The Art of Constructive Criticism


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Jul 19, 2009
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Here in AB's Design Hall, graphic designs/artworks are posted daily. The aim is to not just state "Good" or ""Bad" as a comment, but to actually analyze and constructively criticize the designs. When it comes to commenting in general, persons just don't get the point. One must be able to comment in a way, so that the person who did the work/art piece can actually make an improvement.

  • crit·i·cism
    [*]The analysis and judgment of a literary or artistic work: "methods of criticism supported by literary theories".
Comments like "this sucks" or "this is crap" may be true, but it only leads too the creator lacking confidence. Similarly, comments like "Nice work" and "Great Job" won't lead to any improvement either. They creator won't see the flaws in their work and thus, won't get better. People need to see what their work is like from a different perspective, because sometimes you won't spot something. What you are attempting to do is to help a fellow member improve in graphic design, to do that, you must be constructive.

  • con·struc·tive
    [*]Serving a useful purpose; tending to build up.

Many develop the criticism skill very quickly, but the ability to criticize constructively is lacking. They key to the constructive part of CnC (Comment and Criticism) is knowing what you're actually talking about. It's no use viewing a piece of graphic design and basing it on aesthetic values. Why? Because everyone's perception of what looks good is different. If you absolutely nothing about graphic design, then you have no "grounds", no "content" to give constructive criticism.

Important points in a tag, wallpaper, avatar or other forms of graphic design, is depth, flow, colour scheme, composition, text and placement, lighting, concept, texture, effects and style. If you're unaware of what some of those points are, take a look at .

What you need to do, is state your opinion, while incorporating a constructive comment based on the key points to graphic design. Sure, you can be a bit blunt with this, but you won't have many friends that way. Try to sprinkle in things you like in the comment, not just things you dislike. The creator is less likely to become arrogant or offensive this way. If you have nothing constructive to post, well then, don't post.
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