Tenjin’s Cathedral (128)


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May 1, 2017
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Storyboard elements:

  • Deal with a traumatic event from your past
  • Defend your employer from bandits
  • Infiltrate an enemy's base

Alucard was battered from his last encounter. His efforts would scar him for what felt like ages. His regenerative powers felt like a curse and he wanted nothing but death for himself. His giant companion would keep moral support through the landscape as they entered through the gap of the north between the nation of thunder and left behind the badlands of earth. He had sailed on Nahla all the way to there while regenerating his bones and skin. He had a new power, but he also had lost his friend. But maybe there was a light in the tunnel, maybe, just maybe, he could walk free from his trauma once he had found a new purpose. Not only was he angered over the dust maker claiming the life of Kano, but also he was angered over himself. However, he could not let these emotions cloud him anymore. There was work to be done as soon as they reached the Tenjin's Cathedral landmark. The metal spire rose from the ground and touched the clouds. It was majestic to say the least. Upon reaching a local inn shortly after porting, Alucard thought that he could ease his mind off by taking a decent job as he carved his path through the landmark. A couple of minor landlords had posted an add on the front door on the inn and asked for anyone strong to guard them as they moved through the west side of the landmark towards the south east. Apparently, there had been a few bandit ambushes cross the country and while there were samurai, they had other problems to attend to as well. Alucard spent the night at the inn, and recharged his batteries. Nahla had taken a break and was already swimming in the deep oceans of the northern hemisphere, looking for clues of Yggdrasil. It was time for Alucard to do something else than hunt for power though. In the next morning, Alucard met up with the two lords and they agreed on payment, travel route and guidance through the lands. While they were riding in a luxurious caravan, Alucard was walking on foot in front of the cavalry, with his guard up.

Say, what powers do you have again?

One of the lords started to talk to Alucard as the moved forward. The other one started talking too.

What does it matter, he's got us covered. That's all that matters.
I can summon darkness, manipulate bones and disintegrate anything.

Alucard spotted movement on their left flank. From the looks of it, four-five horses approached the party in high speed with weapons drawn. They came from what seemed to be a cave that with no doubt was linked through the landmarks notorious tunnels. Alucard brought forward his guns, the golden nightmare in gun form and Skorms bow.

It's time for an Eastwood.

Alucard pulled the triggers of his guns fast and true. Every single sound they made together made him feel so damn good, Not giving a shit that each bullet carved through the bandits like a blazing diamond through whipped cream. The splashing sounds and yells became a symphony for him. This, was his cure. As the men laid waste, the horses ran in shock out into the wild.
Skorm’s Bow
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: Skorm’s Bow is a heavy-duty modernized high caliber chakra gun with blood/black thorn patterns and a red glowing holster. The gun has two types of rounds it can fire but both of them are purely composed out of lightning chakra. The gun has twodifferent types of rounds that are all loaded in the magazine at all times but cannot be fired more than once per round. The first round is called explosive rounds, dealing 80 damage in total but is split into 40-40 whereas 40 damage is inflicted on contact where the bullet actually lands and the other 40 damage is spread up to mid-range in an omni-directional burst where the bullet ended up. This type of bullet is made up by fire chakra.
The second type of bullet is the armor piercing bullet, consisting of typhoon (or wind if the user cannot use typhoon) chakra it is extremely sharp but also very small. This bullet causes 80 damage and can penetrate up to S rank targets which are neutral to typhoon/wind. Up to forbidden if weak towards wind or typhoon. This bullet will continue through a target unless they carry armor(up to A rank) and hit whatever is behind it as well(directly behind that is and in the bullets trajectory).
Note: Can only be taught by Skorm. Each Bullet can only be utilized 3 times each.
(Gōruden'naitomea) - Golden Nightmare
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: The Golden Nightmare is a sword made by parts of reinforced steel and liquid bismuth. This makes the sword able to shift in construction and turn into a hand-cannon due to the liquid parts of the construction. It will either start as a sword or a hand cannon at the beginning of an encounter. Both forms gives the user an enhanced passive trait to the bisumaton release, increasing it's damage by +20 and giving it additionally +10 chakra through a designated seal that is passively activated when it's master is either holding the blade/handcannon or has it sheathed. The seal fluctuates bismuth chakra through its masters body constantly and gives them an extremely faint rainbowy aura(which is just for visual effects).

Sword: The sword form is very beautiful with multitudes of colors and shining edges. The edge of the sword is partially liquid bismuth and partially hardened steel. Due the temperature of liquid bismuth the sword will inflict severe burns on contact with skin and cause great pain. It further enhances the swords cutting capability since it can melt away other elements(within reason, but rubbery and bouncy for example) that are in the way of the sharp steel. If placed on the ground with the hilt upwards and the edge planted in the foundation of the ground infront of the user it will release a large portion of liquid bismuth into the ground that will shape into half of a sphere. Using their ability to control the element, the user can then shape the underground sphere into large roots or trees around the battlefield that deals burning damage on touch. These roots can reach long range while the trees(depending on their length) can only reach mid-range. This causes S-rank damage. The trees can spread and create a miniature forest(about 30 meters big and 10 meters tall), entrapping foes. On touch it causes severe burns. While not dealing 80 damage on freeform, the sword can be used for standard kenjutsu techniques with the burning damage added to it. The user can, however, do freeform 80 damage kenjutsu moves but that will consume a moveslot.

Handcannon: The handcannon form of the Golden Nightmare is like the sword, very beautiful and contains the exact same parts as the sword. This handcannon can fire rounds made out of liquid bismuth. On impact, the bullets will not pierce their target but rather splat on the impact surface and spread across it. This causes severe pain and if shot on a limb it will immobilize it the metal is quite heavy. One single shot can spread all across a regular human-sized creature's torso all the way to their back and thus immobilizes their spine.
Regular gun rules apply and only one round can be shot each time-frame.

A bullet and the sword does 80 damage following the S/W of Bisumaton and up to four bullets per match.
Note: Changing form of the sword costs a move-turn and the user must state in the beginning of a battle what form the Golden Nightmare has taken. If not, it's default as a sword.
Note: Can only be used by Skorm
Note: Utilizing the roots/tree application of the sword renders the user incapable of using the sword's other active abilities in the same and next turn.
Note: Firing a bullet, using the sword for an S-rank attack, or creating the roots render the user unable to use Bismuth Techniques above A-rank in the same turn.

I only kill animals.

One of the lords tried desperately not to act like a wise-guy but he couldn't help but to add.

Horses are animals.
I'm surrounded by iditiots

As the first batch of bandits had been exterminated like buggy vermin, the party continued on the road ahead. Night fell and the lords set up camp while Alucard remained restless. He needed more violence to patch up his mental and so he sneaked into the tunnels in the middle of the night, desperate to find more idiots who calls themselves bandits. Alucard dispatched his Eye of Riven and located several sources of "meat" in the tunnels.
Eye of Riven
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: N/A
Chakra: 30(-10/turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: The Eye of Riven is an advanced tech that is in the form of a very modernly designed monocle that is on the user either at all times or whenever they feel like using it. As the tool is small and easy to put on, it doesn't cost the user a moveslot to activate it. It draws from the users chakra immediately as it activates. The Eye of Riven is actually a spectrum of advanced technology that lets the user see different patterns through the monocle if they are behind a wall, behind a raging storm, mist or even underground.
The system works not unlike aircraft radar. But instead of bouncing off planes and returning to the ground, the signal here travels through the wall, bounces off a human (as we’re full of water), and comes back through the wall and into a detector, which is in this case the monocle. By using chakra, the user can interpret the signals coming through the monocle and browse through layers of material they are looking at through the monocle.
Note: Can only be made by Skorm.
All of which were sleeping. As he continued further down he could hear mumbles and echoes over talks that seemed to be about nothing other than pillaging and bragging over past runs. He grinded his teeth, it was time to kick the hornets nest. Alucard stormed the tunnel alone. He didn't care that he was outnumbered, in-fact he liked it. One by one they fell to his various brutal techniques. Alucard had already developed a couple of techniques that combined dark release with dead bone pulse release that together formed a pinnacle offence. After having absorbed most of the fire that lit the tunnels as well as a multitude of elemental chakra, Alucard simply released madness into the ground. This caused a huge tremor and would "delete" the minor bandits as a wave of dark chakra would spread over them like a jackhammer followed by bone spikes that impaled them as they were flying like popcorn.
(Shikotsumyaku/Meiton: Pokettoinfiniti | Pocket Infinity)
Type: Offensive
Rank: S
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80
Description: Pocket Infinity is a technique that incorporates the combination of dark and dead bone pulse KG's. The user needs to absorb a technique of S rank/higher through their dark mark before using this technique. This technique is started off by the user channeling their charged dark release mark into one of their fists and thus make it glow purple. The user then slams their closed fist into the ground and lets out a massive amount of energy knock back and cause internal damage to anything that is in close/mid range towards the user through sheer force. When their fist touches the ground, spikes of bones will start to root in the impact area and travel in a 360 degree fashion under the ground. This is completely hidden towards an opponent unless they can sense chakra or see through solid ground. The bones will spread and excavated behind the target as they are knocked back by the blast they get impaled by razor sharp spikes of bones(A-rank) that have protruded all around the field(up to mid-range). This technique can also counter ground based techniques weak/neutral towards dead bone pulse/dark of the same rank of the technique. This jutsu can be performed a maximum amount of three times per battle and with a two turn cool-down. In the same turn the technique is used, the user may not use dark/dead bone pulse above A rank. The Dark Shockwave is equivalent to A rank and the Bone spikes are equivalent to A rank totalling S rank in strength for the technique.

Note: Can only be taught by Skorm.
As he reached further into the caves he came across the base camp. The leader approached him with fear running down his spine and even though he knew he was f'd in the a', he chose to act bossy and try to force Alucard's surrender. Ironically that's what Alucard did. Or so they thought, as he lowered his arms and let the rest of the gang approach him. Surrounded with filth, Alucard put on a huge grin and channeled up his chakra to massive amounts and formed a cube around him that caught every bandit inside of it except their leaders full body. Little did it mattered as his face was still in it. Alucard then beat-boxed.

Dududu du du, Another bites the DUST!!

And so nothing was anymore. Alucard had turned the entire squad to free atoms through his rasterize technique, except the leader, who fell to the floor with his head cut in half vertically. The sound his face made when it dropped on the floor was pure gore.
(Jinton: Rasutaraizu | Dust Release: Rasterize)
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Rank: B-S(A)
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 20-40
Damage: 40-80
Description: The user will expand a 3D field using their own body as a base for the expansion of the technique. This means the 3D shape expands around the user in all directions. Depending on the rank of the technique it will reach short(B rank, up to 5 meters around the user), mid(A rank, up to 8 meters around the user) and long(S rank, up to 15 meters around the user). Everything that is captured in the field(that has a cubic formation at the edge) will be disintigrated which will essentially rasterize the user away from their surroundings and leave them intact while everything around them is disintigrated. B rank can be used at all times, requiring a single seal. A rank can be used three times, once every secound turn and requires two seals. S rank can be used twice, requiring a cooldown of three turns and requires three handseals.

Note: Can only be taught by Skorm.

As soon as Alucard had entered the tunnels he had now left them. The moon was out as he exited the caves and although his party was fast asleep, Alucard was feeling tired. He put up a defensive perimeter around the camp and fell asleep with one eye open, as always.
( Fūin Wana Bakuhatsu ) – Sealing Trap Explosion (x2)
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Offensive, Defensive
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 20
Damage points: 40
Description: The user places a seal on a chosen location which when an enemy target draws closer to the seal it will release itself in activation to the enemy’s chakra and cause an explosion.

The dawn revealed the morning and the two lords had awoken. None of the traps had been triggered, a sign of extinction. Alucard lead the party towards the village on the south east bank of the lands. The landmark opened up and the horizon started to become clearer and clearer. He had spared the details of his little off-scheme with the bandit den to the lords. He cared not if they paid him extra for it as money could not pay even half of the sensation he had felt down there. They then landed in the village.

Well, a deals a deal. Here's your money.
This actually just went smoother than i'd ever hoped for.

Yeah, you know your stuff i'll admit.

Alucard just soothed in the foreground and listened with half-ears. He took his price money and headed towards the coast, thanking the lords for their time. He would then continue by the coast and headed south towards Hachim's Bulwark. He was ready for more handiwork on the way to Yggdrasil.

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