[Sign-Ups] SK - League of Legends Mafia Game Signup!! Let The War Begin!

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Dec 3, 2012
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Welcome everyone it sure been a while aye you little bastards? ^^

General Guidelines of this game:
  • I, Lord SoulKiller (SK), will be your host for the game.
  • If you break any rules then your demise will be met by my hands.
  • Post "Playing" or something along the lines if you wish to participate.
  • The theme for this game will be League of Legends (All Hail Teemo).
  • This game will be a a heavily role madness game each champion will have a unique ability for my own amusement.
  • The Lynching rule will be either Plurality Voting or Majority Voting.
  • It will be a no-claiming no-hinting game. Play well in the thread and victory shall be yours.
  • If you wanna sign up for my game then please be active. I despise inactivity and it tends to ruin the game for everyone. So, do me and you and the people who will be participating a favor and only sign up if you will be active.
  • Minimum posts required per DP will be 3 posts. Fail to meet these requirements and you will be warned, subbed out.
  • I will be looking anywhere around 15 to 20 players for this game.
  • If you want to be included in the sub list then please mention so in this thread.
  • If you have any questions regarding the setup you feel like asking about in order to decide whether you wanna participate or not, feel free to do so in this thread.
  • The roles will be spread randomly among the players.
  • The game will start somewhere between 8th-10th of December.
  • If you have any questions during the game then please PM me, your truly. The host SoulKiller (SK).
  • The Day Phase will be about 24-36 hours for the exception of the first DP which will be 48 hours.
  • Night Phase will be around 12-24 hours. Depending on how fast everyone submit their actions this is subject to increase or decrease.
  • Lastly, but not least. Have fun!
~Players~ :

1- Michelle
2- Finalbeta
3- Shanks
4- Poison Chan
5- River Taiga
6- Bimbonium
7- Alice in Noodleland
8- Tigger
9- Sixth Hokage 06
10- Gorumwolf
11- Cabbage
12- Klaus
13- Konno
14- Shadowlesscloud
15- shelke
16- Raunix
17- Mr.Lonely
18- Aomine Daiki
19- PK
20- Tigerr in the woods

~Substitute~ :

1- Mr.Lonely
2- ~Naruto&Itachi~
3- LordRaikage
4- mono no aware

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Oct 19, 2014
@Shanks hahaha you're inviting me to join?,Does it mean I'm getting good playing Mafia? :score:
I'm a liitle bit hesitant since I'm going to deal with the pros and I've never played LoL:sweat:
No need to worry you are doing good :)
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@MadieV You up ?
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@Konno , @Klaus are you guys interested ?
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