easy.

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Now let's review the situation here. Straw Hats are in a pinch, surrounded by enemies, namely government agents, artificial human weapons, and the Marines are on their way led by Kizaru. Sounds familiar? It is a very similar situation to that of Sabaody. And who helped them escape back then? The same person who will help them escape now or rather the person with the same devil fruit ability, it's original user, the real Kuma.

But we have seen Kuma being kidnapped by the RA and he teleported himself back to the red line, and this is all happening at the same time as the Egghead events, the MP can't be him?

The Kuma we have seen in Mariejois, Marineford, Sabaody and Thriller bark and the one that was a Shichibukai and later became a slave for the CDs is not the real Kuma. It is a clone of Kuma called „Pacifista: PX-0“. Compared to the other Pacifistas (PX-1+) this one is more advanced because it is an actual clone, an exact copy of the original, with the same DF ability, same personality, same experiences, and contains the original's memories and motivations
So Kuma we se in Goa Kingdom flashback and Sabo flashback is the real Kuma, all other appearances are fake Kuma (PX-0).

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We know Vegapunk was researching cloning technology even back when he was with MADS. Judge developed his own version of cloning technology that he used in creating his army, but Vegapunk's clone is different. While Judge's clones are just mindless generic soldiers obeying orders, Vegapunk literally copy pasted an existing person. He basically recreated his body and appearance and created an AI that has Kuma's personality and programmed it into the clone. He used the similar process to create his „satelites“ but with spliting his personality into six parts.
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But why would Vegapunk do that, instead of simply turning Kuma into a cyborg, something everybody believes he actually did?

The answer is simple, he did it to save Kuma. We recently found out not only that Vegapunk was never loyal to the WG, and that he was researching the void century and the ancient kingdom, we also found out he was acquainted with Dragon. While we don't know the exact nature and history of their relationship, the way they spoke to each other suggests that they go way back and know each other well, and they are both working towards the same or similar goal. We also know that Kuma and Ivankov were Dragon's first allies which means they could be acquainted with Vegapunk as well.

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We don't know at which point in time Kuma became a Shichibukai but my guess is that the WG captured Kuma, and instead of imprisoning him they gave him to Vegapunk (unaware of them being friends) to experiment on him due to him being a member of „a special race“ that made him a good test subject (we know he did experiments on Lunarians so being a member of a special race is a good criteria for Vegapunk's test subjects) Vegapunk might have even requested to have Kuma delivered to him (upon learning about his capture) in order to save him, using the „special race" argument.

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What everyone thinks Vegapunk did: Turned Kuma into a cyborg and programmed him to be loyal to the WG as their perfect human weapon.

What Vegapunk actually did: Created a clone of Kuma and presented it as a perfect Human weapon to serve the WG, while hiding the real Kuma somewhere on Egghead.

But he also did something else to the clone. He programmed a“directive“ into him, and inside that directive he programmed a final „order“. Let's call it „The order 66“

Directive: PX-0 is to be a perfect human weapon for the CD's, they call him an invincible slave and he is unquestionably loyal to them, again similar to the clones in the STAR WARS.

Order: Somewhere, deep in the directive there is an „order 66“ that upon being executed will make PX-0 turn against the WG and destroy it from the inside (again similar to the SW version of order 66).

However, having his mind tempered with, caused PX-0 to gradually lose his memories and personality, and right now everything that was left of Kuma is lost and only the „directive“ remains.

This is the reason why PX-0 escaped from the revolutionaries and returned to the Mariejois, because he didn't complete the directive. He returned to serve the CD's untill the „order 66“ is to be executed.

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Other Pacifistas and Seraphims most likely have the same directive programmed into them however, what makes PX-0 the most important one is the fact that he is constantly in close proximity to the CDs, he basically lives with them. When „order 66“ is executed, he can kill them all before anyone can even realize what's happening. At the same time other Pacifistas and Seraphims would wreak havoc at whatever marine or WG base they are stationed on, the entire WG would be in a complete chaos.
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And here we come to the reason why Vegapunk can't turn Bonney's dad back to normal. Because PX-0 isn't Bonney's dad to begin with. In order for WG to fall, the „directive“ must be completed, the „order 66“ must be executed. This is why no one except Vegapunk and the real Kuma must not know about it. This is why Kuma's own daughter and Kuma's friends and family must be kept in the dark. Because if anyone found out that PX-0 is not the real Kuma and that Vegapunk is hiding him the WG would assume there is something wrong with PX-0 and all his other creations and the whole plan would fail.

But why is he willing to reveal the real Kuma's existence now? Well, first of all, he is kinda in a pinch here, the WG finally found out about his disloyalty and are now after his life. He wants to escape with his life and revealing the real Kuma is a sacrifice he must make. Furthermore, someone appeared that is far more important than the directive and the „order 66“. A man with a Sun God Nika devil fruit. We know Vegapunk knows about the fruit, knows about it's secrets, and quite possibly knows what the person awakening that fruit is supposed to do. So his number one priority right now is to escape with him so he can guide him towards his destiny.

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So this is what I think is going to happen in the next few chapters. Vegapunk explains the situation to Bonney and the SHs, executes „order 66“, the world gets thrown into chaos (remember, we are in the endgame here, this is supposed to be the final saga), CDs survive because PX-0 doesn't make it back to Mariejois in time (and gets destroyed while trying), the real Kuma is revealed and has a super emotional reunion with his daughter, Franky cries, they escape Egghead, and the great war begins.

TLDR: Vegapunk "palpatined" the WG. What a chad.

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