[Sign-Ups] - Hunter Hunted (A HunterXHunter themed Custom Game)


Jul 31, 2020
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[Based on the Greed Island Arc]
Hosted by @Nikamara

Legendary Hunters,
Are you tired of playing mafia games? Are you suffering under burden of existential dread caused by losing mafia due to a never ending bombardment of meta reads (and possibly your own ineptitude?) Do you want to be cured of only the depression caused by cancer, glaucoma, covid-19 and boredom? Then look no further. Play this bullshit I made up instead. :hs:

Welcome to Greed Island - the most expensive video game in the world! (What you don't believe me that this is expensive? It cost me time and therefore money <.< Totes expensive you fiends!)

Strap into your JoyStations, literally, as I whisk you away to the remotes isles of the Yorbian Continent. Once here there are only three ways to leave, by force, by death, or by victory. There is no limit to how many people can enter the game but 12 or higher would be ideal. Do you have what it takes to win a battle of money and wits? Only one way to find out!

So sign up today. Or you know, go die. >.> It's not like I wanted you to play or anything. BAKA!

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[Da Rulz]
1. Read all the rules, notes, mechanics, and announcements posted by me.
2. Basic forum rules apply. As tempting as it may be don't send your nudes mid game. <.<
3. GM is Almighty. Respect mah authority!
4. If you are displeased with anything, please wait until the end of the game to discuss. If you cause disruption in the game, ruin the mechanics, and are disrespectful to the other players or to me, you shall be GM killed outright.
5. This is a PM game, meaning you are allowed to talk to fellow players in private, outside of the Discussion Thread (DT). Please enable your PM in order to play. Or exchange discord info or use snaptok or whatever else the kids use these days.
6. Revealing the contents of your Role Sheet is allowed, but no screenshots of RS, or forwarding of the GM’s quoted PM with your RS is allowed. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be GM killed.
7. Be active by
USING at least one item from the shop EVERY phase which I'm thinking of making 48hours (if less or more time sounds suitable to you please make that known). There are not Day and Night phases. There is no mafia. You don't get a break. Breaks are for losers! Failure to do so will result in losing 50HP for your team and they will thus hate you forever and curse your family until the 5th generation. All your children will suffer from your careless actions! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT??? I think not. So don't do it!
8. The dead do not talk. You cannot post in the DT or PM other players about the game until it is over. Dead means dead. The dead knoweth nothing, sayeth nothing, doeth nothing or so help me God you will never play in any of my games EVER AGAIN! It bears repeating =D.
9. Rules, notes, and mechanics are all subject to change.
10. Go Wild! Have fun ^-^ And beware of dumb purchases. Be business savvy. :hint:


  • At the end of every Phase I will publish a new Hunclyclopedia which will detail the actions that each player took throughout the day using Codenames. For example in Kurapika was in the game I would have called him Sasuke.
  • You will be divided into teams. You need to find your teammates and confirm one another with the host who will verify your guess at the end of of the phase.
  • Each team has $250,000 Jennies total that you can use to buy food and lodging, weapons, abilities, and packs of randomized spell cards. Some cards are rarer than others.
  • As a team you must budget your finances to purchase the means to eliminate the other teams. The last team left standing wins.
  • Whatever you buy you can use. Purchasing and ability use is unlimited.
  • All purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE!
  • Once you have used something you’ve bought, it goes away.
  • If you wish to make a purchase please PM me individually. Only you can use what you have purchased, so EVERYONE needs to make purchases in order to fulfill the activity requirement.
  • You share HP as a team. Each team starts with 200 HP. E.g. If you attack player A, HP will be deducted from his/her team, not from player A themselves.
  • Each player has a tension gauge that gets full upon receiving 40HP in damage. If a player’s tension gauge is full, HP damaging abilities used on them will become ineffective for the remainder of the period in which they were attacked + the entirety of the next phase. That's a very long time, but trust me I have my reasons. After all that time has passed the gauge shall reset.
  • If your team runs out of HP you all die, immediately.
  • You may exchange HP for Jenny. However, Jenny cannot be converted back to HP. Exchange rate is $1,000 = 1 HP.
Shop Items:
Food and lodging [Heals and Protects] - $10,000
Pack of Spell Cards [5 randomly assorted spell cards] - $40,000
Abilities [damage inflicted is put in brackets]

  1. Attack [3HP]- $3,000
  2. Block [3HP]- $3,000
  3. Redirect - $4,000
  4. Strong Attack [10HP]- $10,000
  5. Stun - $10,000
  6. Poison [10HP each day until tension guage is full] - $15,000
  7. Investigate [Role and Faction] - $15,000
  8. Nen [???]- $25,000
Weapons -
  1. Deck of Cards [1 HP]- $1,000
  2. Fishing Rod [5 HP]- $5,000
  3. Scissors [5 HP] - $5,000
  4. YoYo [10 HP] - $10,000
  5. Vacuum Cleaner [10 HP] - $10,000
  6. Dodge-ball [40 HP] - $40,000
Ability Tree:
Spells > Nen > Food and Lodging > Weapons > Redirect > Stun > Strong Attack > Attack = Block > Poison > Investigate

Spell Card Ability Tree:
Accompany > Stone Throw > Return = Recycle > Defensive Wall = Blackout Curtain > Fluoroscopy = Trace > Levy > Leave

  • Accompany - You are able to proxy purchases and ability uses on behalf of your teammates for 1 day.
  • Stone Throw - All the items in your target's binder will be destroyed.
  • Return - Return one item you already used to your binder.
  • Recycle - Make one item in your binder permanent in your arsenal.
  • Defensive Wall - One player cannot be attacked for 1 day.
  • Blackout Curtain - Your team cannot be investigated for 1 day.
  • Fluoroscopy - Investigate a player’s role, faction, and binder.
  • Trace - Find the person that attacked someone.
  • Levy - Take the most expensive item out of a person's binder (if their binder is empty you don't get anything though).
  • Leave - Force 1 player to leave the game permanently. Leave causes it's victim to die; however it does not actually inflict any HP damage. Furthermore due to the tension guage, it will be that much harder to kill off the victim's team with normal HP attacks. Use it wisely.
Stone Throw does not eliminate spells.
Return does not work on spells.
Recycle does not work on spells.
Defensive Wall does not stop Stone Throw, Fluoroscopy, Trace, Levy or Investigate.
Levy does not work on spells or nen.
Leave does not work against defensive wall.
Food and Lodging does not stop Spells or Nen.

Factions will be determined by the number of sign ups. For sure there will be the Main Characters, The Bombers, and the Phantom Troupe.


1. Toujo
2. Michelle
3. QueenEmilia
4. Poison
5. Just_Red
6. Aether9
8. mothbomb
9. Ansatsuken

1. Rej
2. Elmage G Ace
3. Ekkologix
4. Conspirator.
5. osieorb18

Game will ideally start Friday 30th April at 20:00 GMT-6. Can be earlier or later. I am ready to go when you are.
Please @anyone you feel may be interested in playing ^-^7
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May 15, 2019
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idek what this is, but lemme sub for now, I'd prefer to keep your game alive rather than being busy/overwhelmed, because I am super super busy rn

If I get the work done quickly I will sign up before game start


Jul 31, 2020
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grateful for all the subs but sign ups really aren't coming in T^T
plus there is a problem with new registration. what's that about. Who do I nag to get that fixed?