[CJ] Size Matters

The Pervy Sage

Oct 22, 2009
[Chitanfōmu] - Titan Form
Type: Offensive/Supplementary
Rank: A - S
Range: Short - long
Chakra: 30 - 40
Damage: 60 - 80 (For physical attacks)
Description: This is a mode based off the basic principles of healing techniques that allow you to regrow flesh. But rather than try to heal and regrow damaged tissue in a persons body, this takes on a more drastic measure. The user will release a surge of chakra around their body and in doing so, their chakra will form pure muscle flesh all around the user, surrounding their entire body but on a large scale, the same size of the earth golem technique. Unlike Akimichi techniques which expand the users body, this grows around the users body, and is linked to their body and their chakra system. Eyes will form that are linked to the users vision, but the rest is just muscle tissue that the user controls through their extreme chakra control. Through chakra control the user will be able to feel what happens to this body, but wont feel the pain of it. The user will be in the in neck part of this giant form of muscle, but their will be a thin layer of skin tissue layered over it, making it look near human, though savage at the same time, with no clothes, and no genitalia. Due to the sheer size and mass of muscle being controlled, the user will gain +20 to their taijutsu in this form, and due to their size their moving speed would increase. Much like leg weights, only the users moving speed would be faster, as with one step they'd cover a distance of 10m, giving them 2x their base speed. This will not stack with other boosts such as dropping leg weights. This is purely based on using chakra control the create new muscle tissue around the user, to form an avatar of muscle tissue, being at Max 30m in stature. This is the A rank version and the basic tai attacks of this beast would be A rank. The user can release jutsu from this flesh body as it's liked to their chakra system.

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A unique ability of this form is that the user can harden the outer layer of the titan, by compacting the flesh muscle through chakra control, compressing it to become like stone, increasing the power and density of the Titan to S rank, though in doing this, though their power and defense increase, they will lose their x2 to speed as the hardened flesh wouldn't move as fast while running. The user can create this solid defense from the moment they form it if they so choose. The titan will stand 30m tall and take the shape of the user along with cosmetic features like hair and eyes etc.

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This technique looked different depending on the user as they are creating flesh in their own image, though some users altered the image of this form as they created it. While creating layers for flesh they would also create the hair over the body, though this was harder to control through medjutsu alone without the creativity of yin release. When the full form was achieve there were those that would come to have the image looking like a giant ape, the cells they created to form this flesh going back to their primal state to look more of a beast than a man. This is purely cosmetic and follows the same two forms previously stated. Some of those who use this form seem to go a bit extra, having a tail on their body as they forget to release all the "flesh" created through the user of this jutsu.

Note: Once used, lasts for 4 turns, can be used twice and two turns between uses.
Note: Due to the chakra control it takes and the creation of flesh, once this ends the user can't use any medical jutsu for three turns afterwords.
Note: The user can escape from this at any point through the back of the neck.
Note: S rank version lasts three turns, and elemental techniques cannot be utilized through the S rank version.

1600 kumi for this?