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Teaching Custom Techniques, Elements and Fighting Styles

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May 23, 2008
Teaching Custom Techniques, Elements and Fighting Styles​

When you teach someone one of your custom techniques, you need to explain how the technique is done, make sure the other person knows how to perform it and use it correctly and actually post the technique. Remember that wrongfull usage of custom techniques often lead to problems and may lead to custom reviews so be sure the person you are teaching your ability to, knows it and uses it like its supposed to be used.

For Custom Elements, make sure you explore all the dimensions of your custom element. The why behind the weaknesses and strengths, the effects it has addionally to the normal damage it can do, etc. Make sure you explain the element itself back and forth and explain each of the techniques with care. Promote discussion and make sure to ask questions but also to have them asked to you as thats how you'll notice that they actually understood it or are paying attention.

If you have any issue, contact a staff member for help. Don't forget to abide by the custom jutsu rules and custom trading rules.
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