[CJ] Some rusty tech

The Pervy Sage

Oct 22, 2009
Trait Points
Alright, you can post the ones you want.
8. (Poddo) - Pod

Rank: A
Range: N/a
Chakra: -10 per turn
Damage: N/A (60)
Description: A pod is a small mechanized support drone that accompanies the user on their travels and battles. The pod is rectangular shaped, and houses its mechanisms on the inside fueled by the users' chakra to keep it afloat as it hovers. Although unseen, the pod's inside consists of several gears and hydraulics fueled through chakra and air-intake. Furthermore, the pod consists of four small arms powered through hydraulics, two which are longer than the other and hang downward. Two of its arms are weaponized, capable of firing condensed chakra in the form of small pellets which are white in color and in rapid succession (always equates to a total of 60 damage). The other two arms are capable of grabbing onto the user and carrying them, creating a form of sustained flight. The arms are strong enough to carry the weight of three persons due to its fluid mechanics, and can be used for supplementary purposes such as lifting boulders, etc. The pod has the capability of speech, communicating with a robotic voice for comedic purposes.
-Can only be used by Cyborgs

9. (Uindorēsā X650) - Wind Racer X650
Type: Supplementary
Rank:A rank
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 30 for activation (-10 per turn)
Damage Points: N/A
Description: Capable of extending from within the Cyborg's body, the user would bring forth two large metallics wings made of hardened aluminum. Shaped after the design and aesthetics of real eagle wings, the wings consist of sharp metallic feather like protrusions on the side. These are each sharpened like blades and can be shot towards the enemy (B rank, and can be done 4 times). In order to achieve flight, the wings are outfitted with 2 cylindrical propellers which blend into the design of the wings. These are fueled through chakra and can be caused to spin at high speeds as well as allow for sustained flight. The wings are partitioned into 3 sections, capable of turning and folding, especially when retracting back into the users’ body. Can only be used by Cyborgs and lasts up to three turns with each use. Can be used 3 times with a turn cool down in between.

10. (Kuraudojanpā GX 1060) - Cloud Jumper GX 1060
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B rank
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 20 for activation (-10 per turn)
Damage Points: N/A (+20 damage to Leg Taijutsu)
Description: Shaped like normal heels, these shoes contain a hidden compartment within them within several machinations. Forming part of the Cyborgs body, the matte black painted heels are capable of extending their heels in a fast burst. By being equipped with a hydraulic spring as well as a compressed pump, the heels sharp extension is capable of firing the heel with great force allowing it to propel the user into the air as well as act as a method to cause some added damage in close range. Can only be used by Cyborgs and can be used up to 5 times.

11. (Orakuru RX-541) - Oracle RX-541
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A rank
Range: Short - Long range
Chakra Cost: 30 (-5 per turn)
Damage Points: N/A
Description: Four small orbs that the user can release through various parts of their body (kept within their body at all times). These small orbs are silver in color and carry very powerful mechanisms within them. Outfitted with a square shaped motherboard, a power source (500 watts), two cores, a small cylindrical fan, as well as a small interface in the shape of a smaller circle. The small orb also contains a gyroscope, and a small sonar-like monitor. The gyroscope allows the orbs to know where they are in relation to their environment as well as its height and depth. The motherboard speaks to the interface and throws out a beam, allowing it to scan the area around, feeding it back information as to the location as well as the height and depth. The two cores are easily capable of acting as the brain of the operation, processing information and relaying it back to the user telepathically through a small aerial that the user has embedded with them.

The orbs are capable of travelling up to Long Range from the user and give the user a detailed description of the environment, what is present as well as bodies in the environment even if hidden. The orbs can also be carried within the users’ body, allowing the user to be able to discern their environment when under duress or restrictions placed upon them via Genjutsu or injury. Can only be used by Cyborgs and three times per battle, lasts two turns per use.

12. (Nerozurīchi) - Nero's Reach
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Rank: S rank
Range: Short - Long range
Chakra Cost: 40 (-10 per turn)
Damage Points: N/A
Description: A robotic arm, outfitted several mechanisms and gears within, powered merely with Water and Fire chakra, and steam respectively. The arm bellows steam through several pores, as it moves and is manipulated by the user. The user uses the arm as an extension or replacement of their own arm, capable of easily bringing it out for battle. The arm covers from the users’ hand all the way to their elbow and can be brought into battle, and extract itself back into the users' body through several machinations.

The arm is colored in a dark matte color, and carries all the normal specifications of an arm. Being robotic in nature, the arm is capable of spinning around 360 degrees as well as being removed. Being powered by steam through the rapid condensation caused by Water and Fire chakra, the arm can be boosted to deliver strikes at twice the users’ speed.
The arm’s fingers are outfitted with a powerful extension cables of high resistance, allowing the user to fire the fingers for use of locomotion as well as a method of fighting in close range. Through the focus of Fire chakra, the fingers can be heated to an extremely high temperature causing them to become make-shift bullets as they can be fired and retracted through the cable, and pulled back into the hand by a make-shift wheel outfitted within the bulky arm. This causes A rank Fire damage, and can be potentially dangerous in mid range.

At the center of the palm, the hand is configured with a small mechanism, in the shape of an orb. The circle sizzles and opens, unleashing heated steam (equal to A rank) after being heated within the arm for one turn at least, and usable for two turns after (then has to be done again) as well as being able to unleash streaming techniques of either Water or Fire chakra through it (within reason). Can only be used by Cyborgs and needs to be stated in biography. Can be used 5 times per fight with a cool down period in between.

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Jul 7, 2011
Trait Points
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A ( 10-40 chakra per use )
Damage: N/A
Description: This is a unique generator fitted to the users chest the size of a small golf ball. From this, several wires are wrapped around the users body, two going over his shoulders joining at his back, one down each of his arms and one down each of they legs, attached to their body. This generator was specifically designed as a method to draw in, absorb, and store lightning to use it as a source for a later use. In a similar method to the absorption arm, but on a weaker scale, the user will activate the device in an instant as a lightning technique is released towards them. As it is, this lightning will be drawn into the wires and channeled through into the generator on the users chest that will glow blue. This generator has a maximum capacity of storing S rank lightning or jutsu that equilateral to S rank lightning (A rank + A rank). Once stored the user can then activate the generator, releasing the lightning from it, releasing the lightning through the wires with his chakra control to use it as his own weapon now. It can be channeled around their entire body through the wires for a quick defense or to a specific point like one of their legs, to be released with a kick or stomp, or even be released to add to another jutsu such as a water jutsu. To release the lightning it will cost 10 chakra points and count as one of the users 3 moves per turn, releasing the power that had previously been absorbed.

Note: Can only absorb once per turn, storing up to a maximum of S rank power. It costs a move per turn to absorb a technique using the same amount of chakra to absorb as the jutsu it's absorbing.
Note: Releasing the lightning costs of the users 3 moves per turn and holds the same power that had previously been absorbed.
Note: If the generator is damaged, it will release the lightning in an uncontrolled burst around it, shocking all within short range, equal to the rank of the lightning that had been previously absorbed.

(Boreas )
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 30 chakra per use
Damage: 60
Description: This technology is a special pair of gauntlets that were designed to work with Theoi Meteoroi. They can be connected to Theoi Meteoroi through the wires that are spread over the users body. They are made of a material that grows or shrinks should the users body change shape or side, like akimichi style techniques for example. At the center of the gloves, around the users palm is a small generator that's light blue in colour. These can be used as a medium to draw in lightning really for the abilities of Theoi Meteoroi, drawing the lightning in through the gloves and channeling it through the wires into the generator. These gloves have their own unique trait. Through either chakra being released into them or by using the energy stored within Theoi Meteoroi from a previous use, the user can release a burst or stream of energy form their gloves, in the form of a pushing force. This pushing force is created by the center of the generator rotating at rapid speeds pushing outwards and the user directing it, much like the leaf dragon god technique, instead of the user having to spin to create the momentum, the workings of the technology does it for them. This can can released in mid scale linear blasts that reach up to mid range, playing on equal terms with elements. The other method of this is the user can release it as a sustained focussed stream of pushing force that they can maintain, acting like a mini wind turbine within the gloves. These abilities can be released in one of two ways. Firstly through using chakra absorbed into Theoi Meteoroi, the user can then use that to fuel the power of the gloves to save their own chakra, but only being able to release blasts or streams up to to amount of chakra they had absorbed. The second use is through the users chakra to power the gloves, create the rotation within the centerpiece and release the wave.

Note: One linear blast can be released per turn, counts as one of the users three moves per turn. If the user uses his chakra to fuel this, it will have the equate to the rank used (30 chakra for A rank etc).
Note: The streams can only be made up to A rank, lasting up to two turns, being used once per turn.

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