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Jul 10, 2016
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im really blessed in a lot of ways. im grateful for the blessings i have and grateful the universe provides for me

today has been great, day 6 of my vacation in Miami. last night me and my girlfriend got invited to this guy we met at this art gala with this dope yachts club. he owns like 4 pretty big strip clubs here in Miami and is cool as shit. we pull up, my girlfriend Candy Eyes is in this tight black, like silk? dress with black heels, and her beautiful long black hair thats usually wavy, bone straight. shes so beautiful in so many ways but her banging body looked really good in that tight dress. i havent seen her dressed fancy like this since we started dating. but its like she looks good in everything and all the time, with or without makeup, waking up, even crying, shes so beautiful. we pull up and park the rental Jeep, yacht dude comes out with his Russian wife we met when i first met him, shes pretty attractive. i think him and his wife are in their mid 30’s, she has like no personality though. kind of has like a Jessica Rabbit vibe look wise imo. Candy Eyes actually called it first and that made her giggle. yacht dude takes us inside and his club is huge, like purple dim lighting, a lot of neon, dope sound system, women dancing naked. personally i dont like paying to be teased like that unless im gonna get some. but he had some beautiful dancers, i see why its so successful. he said most were college students, which made sense. my girlfriend Candy Eyes told us she almost did it at one point last year but her mom got her that job at my neighbors country club i met her at

so he takes us up stairs to his office overlooking the club and starts telling me how when i release my next project, that he’ll promote it in all his clubs, which was like overly nice and made me a little suspicious. but apparently hes been a fan for a long time and admired my work a lot. said it helped him in a super dark period of his life, made me feel really comfortable with him after he said that, i could feel how genuine he was being. we all talked for a bit, then Candy Eyes starts telling me she wants to dance and grabs me, she loves dancing so I knew it was coming, we went downstairs and started dancing by the bar. it was very dim lit in there but i realized there was like a lot of cocaine and people doing it around the club. idk whats up with Miami and coke. but Candy Eyes working her plump cakes on me while dancing, man, started waking up the dragon. i whispered in her ear that i would make that cookie crumble right here, she looked at me with her beautiful green eyes, gave me her sparkling smile kissed me and told me show her then. so we went into the womens bathroom in the club and locked the door, it was a really nice bathroom actually. i put her up on the sink while making out with her while she pulled up her dress and opened her legs. she had no panties on under her tight dress, so i bent the knee and went nom nom on her honey pot before i went samurai up in her. flipped her over at one point and made those cakes ripple, we were infront of a big mirror so it was dope, especially when i pulled hair. i pushed her face slightly into the mirror at one point while i clapped that, sent her over the moon. i definitely made the cookie crumble though a couple times, before she got on her knees and swallowed my kids with a smile like a cannibal. was a super hot moment

we came out and yacht dude was like by the door. started making jokes that he knew what we were doing in there and how cool it was that i was blowing my girls back out in his club. it was really funny, all three of us laughed hard, idk where his wife went, didnt see her the rest of the night. overall though it was fun at his club. at one point Candy Eyes got on stage and started twerking and dancing with the strippers, that was super sexy. told her maybe she should be a dancer instead of trying to be an actress, she punched me in the chest and laughed. but i definitely made a good friend in yacht dude, hes cool as shit, told him we’d kick it again before we left on Friday. but that was another late night. i didnt want to sleep in though, even though i was pretty tired. me and Candy Eyes went down to the exercise room of the hotel to workout, then after went back upstairs to shower. its really great having someone i have so much in common with to hang out with all the time. after i was jamming to see if i could come up with something interesting, when Candy Eyes had got a great email from her college. she thought she’d get dropped for missing so many classes for this trip, but since its her last semester theyre still letting her get her degree. she was super happy and started being dramatic as usual, running around the hotel screaming and laughing, jumping at me then on the bed. but im glad too, it did slightly bother me thinking she’d have to take the semester over to spend time with me. but the universe always works things out if its meant to be ive learned

we drove and got protein smoothies then went to the beach. it was a little windy but we had a good time, seeing her beautiful self in a swim suit is always a blessing. i almost got stung by a jellyfish i thought was dead in the water, that was close, Candy Eyes thought it was hilarious though. after we went to go eat lunch at this Cuban restaurant, was really good and not a lot of people there. yacht dude had tagged me in a story on his instagram i saw when we were there, that was funny so i reposted it. then he FaceTimed me inviting us too his house tomorrow for a barbecue before we leave. we got back to the hotel and the gay couple we chilled with was checking out and heading back to Seattle. they invited us to come see them sometimes, Candy Eyes really hit it off with them, they were pretty cool though. me and Candy Eyes went back up the the hotel suite and made love really really slowly, just enjoying the closeness between us. was really great. i cant wait till she gets on birth control though so i can creampie her. my pull out game is Ivy League but i like having more options

but yeah a kind of sleepy honestly, ill probably go to sleep early after last night. just hugged up on the couch in the living area of the room with Candy Eyes watching Shazam and logging this on my phone. movie kind of sucks, too goofy. will probably go find some dinner after this and hit the hay. im grateful though for the people who connect to what i do, im also grateful for the support and love i have. its a beautiful thing and im grateful for my life

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