The Gear War (Sign Ups/OOC)


Aug 14, 2018
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Space, no longer the last frontier. Humanity has spread across the vastness, cultivating and inhabiting countless words. Humanity is greedy and restless, constantly looking for other worlds with richer resources to colonize and consistently attempting to make contact with other races, preferably alien. As space becomes more familiar we become lax with security and take less precautions when we scan new sectors of the galaxy.

Humanity's laziness would thrust them into a struggle to survive, to fight for their very existence against an enemy that has no feelings, no sense of surrender, grants no mercy and has no qualms about employing whatever method leads to success. This history would later be written down in recorded sagas as The Gear War.

Let me tell you how this began....

Machines, on a dormant outpost a long-range recon fleet stumbles upon, activate at the presence of alien technology and signal the home "world". They begin targeting and destroy the recon fleet. The machines, their programming coming into action, began seeking other human technology, destroying it and all life associated with it without prejudice. Humanity, shocked and unprepared for such open hostility, hastily calls upon its fleets to defend her worlds. The once proud and mighty United Space Command Armada has been spread too far and much too thin slowly losing planets to machine control. The USC begins hastily hiring recruits and building bigger, more heavily armed and armored ships to battle the machine scourge. This is the maiden voyage of the Nautilus Fleet, the last hope of humanity!

  • Do not join unless you believe you have the time and dedication to devote to this role play as it could possibly go on for a good while.
  • Please make an attempt to make your replies at least one paragraph in length.
  • Utilize a spell-checker before posting to catch mistakes your eyes may have missed.
  • No god-modding, your character is not invincible nor immortal. However, if you wish to have your character killed off, PM me.
  • There are no force powers or any other forms of "gifts" your character may exhibit. Note: Remember, it's humanity vs machine, in space. Anything that could be utilized or interfaced by these machines would be destroyed and has caused rioting on several inner, core worlds.
Name: The name of your character.
Age: How old is your character?
USC Rank: The rank your character wields, pilots of fighters should at least be Lieutenants. There can only be one Admiral, which my character will be playing. You can have a Captain if you wish. If you desire to be a USC Marine, feel free.

Ship Assigned To: Tell us about the ship you're on. Are you aboard the flagship of the fleet, the Indomitable Spirit? If you're a Captain, tell us the name of your ship and perhaps give a picture. (I'll need to specially approve your ship so pick carefully.)

Appearance: Tell us a little about your character's physical appearance and clothing. Could even differentiate between on and off-duty clothing.

Personality: What sort of personality traits does your character exhibit? Are they a hero in front of others and cry themselves to sleep? Or are they cold, seemingly heartless ones who can order others to their deaths without remorse.

Other: Anything else you feel like telling us. Could even be the space you use to tell us about your own ship Captains!
USC Rank:[/b] 

[b]Ship Assigned To:[/b]



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