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Oct 26, 2010
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Basic Information

Name:Tyler Okonma
Nickname: The creator/Tron cat/ Goblin

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Looks:Tyler is a tall brown skin male. He is redish color, and has pitch black eyes. Tyler has short cut hair and is tone, but not very muscular.

Personality:Tyler is a very loud and expressional person at times. He doesn't hold back what he has to say and isn't very fund of the authority. He likes to rap and say twisted things that normal people doesnt say. Tyler has a twisted mind and most of the time he will let it out in fighting or rapping. Also has a habbit of wearing weird clothes and mask on his face

Village Info.
Village of Birth:Ame
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Village of Alliance:Konoha
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Rank//Chakra Info.
Ninja Rank:Sage (unofficial)
Specialty:Lighting, Fire
Elements : (mastered)
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Your ninjutsu: (A-rank)
Tai: (needs training)
Gen: (needs training)

Background Info.
History:Tyler was born in ame and had lived with his to parents. His mother and father was ninja and they were mostly on mission when he was young. Tyler felt like he was abandoned by his parents and he became a delinquent. He went into the ninja academy and never did his studies, he was always causing chaos and he always was thinking of ways to cause pain to others. He carried a book around with him that had his personal thoughts and ideas in it. He never saws it to anyone. A few days before the graduation of the chunins he was trying to talk to a girl outside the academy but he failed and got rejected. He stormed off and dropped his book when he flashed away. One of his teachers found the book and couldnt believe the insane and crazy things that was in the book. So his teacher went off looking for him. Tyler went out the dark forest when lower class ninja aren't suppose to go without a higher ranked ninja or sensei with them. He went straight in with no second thoughs. He went in and started training on a tree to releave stress. After he trained he sat under the tree and went to grab his book but realized he dropped it at one point. He go up and walked around and looked for his book. After a while he looked around and realized he got lost and started to run and heard some voices, and out jumps three rogue ninja from ame.
Tyler didn't care for them and was going to walk away but one kicked him in the stomach and throw him forward and he hit the floor hard holding his stomach. The rogue ninja boss realzied that he seen tyler before and started to call tyler a loser and a insane freak. Tyler got up and got upset and ran toward the ninja with all his strength but got pawn easylt. Tyler slamed his hand on the floor and cried woundering why he wasn't as strong as he should be and he blamed it on his mother and father. The ninja stood there laughing at him and joking around calling him names and saying he's weak, but tyler rememebered his sensei's words at one time when he was paying attention in training. His teacher told him "pain makes your soul feel in disper, but pain is also a link to power and honor" Tyler realized that all his pain and hurt was from himself bring on to him and not being as smart as he should be. Inpowered and angery at the same time he slapped his palm on the ground with anger and rage in him and lighting ran through toward the three ninja shocking them violently. He got up and started to fight, as much as he progressed the ninja was to strong and one of the ninja was at he neck with a knife ready to end him, but his sensei arrived in time and killed the ninja and saved tyler.
After his experince in the forest and remembering what his sensei told him he started to become more serious about his ninja life and learning to take his pain and use it for good towards his village. He progressed and started training in lighting and moved fast through it and started to go on mission. He realized that he pain is what got him through his past and turned towards the future.

Lighting :Since lighting is his first elment he has had a lot of training and specializes in it. His lighting use doesn't need all signs and can perform most signs At a faster rate then most ninja with lighting ablities at his rank.


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Note:Im dropping my second bio

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