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[CFS] Some title lee doesn't like

The Pervy Sage

Oct 22, 2009
Okay.... Okaaaaaay

drags you outside to trash can
Oh, so you're not gonna ask steve to get in on this? lmao

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Type: Ninkenjutsu

The Bisento has been in use since before the shinobi world was created. It wasn’t a typical warrior -type halberd; Bisento was used as a longer-distance sword with an ability to cut and pierce. The original Bisento was used by infantry. The weapon was able to reach the legs of a horse carrying a samurai into battle. Before the sage of the six paths tought the world ninjutsu, there were constant wars and so with each passing year new weapons were being made for the soldiers in clan wars, they were trained to use it in a long-distance fight to protect their families and estates. The idea behind it was to pretty much have a sword on a stick, an extention to ones body.

There was one ninja that adapted the Bisento to flow with his entire body, not just seeing the Bisento as a weapon but as one with his body. He mastered it to such an extent that he was never hurt in battle even by attacks from a distance such as arrows. As the years went on, the ninja world was born as the sage of the six paths taught the way of chakra to try and bring peace but that was far from what happened. Kilik saw the fault in his style, how could as Bisento hold up against such deadly attacks while also seeing the samurai develope their own style. Kilik went on a mission to learn how to control chakra and then rather than using it to master ninjutsu, he focussed it into his bisento to create his own fighting style. The way of the bisento.

Description on the Abilities and Inner Workings of the Style:

The way of the bisento is a martial artist style with a Staff with a sword type blade on the end as its weapon. The length of the staff allows a multitude of long range attacks, however if an opponent manages to get up close, the user is able to utilize fast horizontal strikes. Many of the more powerful attack strings are vertical hits that can be sidestepped if anticipated. Although linear, these powerful attacks are relatively fast and deal great damage.

The style revolves around the user using both hands on their Bisento releasing their chakra into it enhance their reach and power with their attacks. An example is a forward thrust enhanced with chakra of the elements to keep the opponent at a range. The blade of the bisento makes it so much more versatile in combat as it's not just blunt attacks. The entire style can be seen as a ranged version of Kenjutsu. While not a complex style, that takes a long time to master without hurting yourself.

What makes this unique compared to a basic style is similar to that of the Narutobase Taijutsu, where what would be simple attacks are enhanced with elements to give devastating effects. For example, the user could rapidly spin their biscento through a simple gesture in front of them but releasing one of the basic 5 elements they would create a rotating shield of said element for a simple yet effecting defense, such as a fire shield without having to relinquish their weapon to do so, all these would be explained in detail in the jutsu submissions in how earth could be released. Not only this but through elemental application the user could use the elements to extend the range of their bisento even further. A classic example of this would be the user stabbing the blade of their biscento into the ground to do a cartwheel kick enhanced with wind release to push them over for a stronger and faster kick, what makes this different is the height they gain from doing the cartwheel with the bisento.

Example Techniques:

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Additional effects and Restrictions:

Can only be used through a bisento that must be mentioned in your bio.
Must have mastered basic taijutsu and kenjutsu.
Cannot be used in conjunction with Samurai jutsu.

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