Somewhat Signature Req

Apr 13, 2019
Hi, I'm looking to buy an osu keypad and a seller has the option for us to add a custom image to our keypad with a template and I was looking to see if anyone can pull it off for me. I am willing to pay if it turns out great (if I'm allowed to do this?). Maybe like 30 dollars or something which I hope isn't laughable. I've never asked for a sig before.

Anyways, I want this image with a red and black background, doesn't matter to me if the background overlaps such as smoke effect over the picture, just as long as it's clear enough to see the focal point. I'm thinking a glare or smoke effect but if you have an idea in mind, go wild.

I don't know who the original artist is for the image.

I also don't mind how much of the body you take off, as long as it's chest up.

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As for the template, it's on this guys website that sells osu keypads:

It's right above product reviews if you scroll down where it says "Files to Download". It's a Gimp file so you'd have to convert it if use photoshop or another editing software. Delete the overlays until it's just the two squares and background.

I would like the character to be below the squares in the bottom center as if she was holding both squares.
The template looks like this (Use the template off the gimp file tho, I just gyazo cropped what it looks like):
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And I would like the name "Smittens" on the top left in a style you see fit.

I know this is a lot to ask but, again, I am willing to pay, possibly more if I'm overwhelmed. This is the first place I decided to post about this.

Larger img if you want it for any reason
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